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August 2023 Archive

    1. Descent, Witcher 3 and Arkham Horror devs' co-op legacy game lets you move freely through a fantasy world as animal adventurers
    2. Flesh and Blood team with YouTube’s Tolarian Community College for a Commander-esque multiplayer set
    3. MTG Arena will let you earn XP by playing in your local store next month
    4. Subbuteo plays on: How the iconic tabletop football game inspired a generation of players and artists - and avoided relegation
    5. Almost 40% people are playing more tabletop games since before the lockdown, with interest in D&D increasing to 85%
    6. Disney Lorcana draft rules: How to draft Lorcana
    7. Dimension 20 announces a spate of D&D actual play live shows in the UK and Ireland
    1. Eat the Reich is a gory, indulgent, quickfire RPG about WWII vampires out to drink all of Hitler’s blood.
    2. $300,000 worth of MTG cards stolen from Gen Con 2023 have been recovered
    3. Venture into the Mines of Moria with new Lord of the Rings RPG sourcebooks
    4. The world's best Pokémon TCG players on the decks, lucky draws and near-defeats that led to their World Championship wins
    5. Baldur’s Gate 3 allows D&D players to live out their horny fantasies without making anyone uncomfortable
    6. Development on Witcher 4 video game sends The Witcher RPG into hiatus
    7. Hans Niemann resolves $100m lawsuit against Magnus Carlsen and out of court
    1. Classic RPG Mutant Chronicles goes noir gumshoe in mystery-focused Luna City Blues
    2. Undaunted co-designer's next title is a print-and-play solo game about World War II
    1. Dungeon Kart is basically Mario Kart: The Board Game, from the makers of Boss Monster
    2. Cyberpunk and Witcher RPG maker teases new tabletop project condenamed Blue Moon
    3. Lorcana cards could include characters from Disney shorts in the future, as Ravensburger outlines a 10-plus-year plan for the TCG
    4. Critical Role maker’s new board game Queen by Midnight throws deckbuilding and battle royale into a blender
    5. A weekend with Jessica Robinson: the expectations and pressures of the record-making British Yu-Gi-Oh! pro at this year’s World Championships
    6. Magic: The Gathering isn’t in a rush to try and top its ‘intensely ambitious’ Avengers: Endgame moment from March of the Machine
    1. Pokémon's new animated series Path to the Peak is a charming introduction to the trading card game
    2. Warhammer’s Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin RTS announces release date and third playable faction
    1. Phandelver and Below promises a nostalgic romp through Dungeons & Dragons 5E’s beginnings
    2. Board game giant Asmodee’s corporate owner allegedly loses $2bn deal with Saudi Arabian partner
    3. How to play Disney Lorcana: TCG’s rules, how to build a deck and how to win explained
    1. Fan-made Lorcana digital app gives the Disney TCG the Hearthstone treatment
    2. The Amsterdam board game club that became one woman's legacy
    3. X-Wing meets LEGO miniatures game Snap Ship Tactics releases a starter set into retail next month
    4. Spooky podcast sensation Welcome to Night Vale heading to tabletop from the makers of Power Rangers RPG
    5. Challengers followup opts for beach-themed name for standalone competitive deckbuilder
    1. Next Pokémon TCG expansion features cards inspired by Scarlet & Violet Paradox Pokémon
    2. Dolmenwood is mushroom-infested Old School Essentials by way of British Isles folklore
    3. Trans women banned from competing in FIDE women’s chess tournaments
    4. Disney Lorcana releases in local gaming shops and Disney Times Square store today
    5. D&D 5E bard class guide
    6. D&D races and species guide: Which to choose in 5E
    7. D&D size chart and guide for 5E
    1. Here’s what Baldur’s Gate 3’s narrator thinks is the best class in D&D
    1. Baldur’s Gate 3 narrator “can't wait” for people to discover D&D thanks to video game
    2. A weekend of celebration, competition and community among Yu-Gi-Oh!’s top players at the first World Championships in four years
    3. How to build a Lorcana deck in the Disney TCG
    4. Baldur’s Gate 3 has finally forced me to play D&D 5E by the rules
    5. Guilty Gear Strive: The Board Game hits as fast and hard as the video game fighter
    6. Wilds of Eldraine not a “filler episode”, will introduce at least one big character for the TCG’s Omenpath Arc
    1. MTG Wilds of Eldraine Mechanics and draft archetypes: storybook Roles, costly Bargains and Celebrations
    2. 6 best Disney Lorcana item cards in The First Chapter
    3. 6 best Disney Lorcana action cards in The First Chapter
    4. 6 best Disney Lorcana song cards in The First Chapter
    5. Pathfinder RPG Humble Bundle shelves up nearly $200 worth of fiction for $25
    6. Take up a life of space piracy with this Humble Book Bundle for sci-fi RPG Traveller
    1. Underdog Vance Kelley becomes Pokémon TCG champion as international players dominate card game’s first Worlds in Japan
    2. Pokémon World Championships returning to Hawaii in 2024 for first time in a decade
    3. Paradox Pokémon bring past and future Paldea to the Pokémon TCG as TMs and Ace Spec items return
    4. What’s the best Lorcana starter deck? The Disney TCG’s first three starters, compared
