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Get your Spidey sense tingling with our Marvel Champions: The Card Game playthrough

With great power comes great irresponsibility.

The world is in trouble! Never fear: Earth’s finest are here to save the day. The Avengers? Who the heck are they? We’re talking about Dicebreaker’s Johnny and Wheels.

You can watch our own dynamic duo, as Spider-Man and Captain Marvel, take on big baddie Rhino in our playthrough of new living card game Marvel Champions: The Card Game.

The latest co-op living card game from the folks behind Arkham Horror: The Card Game, Lord of the Rings: The Card Game and other well-known names with ‘The Card Game’ attached to the end, Marvel Champions is a good ol’ comic-book battle between heroes and villains.

As various superhero members of the Avengers (the core set comes with the choice of Iron Man, Spider-Man, Blank Panther, Captain Marvel and She-Hulk to create your team), the players must punch and pummel the baddies by using the abilities in their unique decks to drop the big boss’ health to zero before the heroes are overwhelmed by minions.

The superheroes can also opt for brains over brawn, using their ‘thwart’ abilities to hinder the villain’s plot - which can be one of several different scenarios, thanks to a selection in the box and the option to mix up who you're fighting and what they’re trying to achieve.

Marvel Champions isn’t all about wearing the suit, either. Each turn, players can choose to switch their hero between their superhero form and everyday alter ego, letting them rest up, avoid attacks and prepare to jump back into the fray ready to save the world. Having Peter Parker, T’Challa and Carol Danvers play as important a role as Spider-Man, Black Panther and Captain Marvel isn’t just an interesting gameplay twist - it also makes Marvel Champions feel satisfyingly true to the original comic books.

You can find out if Johnny and Wheels prevailed against evil or doomed us all in our Let’s Play of Marvel Champions: The Card Game above. Excelsior!

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