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12 best Into the Inklands cards in Disney Lorcana

Power-up your decks with this excellent characters.

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Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

Into the Inklands is the newest set released for Disney Lorcana and includes 204 cards for players to use to build their next winning decks with. A new set means more potential strategies for you to employ in your Lorcana games, but which should you choose?

That can depend on which of the trading card game's ink types you favour: do you like the fun combo potential of amethyst? Or perhaps the tricks and mischief of emerald? Maybe the defensive potential of steel? The cards in Into the Inklands could even swing you to try a different ink type - with some of the new strategic options offering fresh and exciting ways of approaching Lorcana.

Best Into The Inklands cards

This list features the best of the best for every ink type in the latest set, giving you a good overview of what each colour can offer you in Into the Inklands and hopefully giving you a firmer direction towards choosing which approach you want to take. Whether they're resurrecting discarded cards, allowing you to sing more songs or gaining lore from card draw - here are the best new cards in Disney Lorcana's Into the Inklands.

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Wheels lists some of the best cards in the new set for Disney Lorcana - Into the Inklands.

1. Perdita, Devoted Mother

Disney Lorcana Perdita, Devoted Mother.
Perdita, Devoted Mother can get low-cost characters out of the discard pile. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

Aggro players rejoice, because Into the Inklands is going hard on supporting speedy playstyles. If you’ve lost count of the amount of games you were on the brink of winning before a Be Prepared or Grab Your Swords wiped your board and left you flailing to a loss, then Perdita, Devoted Mother is here to save you.

Amber has established itself as the best colour for getting your vital character cards back out of the discard pile, but this is the first time we’ve seen a card bring your characters from discard straight onto the playing field. Perdita, Devoted Mother is a one willpower and six health legendary that quests for two lore, and allows you to play two cost or less characters directly from your discard for free whenever she enters play or quests.

That’s an outrageous bit of value attached to one of your characters and it also protects you against the classic one-two punch of the meta defining ruby-amethyst control deck of set two, which would wipe your board with Be Prepared and then answer the first character you play with a Lady Tremaine which would force you to sacrifice it. As Perdita, Devoted Mother activates her ability as soon as she enters play, you’ll effectively have a nice little bodyguard to protect her with. Not to mention that even if said bodyguard is dealt with, Perdita, Devoted Mother will be able to bring them back next turn when she quests!

Pair Perdita, Devoted Mother with some 2 cost characters that have abilities trigger when they enter play like Pinocchio, Talkative Puppet and you’ve got yourself an effective little recursion engine.

2. Baloo, Von Bruinwald XIII

Disney Lorcana Baloo, Von Bruin XIII
Protect your weaker characters with this card. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

It’s easy, when a new set comes out, to immediately look to the most flashy and rare cards as those that will define the new meta. But for both set one and two of Lorcana, it was the bronze rares that established themselves as staples with the board wiping Be Prepared of set one and the hasty 4 willpower and three health Madame Mim, Fox of set two.

Whilst there’s plenty of eye drawing card designs in this new set, this humble zero willpower and three health Bodyguard might just be the best addition to amber aggro, and the newly established Bodyguard decks. Not only will Baloo, Von Bruinwald XIII protect your early game plays like Lilo, Making a Wish that trade survivability for making lore fast but he’ll also provide a horrible dilemma for your opponent. To take Baloo off the board, you’ll have to pay a price, as whenever he’s banished you’ll gain yourself a tidy two lore for free.

That adds some insurance policy to your more aggressive plays as those looking to swing with characters will need to get past Baloo, Von Bruinwald XIII first, and those looking to sweep the board with big and dangerous songs like Grab Your Swords and Be Prepared will risk pushing the game in your favour, or even handing you the win. If you manage to get a full playset of these onto your side of the field then any board wiping effect your opponent plays will net you a whopping eight lore. Now that’s protection.

3. Jafar, Striking Illusionist

Disney Lorcana Jafar, Striking Illusionist card.
Drawing cards will net your more lore when using this character. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

If amethyst wasn’t already powerful enough there’s a terrifying new synergy built into their colours with the release of Into The Inklands. Amethyst characters were already the best at drawing you cards, though sapphire certainly competed with that title in set two, but now you’ll get a heck of a lot more bang for your buck when you flood your hand with new cards.

