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Get a first look at a classic Disney villain’s new Enchanted card in next Lorcana set Into the Inklands

Ursula, Deceiver of All makes her show-stopping appearance.

Image credit: Ravensburger/Disney

Disney Lorcana’s third set Into the Inklands arrives next week, introducing brand new location cards and characters from previously unseen Disney movies such as Treasure Planet and Atlantis to the trading card game. Ahead of the new set, Dicebreaker can reveal one of Into the Inklands’ rarest Enchanted cards debuting on February 23rd.

Ursula, Deceiver of All is the latest TCG appearance for the villain of The Little Mermaid, having previously appeared on standout Lorcana cards such as The First Chapter’s lore-draining powerhouse Ursula, Power Hungry.

Appearing in Into the Inkland’s selection of emerald cards, Ursula, Deceiver of All costs three mana to play - or can alternatively be added to your inkwell - in return for two strength, three willpower and a single point of lore.

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With fairly modest stats, what makes the Dreamborn card worth a place in your deck is its What a Deal ability. Whenever Ursula, Deceiver of All is used to sing a song - Lorcana’s action cards that can be played for free by exerting a character equal to or greater than the song’s ink cost - the song can be played again from the player’s discard pile for free, then returned to the bottom of their deck.

With song cards offering some of Lorcana’s most powerful effects - from damaging opposing characters to drawing cards and playing characters for free - the power to double-up on your best song cards’ effects with a fairly low-cost character makes Ursula, Deceiver of All sure to become a common fixture in green decks built around songs.

The Ursula, Deceiver of All variant visible below is the Enchanted version of the card, showcasing the alternative artwork and borderless artwork offered by the highest possible Lorcana card rarity, identified by its rainbow hexagon symbol and estimated to only appear in roughly one in 100 booster packs.

Image credit: Ravensburger/Disney

Into the Inklands will add 204 new cards - not including additional Enchanted variants - to Disney Lorcana when it launches into local game stores on February 23rd, followed by its wide release in supermarkets and online on March 8th. The latest set will also kick off Lorcana’s first in-store Set Championships, leading to the TCG’s first World Championship next year.

The third set is the first Lorcana release of 2024, and will be followed by three more sets due to arrive respectively in May, August and November, alongside a new two-player starter set also available in August.

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