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PSA: Disney Lorcana gets its full release today, which means you might be able to actually find it

If you’re fast and lucky, that is.

Image credit: Sarah Jarvis/Ravensburger/Disney

Two weeks after it hit local game stores - and immediately became impossible to find - and a month after cards and decks were first on pre-sale at Gen Con, resulting in overnight queues of 16 hours or more, Disney Lorcana’s debut set The First Chapter sees its wide release today.

Lorcana’s full release sees The First Chapter land in mainstream retailers and online sellers (including Disney’s own online store), as well as additional Disney locations, in the US, UK, Europe and beyond, having seen early availability in local stores, independent sellers and Disney parks and stores, meaning it should be easier to find where to buy Lorcana.

That’s availability in theory, at least, with ongoing reports of limited availability as the result of massive demand. That same demand has reportedly seen a number of sellers jack their prices up to cash in on players’ attempts to find Lorcana’s starter sets, booster packs and accessories over the last couple of weeks.

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In the case of my own local store, a booster display box with an RRP of £120 was selling for £150, with The First Chapter’s three prebuilt decks typically priced at £18 increased to almost £30. From other prices reported online and encountered myself, those were fairly mild increases, with some fans claiming that booster boxes had exceeded £200 in some outlets.

Online resellers, meanwhile, have scalped the little available stock by selling it on at even greater prices, with eBay listings doubling or tripling the typical RRP of some products. Individual Lorcana cards have been fetching into the hundreds of pounds for rarer pulls from The First Chapter, while promo cards from events such as Gen Con and D23 have been surging in price.

In response, Lorcana publisher Ravensburger announced yesterday that it would reprint The First Chapter starting next month and continuing into 2024, aiming to meet the fervent demand in North America and Europe and help bring prices back to their recommended level.

“Our goal is for fans to be able to purchase and enjoy the Disney Lorcana TCG product at the suggested retail price, and we will continue to take steps to ensure a level of availability and quality that keeps the market healthy for both collectors and players,” Ravensburger’s announcement said.

The First Chapter’s release today, September 1st, and planned reprint will be followed by the release of Lorcana's second set, The Second Chapter, in local stores on November 17th, followed by a wider release on December 1st. Ravensburger has previously confirmed its plans to release four expansions each year, with at least a decade of Lorcana mapped out.

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