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Beyond the Mountains of Madness campaign for Call of Cthulhu RPG has been reprinted after over 20 years

Alongside Horror on the Orient Express.

Two “classic” campaign books for Call of Cthulhu, Beyond the Mountains of Madness and Horror on the Orient Express, have both received reprints.

Beyond the Mountains of Madness is a Call of Cthulhu campaign originally released in 1999. The adventure serves as a sequel to the short story, At the Mountains of Madness, which tells the tale of a doomed expedition into the Antarctic. After the party of explorers never returns, Beyond the Mountains of Madness follows the players as they embark on a search for the lost group. The games master can choose to follow the story provided in the campaign, or can create their own plotline set on the ices of Antarctica. This sourcebook is designed to be used with Call of Cthulhu: Fifth Edition.

Horror on the Orient Express - originally published in 1991 - is a two part campaign inspired by Agatha Christie’s murder mystery novels, but with a Lovecraftian twist. In the roleplaying game adventure, players must investigate the strange deaths of three identical men found stabbed in a hotel room. The mystery eventually leads players to take a journey via a railway service that terminates in Constantinople.

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The entire campaign is spread out across two separate books, which include 19 scenarios taking place across space - from London to Turkey - and time, with optional adventures being set as early as The Dark Ages and within the Dreamlands themselves. The latest reprint of Horror on the Orient Express is based on the 2014 version, which uses Call of Cthulhu: Seventh Edition.

Call of Cthulhu is a horror roleplaying game based on the Cthulhu Mythos. During the RPG, players become investigators who must uncover the secrets behind strange goings-on in order to prevent the potential arrival of the Old Ones. Players will have to use the various skills at their character’s disposal in order to discover clues and defend themselves against the forces of the supernatural. As a survival horror experience, Call of Cthulhu encourages players to approach situations cautiously and avoid direct confrontation if possible, as enemies can cause irreversible damage.

Chaosium is the studio behind the upcoming release of both Beyond the Mountains of Madness and Horror on the Orient Express, as well as the fantasy RPGs King Arthur Pendragon and Runequest.

Horror on the Orient Express books
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Earlier this year, sales numbers for Call of Cthulhu sourcebooks and campaign books in Japan revealed that the RPG was more popular in the country than Dungeons & Dragons. Over 300,000 copies of the Seventh and Sixth Editions of the roleplaying game have been sold in Japan since it first released in the country, with more current players experiencing Call of Cthulhu than any other RPG, including D&D 5E.

Beyond the Mountains of Madness is available at $49.99 (£36), whilst both volumes of Horror on the Orient Express are priced at $89.99 (£65) for a complete set.

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