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Here's an exclusive first look at Jungle Book's King Louie in next Disney Lorcana set Rise of the Floodborn

The King of the Swingers and the Jungle VIP.

Artwork for the King Louie, Jungle VIP Disney Lorcana card.
Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

Dicebreaker can exclusively reveal a new card from upcoming Disney Lorcana set Rise of the Floodborn.

Disney Lorcana is a trading card game for two or more players that contains a collection of cards featuring iconic characters, locations, items and moments froml across Disney animated history. The first set for the card game, called The First Chapter, was released in August and included cards based on films such as Beauty and the Beast, The Princess and the Frog, Moana, and Lilo & Stitch.

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Lorcana cards are split into one of six different coloured inks, with players able to build decks using cards from up to two different ink colours. On their turn, players can choose to place one of their cards facedown into their inkwell, with the cost of playing cards needing to be paid by using the inked cards placed in the inkwell. Players can play as many cards as they can afford to spend ink for but will need to wait to use them until the next turn.

Character cards can be used to quest for lore – which is the winning currency in Disney Lorcana – or can challenge an opponents’ character. Challenging sees players comparing the strength and health of two cards in order to see who takes what amount of damage. Character cards who have zero health must be placed in the discard pile. Item cards can remain on a player’s board, whilst action cards are one-time use. Meanwhile, song cards must be ‘sung’ by a character card on the board. The first character to reach 20 lore is named the winner.

Dicebreaker's exclusive reveal from Disney Lorcana: Rise of the Floodborn is King Louie, Jungle VIP. An Amber ink card, King Louie, Jungle VIP costs players a hefty seven ink, but has some equally solid stats to match that with a three strength and whopping eight willpower.

The King Louie, Jungle VIP, Disney Lorcana card.
Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

Louie’s ability is Lay It On The Line, which allows players to remove up to two damage from the card whenever another character is banished. This, combined with Louie’s high health, means that players could farm the character for two lore for quite a while – as long as other characters are being banished, which is an ability that isn’t limited to just the player’s own cards.

This makes Louie very survivable as he can heal himself up every time he swings at another character, but with the new set we've already seen plenty of cards that synergise with damaging your own characters.

Sharing the Amber colour with Louie is Rapunzel, Gifted Artist, who allows you to draw a card whenever you remove one or more damage from one of your characters - which means your giant killer orangutan is now a card-draw engine as well.

If you want Louie to be dealing a bit more damage when he challenges - to make sure he gets you that banish trigger - you can back him up with Grand Duke, Advisor to the King to increase his strength. Or for high-willpower enemies, you can just play the Last Stand action card to finish off the job.

Where Louie gets really interesting is when we start dipping into other colours of ink. Moving over to Ruby we can see a few cards that want you to damage your own characters, such as the song Teeth and Ambitions which has you deal two damage to one of your own characters to cause two damage to an opposing character. Banish someone with this and Louie will heal the damage right away. Before you use Louie to knock someone out, you could even use the Dinner Bell item card to draw cards equal to the damage already on him and Sword in the Stone to give him plus that much strength for the rest of the turn. All of a sudden that whopping eight willpower looks to be a massive resource to exploit.

Disney Lorcana: Rise of the Floodborn is set to be released on November 17th to local game stores, before receiving a full release on December 1st.

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