May 2022 Archive

    1. MTG’s Battle for Baldur’s Gate set treats Commanders like D&D Characters
    2. I’m going to accidentally eat the Azul: Master Chocolatier board game pieces
    3. The Great British Bake Off cooks up a board game
    4. How to create a dungeon for D&D and beyond
    5. Pristine sets of Pokémon TCG’s Jungle and Fossil expansions appear at auction
    6. Get your Stardew Valley on in D&D 5E and other TRPGs with this fantasy farming bestiary
    1. Discussion on Batman: Everybody Lies and Catan cookbooks is served up on the Dicebreaker Podcast
    2. 5 best budget decks in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel
    3. Workers at major MTG retailer Card Kingdom allege an understaffed and mismanaged workplace in constant crunch
    4. Help immigrants find a new home in Latin American-inspired board game La Frontera
    5. King’s Dilemma sequel allows players to control their own characters with their own storylines
    6. Fan-made The Last of Us board game is an astonishing tabletop tribute to the video games
    7. Gen Con confirms that masks and proof of vaccination will be required for 2022 event
    1. Catan and Ticket to Ride are getting their own cookbooks
    2. Gloomhaven and Frosthaven apps coming from Chronicles of Crime studio
    3. We congratulate Olivia Kennedy on her promotion to Video Producer!
    1. D&D Beyond will stop selling two Dungeons & Dragons books ahead of Monsters of the Multiverse’s release
    2. Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel’s Fusion Festival in-game event begins today
    3. Risk Legacy, Scattergories and Diplomacy featured in Gamestop sale
    4. MTG cares more about collectability than accessibility - and it’s making the TCG worse
    5. This cute card-drafting game is like Sushi Go! but for breakfast lovers
    6. Star Wars TRPG studio unveils trailer for new edition of Midnight RPG
    1. Magic: The Gathering hands down the first two Explorer bans, and it’s exactly the two you’re imagining
    2. Magi-Knights looks like the perfect RPG for Sailor Moon, Madoka Magica and ‘90s anime fans
    3. Fantasy author Joe Abercrombie reveals how to create the perfect RPG world
    4. MTG’s Starter Decks provide beginners a snapshot of the past year in cardboard, warts and all
    5. 11 best Pokémon TCG cards, from shiny Charizard to Surfing Pikachu
    6. TMNT comic writer and artist worked on this mutant-animal roleplaying game
    7. Battlecrest is like Overwatch but in tiny card game form
    8. UK Games Expo 2022 drops COVID-19 guidelines again, will not require vaccination or face masks
    1. RPGs for Reproductive Justice Bundle collects nearly 60 tabletop games to fundraise abortion access
    2. Warhammer: Age of Sigmar release schedule 2022: Every upcoming Age of Sigmar Battletome release
    3. Catan and Pandemic creator launches new studio dedicated to making accessible board games for disabled players
    4. I wish Spelljammer was its own RPG, rather than just another D&D setting
    5. Bag of Chips is a party board game that comes in a crisp bag
    1. Robert Pattinson’s emo Bat headlines Batman Miniature Game’s new two-player starter box
    2. Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel updates the digital TCG’s Forbidden and Limited list, teases Fusion Festival
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    4. We chat Magic: The Gathering, Rambo and Star Wars on the Dicebreaker podcast
    5. This Bridgerton-inspired tabletop roleplaying game is the talk of the ton
    6. Ghost reconciliation is the focus of this RPG supporting suicide prevention
    1. PBS science staple NOVA inspired this board game designed (in part) by an astronaut
    2. Snag Concordia, Charterstone and other digital board games during Acram’s spring sale
    3. Over 16,000 D&D supplements on sale on DriveThruRPG, including classic Spelljammer
    4. Pokémon Trophy Pikachu TCG card set on auction for over $300,000
    5. Azul and Downforce designers team-up to make brainy board game Amygdala
    1. Primal Quest travels back to the Stone Age for an RPG full of dinosaurs, magic and myths
    2. MTG’s Pride Secret Lair is region-locked throughout LATAM, and players want to know why
    3. 10 best card drafting games
    4. Ticket to Ride heads to San Francisco in its next city spin-off, out this summer
    5. Become a god in this Thousand Year Old Vampire-style solo RPG
    6. An Eevee-themed version of the Point Salad board game is coming
    1. We Deal in Lead is a Cairn-based RPG take on Stephen King’s The Dark Tower
    2. Top 15 Most Rare and Expensive Pokémon Cards
    3. Children of Uma puts RPG players in the driver’s seat of the post-apocalypse
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    5. New card-based RPG from Fiasco creator tells folk horror stories about dying badly
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    7. 10 best Star Wars board games that aren’t scum or villainy
    8. Nemesis: Lockdown is getting turned into a traitor-style video game
    9. Root creator's next board game, Arcs, gets a Kickstarter launch date
    1. Use gifts, force or guile to control the throne in board game Catherine: The Cities of Tsarina
    2. Spelljammer, Dead by Daylight and Exploding Kittens star in the Dicebreaker Podcast
    3. MTG’s Pride Month Secret Lair celebrates LGBTQIA2S+ players and characters
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    5. Blade Runner tabletop RPG launches on Kickstarter today, dream sequences confirmed
    6. Rambo, Total Recall, Pacific Rim and other classic action movies are getting official RPG adventures you can play with D&D 5E
    7. Better fights than D&D, greater stories than Warhammer: Frostgrave is the miniatures game everyone should play
    8. Epic Games store getting Terraforming Mars digital for free
    9. Studio Ghibli-inspired D&D supplement features cat kings and airships