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Here’s an exclusive first look at four new cards from Disney Lorcana’s Into the Inklands set

Two of the 101 Dalmatians, a wish-granting Genie and a song card that will Go the Distance.

Image credit: Ravensburger/Disney

Disney Lorcana’s third set Into the Inklands releases in local game stores next Friday. Ahead of the latest expansion hitting shelves, Dicebreaker can exclusively reveal four of the brand new cards you’ll find among its upcoming additions to the TCG.

Into the Inklands brings over 200 new cards to Disney Lorcana, following hot on the heels of previous sets Rise of the Floodborn and The First Chapter. The set introduces a new card type too, in the form of location cards representing iconic places from Disney films - such as Peter Pan’s Jolly Roger or Moana’s Motunui - that characters will be able to travel to by paying their associated move cost.

Alongside the return of classic Disney characters in its roster of cards, Into the Inklands will see the addition of characters, places and moments from films brand new to Lorcana, including Treasure Planet, Atlantis and TV show DuckTales.

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One of those returning characters will be the Genie from Aladdin, who previously appeared on some of the most powerful Lorcana cards in The First Chapter. Newly-revealed amethyst Into the Inklands card Genie, Supportive Friend is a four-ink card with three power and five willpower that can use its Three Wishes ability to allow the player to draw three cards by shuffling Genie, Supportive Friend back into their deck when it quests (with its default lore stat being one).

Joining the set’s inclusion of Dalmatian Puppy, Tail Wagger - which will let the player include up to 99 copies of the same card in their deck, breaking the game’s standard limit of three - will be at least two named dalmatians of the One Hundred and One, all of which will be amber cards.

Rolly, Happy Pup is a three-ink card that can also be added to your inkwell. It has three strength and three willpower, with the ability to quest for a single lore. When you do quest, you’ll be able to use its Support keyword to add its three strength to another card’s strength value for that turn.

Reuniting with The First Chapter’s puppy dad Pongo, Ol' Rascal is the litter’s Devoted Mother, Perdita. Her six-ink Legendary-rarity card comes at a steep cost, but the price is worth it. With a stocky willpower of six, Perdita, Devoted Mother can use her Come Along, Children ability when she quests (for two lore by default) to play a character with a cost of two or less from the player’s discard pile for free.

With amber cards such as Dalmation Puppy, Tail Wagger costing two ink, that opens up the potential for Perdita to flood the board with low-cost cards that can keep your opponent in check by challenging their cards - or simply questing to accelerate your own lore count to victory. In the right deck, Perdita, Devoted Mother could be seriously powerful.

Image credit: Ravensburger/Disney

Our last card reveal is an emerald song card, inspired by a lyric in Michael Bolton’s Hercules banger Go the Distance - which appeared by name in a ruby song card in Rise of the Floodborn. Into the Inklands’ I Will Find My Way card costs only a single ink, meaning that any character costing one or more can be exerted to ‘sing’ the card for free.

When you do, you’ll be able to add two strength to a chosen character and then move them to a location for free without paying its regular move cost. Providing a modest bump of strength and the flexibility to move your characters between locations, I Will Find My Way may combo effectively with some of Into the Inklands’ new location cards.

Into the Inklands will release in local game stores next Friday, February 23rd, ahead of its wider release in other supermarkets and online on March 8th. The set is Lorcana’s first release of 2024, with publisher Ravensburger announcing three additional sets to follow throughout this year and a brand new two-player starter set to arrive in August.

Into the Inklands will also mark the start of the TCG’s official organised play calendar, with the first in-store Set Championships running alongside each new set into next year’s inaugural Disney Lorcana World Championship.

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