Jafar, Striking Illusionist is a four willpower and five health character who can Shift for five ink, has Evasive and as long as he’s exerted he gives you a lore every single time you draw a card. I almost shouldn’t need to explain why that’s absurdly powerful, but let me give you an example.

It’s turn five and on a previous turn you put out one of the many powerful Jafar cards that cost less than five ink. Perhaps the Royal Vizier, because we’ll be combo-ing with steel for this one. On your turn you get yourself to five ink and Shift Jafar, Royal Vizier into Jafar, Striking Illusionist. As he’s shifted he can act right away! Jafar exerts to sing A Whole New World and immediately draws you a brand new hand of cards and nets you an absurd seven lore.

That is absolutely game winning levels of lore collection for turn Five. Bear in mind as well that if your opponent doesn’t find a way to deal with Jafar on their turn, which is definitely a risk with their hand of seven new cards, then you can just sing A Whole New World again if you drew it from the last one. If you get lucky enough to draw A Whole New World again in your third hand? Hard cast it and you’ve won the game.

4. Magica De Spell, The Midas Touch

Disney Lorcana Magica De Spell, The Midas Touch.
Be sure to play this card alongside expensive items like Lucky Dime. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

Ruby-amethyst wasn’t the only meta dominating deck on the market in Lorcana set two, with Tamatoa item decks also proving a worthy contender and winning plenty of tournaments. For those who loved winning the game in a single swing using massively suped up Tamatoas, this card provides another win-con to see out your games.

Whilst Tamatoa, a set one card, asked you to have as many items on the board as possible to get the most value out of him, Magica De Spell, The Midas Touch instead looks for a tall, not wide strategy. A four willpower and six health who can Shift for five ink, Magica De Spell doesn’t actually have an inherent lore value. Instead, whenever she quests you’ll earn lore equal to the cost of one of your items in play, incentivising you to play incredibly high cost items to get the most out of her.

The card was definitely printed with card Lucky Dime in mind, a seven-cost item that can act as a doubler for your Tamatoas in play. With one of those out, Magica is all of a sudden questing for seven lore each turn which is already a pretty intense addition. But you can get value out of her even earlier than that, with the four cost item Eye of the Fates from Disney Lorcana’s first set. Not only will this item generate four lore from its cost, you can also exert it to add an extra lore to Magica De Spell, The Midas Touch for when she initially quests, bringing her up to a five lore quester nice and early in the game.

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Maddie and Wheels play a preview of Into the Inklands.

5. Ursula, Deceiver of All

Lorcana Ursula, Deceiver of All.
Ursula, Deceiver of All is perfect for song-heavy decks. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

Finally revealed as the big bad villain of Lorcana’s running story - and also given the Enchanted Rare treatment in this set as revealed here on Dicebreaker - Urusula, Deceiver of All gives a new incentive for song-focused players to peel away from the dominant amber-steel focus to try giving emerald a spin instead.

Ursula is a three-cost with two willpower and three health that can quest for one lore, but you probably won’t be doing a whole lot of questing with her as despite her lack of the Singer keyword, this Ursula gives you a huge pay off for having her sing your songs.

Whenever Ursula, Deceiver of All is exerted to play a song card for free, you’ll have the option to play that song a second time for free before putting it from your discard onto the bottom of your deck. This is optional, which means if you have some way of recurring your action cards from your discard, which emerald is very good at doing, then you don’t have to take the benefit. But if you do, boy howdy.

All of a sudden, all your songs with cost three ink or less have the potential to double their effect. Friends on the Other Side will draw you four cards, Let the Storm Rage On will deal four damage and draw two cards, The Bear Necessities will force your opponent to discard two cards: the possibilities are endless!

Well they’re not endless, as Urusula, Deciever of All can only sing songs of cost three or less, but regardless that’s a big old toolbox to work with and I think players are going to be very tempted to start singing in emerald from now on.

6. Morph, Space Goo

Lorcana card Morph, Space Goo.
With this card, you'll be able to play any cards with Shift on top of it | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

Emerald is already considered one of the best colours to play if you like using Lorcana’s Floodborn Shift mechanic, which is the ability to play character cards for cheaper by putting them on top of a character with the same name that you already have in play. The only problem with trying to utilise Shift as an ability is that it relies on you taking up space in your deck for cheaper versions of the characters you want to shift out.