    1. Dimension 20 resumes production of RPG actual play series after SAG-AFTRA contract clarification
    2. Baldur’s Gate 3 has made me more interested in Dungeons & Dragons’ world than I’ve ever been
    3. Star Wars: Unlimited's fan-pleasing trading card game struggles to escape the shadow of its peers
    4. Ducktales-inspired tabletop roleplaying game sees players embarking on avian adventures
    5. Magic: The Gathering creator’s most underrated game - in his own opinion - is getting a re-release
    6. Yu-Gi-Oh!’s first Master Duel world champions and Duel Links winner on the sacrifice of qualifying and team camaraderie on the TCG’s grandest digital stage
    7. Werewolf: the Apocalypse 5E writer alleges racist and belittling treatment by White Wolf staff
    1. Pikachu in a poncho is Pokémon collectors’ favourite new obsession, as card prices rocket
    2. SPONSORED: Role of Fate blends Magic: The Gathering and D&D influences together in a TCG-RPG hybrid
    3. Amateur drawings of Pokémon set to fetch tens of thousands at auction in wake of $5m Pikachu Illustrator sale
    4. Could another Pokémon card ever dethrone the Pikachu Illustrator as the TCG’s Holy Grail? Collectors weigh in
    5. Lovecraftesque, the Cthulhu-inspired GM-less tabletop RPG, is getting a second edition
    1. Horrified: Greek Monsters is basically a horror-themed Hades board game
    2. Yu-Gi-Oh! champion Paulie Aronson on winning the TCG’s first Worlds since 2019 to become its first-ever US victor
    3. The Adventures of Robin Hood’s choose-your-own-adventure story and tactile board make it a surprisingly innovative family game
    4. Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens update for Duel Links brings Rush Duels to mobile
    5. Dungeons & Dragons maker will revise AI-processed artwork in upcoming sourcebook
    1. You can get the Pokémon Trading Card video game on Switch right now
    2. Pokémon: Path to the Peak is an animated short film based on the trading card game
    3. Dune: Imperium deckbuilding video game coming just in time for next film
    4. Commander Masters is a fantastic Magic: The Gathering set that’s impossible to recommend due to its exhausting, extortionate price
    5. Disney Lorcana lays an impressive, enchanting foundation for trading card games’ biggest shift in 25 years
    6. Gen Con 2023 breaks event attendance record with over 70,000 visitors
    7. Galactic death races and a return to both Tarkir and Lorwyn highlight Magic: The Gathering’s three-year plan
    1. Yu-Gi-Oh! will celebrate its 25th anniversary with an event in Japan’s biggest stadium next February
    2. Yu-Gi-Oh!’s 2023 World Championships crowned their first North American winner in nearly 10 years
    3. Avatar RPG, Blade Runner RPG and Vaesen snatch multiple Ennie awards at Gen Con 2023
    4. Eve Online board game looks to turn the MMORPG into a Twilight Imperium-esque tabletop title
    5. Dune: Imperium sequel features characters from Dune: Part Two and a semi co-op team mode
    1. Brandon Sanderson deckbuilding game in the works at Stormlight Archive RPG studio
    1. Magic: The Gathering announces a fourth booster pack type releasing with Assassin’s Creed crossover
    2. Jurassic Park’s classic dinosaurs stomp into Magic: The Gathering - Lost Caverns of Ixalan
    3. Magic: The Gathering’s Final Fantasy cards will include every mainline game up to XVI
    4. A Wild West set, Modern Horizons 3 and Ravnica Remastered lead Magic: The Gathering’s 2024 releases
    5. Magic: The Gathering continues its video game crossovers with Fallout Commander decks next year
    6. $300,000 worth of TCG cards stolen from Gen Con 2023
    1. King’s Dilemma creators’ frantic co-op game Quicksand is like disarming a bomb against the clock, with sand timers
    2. Whisperstone makes learning a new RPG as simple as doing a jigsaw puzzle
    3. Disney Lorcana fans are queuing for 16+ hours to get their hands on the TCG’s first cards at Gen Con 2023
    4. Guilty Gear Strive board game turns the video game fighter into a two-player throwdown on the tabletop
    1. Cy_Borg, Pirate Borg and Death in Space talk new expansions at Gen Con panel
    2. Pathfinder and Starfinder have no plans to take on D&D’s virtual tabletop with their own VTT, Paizo says
    3. The One Ring RPG delves too deep in upcoming Moria - The Long Dark campaign expansion
    4. Pathfinder’s sci-fi tabletop RPG sibling Starfinder is getting a second edition
    5. Indigenous RPG Coyote & Crow wins 2023 Diana Jones Award
    6. Next Kingdomino game expands into the wild west with mix-and-match dominos
    1. MTG’s Wilds of Eldraine reprints several powerful enchantments as anime girls (and one goose)
    2. Digital version of Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game releases on Roll20 today
    3. Post Malone buys one-of-a-kind Magic: The Gathering Lord of the Rings card
    1. Netflix show based on the Exploding Kittens card game is getting turned into a card game
    2. Fill your walls with fashionable paintings in Petrichor and Hamlet creators’ fetching board game Art Society
    3. How to play checkers: Draughts rules and jumps explained
    4. 10 best Commander Masters cards in Magic: The Gathering’s latest set
    5. IGDN’s 2023 Groundbreaker winners include a 90-pound butter heist, reality-spanning stickers and dinos in cars