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December 2023 Archive

    1. Magic: The Gathering’s 2023 showed the card game mixing sweet sets with sour business
    1. From D&D’s Planescape return to Zelda roleplaying in all but name, these are 2023’s tabletop RPG highlights
    1. Japan’s card game shops have cultivated community and companionship to fill the gap left by vanishing public spaces
    2. 7 indie tabletop RPGs released this year that you shouldn’t miss
    1. SPONSORED: Hot Fuzz and X-Files meet D&D, our comedy-mystery actual play series Storybreakers is back for Season 2!
    2. 6 board games from Asian designers you need to play
    1. Yu-Gi-Oh!’s 25th Anniversary reprints keep its best cards accessible for every player - and should be the norm for every TCG
    1. Lancer creator’s Magnagothica: Maleghast melds Necromunda with Doom for a hell of a good time
    1. Terminator RPG makers catch and remove AI generated artwork from upcoming sourcebook
    2. Dungeons & Dragons says “no generative AI was used” to create artwork teasing 2024 core rulebooks
    1. Amazon inks deal to produce Warhammer 40,000 films and television starring Henry Cavill
    2. VOID 1680 AM creator talks comic books and tabletop RPG similarities and exploring the lonely airwaves
    1. Yu-Gi-Oh!’s three stainless steel Egyptian God cards will set you back $399
    2. Warhammer maker gives all its staff an end-of-year £2,500 bonus
    3. The Brooklyn Strategist becomes third New York board game and RPG cafe to establish a union
    1. 6 board games and RPGs to play over Christmas, no matter what your holiday plans are
    1. Dimension 20’s first trailer for Fantasy High: Junior Year reveals a rocking theme song and premiere date
    2. Dungeons & Dragons owner lays off 1,100 staff two weeks before Christmas “to keep Hasbro healthy”
    3. Building a community in Our Fantasy Town genuinely takes a village… of crowdfunding backers
    4. D&D and MTG designers, artists and producers lose jobs among over 1,000 Hasbro layoffs, former devs confirm
    5. Unreleased Pokémon cards, once believed destroyed, resurface after more than a decade
    6. Bloody brilliant The Walking Dead miniatures game All Out War is coming back in 2024
    1. You can now play a free Catan clone on Discord
    2. 7 best D&D 5E Christmas one-shots to play over the holidays
    1. The best Pokémon gifts for Christmas 2023
    2. Disney Lorcana designer says popular TCG was initially designed with Location cards in mind
    3. 9 best Magic: The Gathering cards you can actually put in your deck
    4. Explore Pathfinder 2E’s classic adventure settings on the cheap with $5 RPG charity bundle
    5. SPONSORED: Go full “Et tu, Brute?” on your friends in UBOOT creators’ backstabby Roman politics board game Triumph
    6. The Walking Dead Universe RPG creators talk swarms, post-apocalyptic Robin Hoods and watching Daryl fall off his horse
    1. Attacks and spells never miss in this new Dungeons & Dragons-esque fantasy TRPG
    2. D&D title Baldur’s Gate 3 rolls a critical at The Game Awards, scooping up six accolades
    1. MTG’s Cluedo-inspired crossover lets you win by fingering a murderer
    2. Disney Lorcana’s third TCG set travels Into the Inklands with dogs, DuckTales and a brand new card type
    3. MTG gathers detectives, suspects and clues in first look at upcoming set Murders at Karlov Manor
    1. The Electric State RPG channels Tales from the Loop’s techno-nostalgia through a dystopic American lens
    2. 10 festive Magic: The Gathering cards for Christmas
    3. Dark Souls board game’s third attempt at tabletop adaptation isn’t for established players
    4. 6 board games like Grand Theft Auto to play while you wait for GTA 6’s release date
    5. Tabletop Creators Summit returns in 2024 with more expert advice and networking for designers, publishers and industry pros
    6. Payday developer is working on a co-op, live service Dungeons & Dragons video game
    7. Dungeons & Dragons' next core books given a 2024 release date, only to vanish
    1. SPONSORED: 10 stunning Pokémon cards that showcase the TCG’s most iconic artwork
    2. D&D’s historical book will contain “never-before-seen correspondences” between Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson
    3. D&D’s 2024 adventure slate includes a face-off with Vecna and an anthology of updated classic dungeons
    4. Dungeons & Dragons 2024 will cram its books full of art, fantasy shopping and the Blob of Annihilation
    5. If you like Pandemic, you owe it to yourself to make The ART Project your next co-op board game
    1. Tabletop Awards 2023 winners: this year’s best board games, RPGs, designers and publishers
    1. Cyberpunk and Witcher designer’s next RPG is about multiverse-hopping ninja inspired by Naruto, Stargate and Japanese myth
    2. "Actual play is a rare type of media where you feel empowered to create": Critical Role's Matthew Mercer on becoming a more relaxed DM and D&D going mainstream