That’s fine if those cheap versions of characters are decent includes in your deck, but there’s a whole list of floodborn characters that simply don’t have a cheap enough or effective enough early game play to Shift onto. Enter Morph, Space Goo a two-cost two willpower and one health that has the ability to act as any character in Lorcana for the purposes of shifting onto him. Your pet cards that were too expensive in previous sets like the wonderful Fairy Godmother, Mystic Armorer or Snow White, Well Wisher will now be a lot easier to shift out if they’re paired with Emerald and this globby little guy.

You also won’t be forced to play one or two drops that don’t fit your strategy just for the sake of cheapening your late game cards. The other terrifying thing about Morph, Space Goo, from an opponent’s perspective, is that it doesn’t telegraph what character you’re about to Shift to. Up until now, seeing a cheap Stitch or Cinderella would give you the sense that your opponent can probably shift into the Rockstar or Stouthearted variants later in the game. With Moph you have absolutely no idea what’s coming!

7. Prince Eric, Expert Helmsman

Lorcana card Prince Eric, Expert Helmsman.
Punish players who banish this card by banishing one of their characters in turn. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

No colour is better at getting rid of enemy characters than Ruby and that’s not about to change with set three. We already had the much maligned board wipe of Be Prepared, the classic Dragon Fire for targeted removal and recently Lady Tremaine has been forcing players to banish one of their own characters when she enters play, even getting around ward effects.

With Into The Inklands we have yet another way to disrupt your enemy’s strategy by popping out a Prince Eric, Expert Helmsman. A four-cost two willpower and two health, Prince Eric, Expert Helmsman borrows some tricks from emerald’s playbook by stapling a nasty condition on it for anyone who wants to swing into this two lore generator. Whenever Prince Eric, Expert Helmsman is banished, you’ll get to banish one of your opponents characters in return.

Prince Eric, Expert Helmsman is nice and mobile as well, acting as a quester that your opponent will hesitate to get rid of if you’re in a position of control, or as a more aggressive banisher when you need to deal with your opponent. Swing Eric, Expert Helmsman into a character he can take out on his own and as long as he’s banished in return you've got yourself a two birds and one stone situation.

8. Jim Hawkins, Space Traveler

Lorcana card Jim Hawkins, Space Traveler.
Make sure to have an appropriate location card to play alongside this character. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

With a brand new set comes brand new gameplay mechanics and in the case of Lorcana’s third offering we see a brand new card type enter the mix, locations. A powerful new lore generator, location cards will be safe from mass character removal to keep up the pressure on your opponent, as well as providing powerful effects to any characters that move to them.

Jim Hawkins, Space Traveler looks to full capitalise on the new mechanic with a great way to cheat out your more expensive locations via his This Is It! ability that allows him to bring with him a four or less cost location from your hand when he’s played. He also can move to any location for free whenever you play them, meaning with the location you put out for free this turn, he’ll effectively be allowed to head there straight away on the turn you played him for no cost.

This card was definitely built with the RLS Legacy in mind, which makes sense as its the ship he inhabits in Treasure Planet. By playing Jim, Space Traveler when you have the RLS Legacy in hand you’ll have spent five ink to play a four willpower and four health character that quests for two, a four-cost location, spent three ink to move Jim, Space Traveler there, and given Jim, Space Traveler is Evasive for as long as the RLS Legacy remains on the field - that’s an absolutely wild amount of value if you can set it up for turn five.

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Maddie lists some of the most expensive Disney Lorcana cards out there.

9. Gramma Tala, Spirit of the Ocean

Disney Lorcana card Gramma Tala, Spirit of the Ocean.
Putting cards into your inkwell with gain your lore with this card. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

It seems the theme for Into The Inklands is to give some of the ink colours a lore payoff for things they’re already good at doing, and what does sapphire do better than give you extra ink on your turns?

Having a huge supply of ink at your disposal is already a massive advantage to have against your opponents, and Gramma Tala, Spirit of the Ocean turns that functionality into a game winning strategy. A seven-cost character with four willpower and eight health who can Shift for five ink, Gramma Tala, Spirit of the Ocean has the ability Do You Know Who You Are? that rewards you with a lore whenever you place a card into your inkwell.

