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Disney Lorcana will begin hosting competitive tournaments and fan events in Summer 2024

Prize fights in the House of Mouse.

Donald Duck, Deep-sea Diver card art from Disney Lorcana's Rise of the Floodborn
Image credit: Nicholas Kole/Disney

Despite its resounding success of a launch in September, Disney Lorcana has struggled to stay relevant as an actual trading card game thanks to product availability issues and a lack of organised events engaging fans in their community. Solutions for both are on the horizon, as publisher Ravensburger recently announced incoming reprints for The First Chapter along with details on competitive and fan events in 2024.

Ravensburger, the tabletop company partnered with Disney to produce and distribute Lorcana, took to its official Twitter account on October 25th to tell players and fans what they can expect from the popular TCG’s next year. Significant reprints of The First Chapter should be hitting hobby store shelves in North America by mid-November, while availability in all other regions will follow shortly after.

Disney Lorcana will host both a competitive circuit alongside casual fan events beginning in “Q2 2024”, which roughly covers April through May for US-based businesses. According to Ravensburger, fan events will be aimed at collectors and provide “a way for Disney fans to come together to share their love of Disney Lorcana even if they may not necessarily play the game.” One of Lorcana’s significant pillars of success has been tapping directly into the Disneyana effect and the brand’s eminent collectibility.

The BEST Lorcana cards from every colour in The First Chapter!Watch on YouTube

Don’t feel left out just because you want to bring some pain with your Belle, Hidden Archer deck - competitive events will also have promotional exclusives on offer. Ravensburger recently updated the official Disney Lorcana tournament rules available on its website, which outlines how to run sanctioned events for casual play, limited drafts, sealed drafts and constructed competition. More details on how Ravensburger will directly support competitive play will come in January 2024, according to the publisher.

If you’ve managed to snag a convention exclusive card in the past, you can look forward to a slightly different look going forward. Disney Lorcana cards handed out at conventions, expositions and other big events will swap the event logo for a promo icon in the rarity slot denoting their provenance. Each set will boast three cards that will be handed out to convention goers, and Ravensburger previewed three ostensibly meant for the 2024 season - Pinocchio, Talkative Puppet, Rapunzel, Gifted Artist and the song Four Dozen Eggs.

Disney Lorcana’s second set, Rise of the Floodborn, is poised to release on December 1st and will bolster the available pool of cards with one new keyword: Resist. The TCG seems to be trading flash and awe for genuine strategic support, laying a strong foundation before introducing wild new tech to the deckbuilding meta. If you’re interested in learning how to play Lorcana or want to scope the best cards in every Ink colour ahead of Rise of the Floodborn, Dicebreaker has you covered.

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