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Surviving an alien encounter in Nemesis Lockdown

Matt, Meehan and Maddie summon all the aliens

Nemesis Lockdown is a terrifying standalone expansion to the sci-fi horror board game Nemesis, which was inspired by classic alien movies. It is also now a digital board game that’s now available to play on PC, with Maddie, Meehan and Matt diving into the video game themselves thanks to several codes they received from the publisher, Awaken Realms.

In Nemesis Lockdown You and the rest of the players are trapped on a secret base, racing to complete objectives and to get out of the place alive before extraterrestrials show up and start causing mayhem - such as planting creatures in your brain or calling their angry queen to help.

However, not everyone will be working on the same objectives. Each player has their own goal which might be as innocent as making sure the ship survives attacks or as sneaky as making sure a fellow crewmate doesn’t make it out alive. So while one of you carefully repairs damage, the other could be leading aliens into your path or turning on you when you least expect it. This semi-cooperative experience just adds to the tension of an already spooky experience.

Though the digital version is still in early access for now, Matt, Meehan and I had a great time betraying each other and fighting aliens in a video you can watch right now. Although, be warned, we did not take stealth as seriously as we perhaps should have and ended up with an entire alien army on our backs, so hopefully that’s a lesson learnt for anyone wanting to tackle Nemesis Lockdown themselves. Take it slow, because you have no idea what could be lurking around a dark corner.

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