Now that includes inking a card like you normally would each turn but that also includes all the ways in which Sapphire can get extra ink on their turns including songs like One Jump Ahead and the new Friend Like Me, items like the Fishbone Quill, and the multitude of characters that mess with your inkwell like Belle, Strange But Special or even an opponent using a Hades, Infernal Schemer against you.

This has made those two-drop Gramma Talas from set one even more powerful as they now act as a Shift target to reduce the big Gramma Tala, Spirit of the Ocean’s cost but also they can activate its abilities and will also force your opponents to help you ramp by removing them from the board early game to stop you from shifting and allowing you to eek out more ink advantage.

10. Scrooge McDuck, Richest Duck in the World

Lorcana card Scrooge McDuck, Richest Duck in the World.
Combine this card with Magica De Spell, The Midas Touch for a great combo. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

With Scrooge McDuck acting as the poster child for Into the Inklands, it makes sense that his super rare card will be one of the chase cards of the set for any item players. Scrooge McDuck, Richest Duck in the World is a three willpower and five health that quests for one lore and can challenge Evasive characters on your turn.

Where the Scrooge McDuck, Richest Duck in the World truly shines though is what happens whenever he banishes an opponent’s character in a challenge. With the I Didn’t Get Rich By Being Stupid ability he’ll be able to cheat out one of your items for free whenever he takes down one of his opposing characters.

Some abilities are just sign-posted to be linked with other cards in the set, like with the aforementioned Jim Hawkins, Space Traveler card, and this card is almost definitely built exclusively to get yourself a free Lucky Dime, the seven cost item that no doubt plenty of decks will be building around this set. Combo Scrooge with Lucky Dime and the above Magica De Spell, The Midas Touch and you’ll be generating a hefty amount of lore before you know it, all the while dealing with any tricksy evasive characters on your opponent’s board.

11. Robin Hood, Champion of Sherwood

Disney lorcana Robin Hood, Champion of Sherwood.
Using this card to banish opposing characters will gain you lore. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

Remember Aladdin, Heroic Outlaw from Lorcana’s original set The First Chapter? Remember how terrifying he was on the board whenever he came out and generated scary amounts of lore whilst also clearing your board? And then remember when he completely fell out of favour due to his prohibitive cost and lack of good Shift targets?

Well now the dream is back and very much alive with a new budget version of our sword swinging prince of thieves, but this time we’re swapping Agrabah for Nottingham and Aladdin for Robin Hood, Champion of Sherwood - a three willpower and six health Floodborn character who can quest for two lore and Shift out for just three ink.

Much like Aladdin, Heroic Outlaw, Robin, Champion of Sherwood will net you a tasty two lore whenever he banishes an opposing character in a challenge - a shame his steel identity means he won’t be forcing your opponent to lose lore as well like his predecessor. Not to mention whenever Robin, Champion of Sherwood is banished in a challenge, you’ll also get to draw a card off of him as well. This is a perfect early game surprise for any challenge-focused decks, and with the option to have up to eight one or two ink cost Robin Shift targets in your deck, he should be nice and easy to play on curve.

12. Little John, Resourceful Outlaw

Disney Lorcana Little John, Resourceful Outlaw.
Little John, Resourceful Outlaw can make your Bodyguard characters even better. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

Whilst Robin Hood, Champion of Sherwood rewards you for aggressive challenger focused strategies, steel also has some of the best defensive tools on the market with access to both Bodyguards and the powerful Resist gameplay mechanics.

The former has become an important keyword to build around as of set three’s release with plenty of synergies rewarding you for having loads of beefy boys to hold the line in front of your other characters.

Little John, Resourceful Outlaw combines both of these powerful mechanics to further incentivise you towards making a strong front line. A six-cost character with four willpower and five health that can be shifted for four ink and quests for two lore, Little John, Resourceful Outlaw’s stat line isn’t exactly making headlines, but his killer ability will certainly beckon defensive players to build around him.

Okay, Big Shot gives all of your characters with the Bodyguard keyword a boost of Resist plus one and also allows them to quest for an additional lore, but only when Little John, Resourceful Outlaw is exerted. Turning The Prince, Never Gives Up from Rise of the Floodborn into a one willpower and three health with Resist plus two and three lore Bodyguard is incredible value. Not to mention that Little John, Resourceful Outlaw needing to be exerted to have his effect take hold is an easy cost to pay, considering how many resistant Bodyguards your opponents will likely have to get through to challenge him.

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