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Disney Lorcana’s third TCG set travels Into the Inklands with dogs, DuckTales and a brand new card type

Piglet's a pirate captain, now!

Minnie, Piglet and Peter Pan teaser cards from Disney Lorcana's third set, Into the Inklands
Image credit: Ravensburger/The Walt Disney Company

Disney Lorcana’s initial set of the new year will be an adventure-themed romp that introduces the valuable trading card game’s first new card type since it launched in September 2023. Location cards join “in-game mini stories”, according to a press release and character cards from 101 Dalmations, Treasure Planet and DuckTales

Into the Inklands, which was the subject of an online leak earlier this year, will be released to local hobby shops on February 23rd, 2024, followed shortly by mass market availability on March 8th. Location cards are played similarly to any other card in Lorcana - they have an Ink cost and some can be added to a player’s inkwell - and bestow a number of benefits while in play. One location might grant bonuses to characters when they visit that location - how this works is a mystery, for now - while another might bestow passive benefits as long as it remains in play.

Location cards will draw from Disney’s gargantuan portfolio of intellectual property, such as Motunui from Moana, the Jolly Roger from Peter Pan or Maleficent’s dreadful castle on the Forbidden Mountain. Into the Inklands will contain more than 200 new cards, including an unknown number of location cards and everything else we’ve come to expect from a full Lorcana set.

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Rise of the Floodborn took the broad setting unveiled in Lorcana’s The First Chapter and focused on the mysterious insurrection of the eponymous floodborn, a turbulent mixture of the six core Ink colours that are producing an alarming amount of glimmers and scattering lore across the universe. Into the Inklands' marketing and adventure film-style font suggests a swashbuckling narrative not unlike Magic: The Gathering’s recent set, The Lost Caverns of Ixalan.

Expect to see several Disney characters and series make their cardboard debut within Lorcana’s expansive world. Publisher Ravensburger pointed at the addition of Mickey’s faithful dog Pluto alongside Perdita from 101 Dalmatians, while the miserly Scrooge McDuck and his swimming pool full of money open the door for the rest of the DuckTales cast. Jim Hawkins and the RLS Legacy crew from Treasure Planet further ramp the science fiction adventure vibes.

“With each new release, enthusiasm and excitement for the Disney Lorcana TCG grows in magnitude,” said Filip Francke, Global Head of Games at Ravensburger. “Watching this community consistently grow and become more diverse tells us that we are getting it just right with Disney fans who are completely charmed by the art and stories, TCG die-hards who appreciate the strategic gameplay, and even new players who have tried their very first TCG and now play every weekend.”

Disney Lorcana Into the Inklands Forbidden Mountain location card
Image credit: Ravensburger/The Walt Disney Company

Into the Inklands will include two preconstructed starter decks, this time represented by Amber/Emerald and Sapphire/Ruby combinations. Booster packs, a new Illumineers Trove and the regular assortment of accessories will be available upon release, unless further distribution and printing woes strike the publisher. Ravensburger and Disney have courted a fair amount of criticism over the past few months for failing to keep store shelves stocked on top of an alleged DDoS attack torpedoing Rise of the Floodborn's digital launch.

That didn’t keep the TCG from winning Best Ongoing Card game at Dicebreaker’s own Tabletop Awards for 2023. Watch the full cast of winners announced at Pax Unplugged here.

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