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Pick up Pathfinder 2E for under $5, plus adventures, sourcebooks and accessories for the fantasy RPG

Humble Bundle benefitting Stop AAPI Hate runs until June 10th.

The second edition of Pathfinder can be grabbed for under a fiver in the latest Humble RPG Bundle, along with a number of adventures, sourcebooks, novels and accessories for the popular fantasy roleplaying game.

The collection of ebooks for Pathfinder 2E - released in 2019, a decade after the first edition of Paizo’s spiritual successor to D&D 3.5 - starts at $5/£3.59. That price will net you the RPG’s core rulebook along with a number of campaigns and scenarios to play, including the first two entries in the Pathfinder Extinction Curse Adventure Path, plus a trio of the Pathfinder Tales novels and a pair of flip-mat maps and character sheets.

Step your pay-what-you-want price up to $10/£10.77 or more and you’ll also grab Pathfinder’s Bestiary and the Lost Omens world guide. That’ll also get you another handful of the Pathfinder Tales books, a few more adventures, and maps for a tech dungeon, village square and haunted house.

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$25/£17.96 and above includes Pathfinder 2E’s chunky Gamemastery Guide for GMs planning to run a session, plus a GM screen. There’s also the Gods & Magic sourcebook for Lost Omens, which delves into all things magical, plus four more Tales novels and another scattering of quests, completing the Extinction Curse Adventure Path. Plus there’s a docks flip-mat and official map packs for ruined village and palace environments.

Up your pledge to $35/£25.15 and you’ll get all the above in digital form, plus a physical copy of the Pathfinder 2E Bestiary - although you’ll need to pay shipping on top.

All in all, the bundle is said to be worth over $420. Proceeds from each sale - the proportion can be adjusted by the buyer using sliders under “Choose where your money goes”, initially favouring the game publisher and Humble itself - will go towards Stop AAPI Hate, an organisation working to support Asian and Pacific Islander communities in the face of racism and discrimination. Anti-Asian hate crimes in the US are reported to have risen almost 150% last year in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Pathfinder 2E Humble Bundle will be available until June 10th.

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