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Wingspan Nesting Box can hold base game, European, Oceania and four additional expansions

That’s a lotta birds!

Keep Wingspan and its six main expansions in a single container with the upcoming Nesting Box and organiser.

Designed to hold everything included within Wingspan, the beginner board game about collecting birdlife, as well as its existing and future expansions, the Wingspan Nesting Box is set to help players to better organise their components. Measuring at 430mm by 306mm by 207mm, the Wingspan Nesting Box will contain three layers that players can use to store things such as player mats, bird cards, egg tokens and the game’s iconic bird-house.

The box itself is intended to be the right size for players to place within “Kallax game shelves” and bags designed to hold board games. Inside the box, there will be ribbons that players can use to pull out each of the layers, as well as trays to separate bird cards into their different releases and a central area with trays to hold dice and tokens. These trays can also be taken out to be used during gameplay, enabling players an easy way of keeping the pieces they need separate.

Wingspan Nesting Box layout 2

According to the blog the Nesting Box was revealed on, Stonemaier Games - the publisher responsible for Wingspan, as well as Scythe and legacy game Charterstone - cannot “100% guarantee” that everything released for Wingspan will be able to fit within the box.

Alongside the already released European and Oceania expansions, Wingspan is set to receive four additional expansions which were revealed by the game’s creator, Elizabeth Hargrave, to be based on the four remaining continents not yet covered by the series - Asia, Africa, South America and Antarctica. At least one of these expansions is currently set to be released sometime next year, with Stonemaier’s current publishing report scheduling the “Wingspan Expansion 3” in for 2022.

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Wingspan is a board game that has players competing to gather the most points by attracting different bird species to their habitats and having them lay eggs within them. Split into three rounds, Wingspan provides players with ways to score points during each round and at the end of the game. Players can collect food by rolling dice, which they can then use to get one of the available bird cards. Each bird card is worth a certain amount of points and sometimes has a special ability that players can activate by performing the action of the habitat they’re placed in. Whichever player has the most points by the end of the game is the winner.

There is currently no set release date for the Wingspan Nesting Box. A newsletter containing a preorder notification will be arriving to subscribers early 2022.

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