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September 2023 Archive

    1. Risk 2210 and Nexus Ops among board games slated for reprints by Vampire: The Masquerade studio
    2. Disney Lorcana's First Chapter reprint lands sooner than expected, with Rise of the Floodborn included in plans
    3. Acclaimed mecha tabletop RPG Lancer announces second physical printing with Dark Horse Comics
    4. Animal war game Defenders of the Wild is like a co-op version of Root
    5. Rebel Moon tabletop RPG studio sues Netflix over cancelled adaptation of Zack Snyder movie
    1. The Mandalorian-inspired solo RPG Notorious explores the edges of a war-torn galaxy in Outsiders expansion
    2. WarBarbie challenges Warhammer 40,000 players to mix dolls with miniatures in monstrous creations
    3. Pokémon’s latest promo card turns Pikachu into Van Gogh - and it’s already ridiculously popular
    4. Star Wars Unlimited’s prerelease sets and starter kits cleave close to MTG’s well-trodden ground
    5. “I wanted players to say ‘screw you’ and break the game”: Deathmatch Island creator on bringing something fresh to battle royales - and why Fortnite can’t match a TRPG
    6. Starfinder Enhanced’s new species will let you play as an ewok-like rodent, AI hologram or tiny sentient star
    7. Five new Halloween tabletop RPGs inspired by horror cinema come collected in their own trick-or-treat bag
    1. Pictionary VS AI has players drawing for an artificial intelligence
    2. This D&D 5E book wants to give your characters A Life Well Lived away from dungeons and dragons
    3. Dimension 20 is returning to Fantasy High for a third season in Junior Year
    4. The best reprints in the Yu-Gi-Oh! 25th Anniversary: Dueling Heroes Mega Tin
    1. How Yu-Gi-Oh! took its iconic Egyptian God cards from their legendary anime appearance to the TCG
    2. Ravnica Remastered cards show what a Magic: The Gathering anime could look like
    3. Magic: The Gathering’s Jurassic World cards will let you fight a dinosaur with commander Jeff Goldblum
    4. Magic: The Gathering is getting Evil Dead, Princess Bride and Doctor Who Weeping Angel cards in a spooky Secret Lair
    1. Don’t be a bore in MTG Commander: build your next deck to win with weirdness
    2. Grim brings the fast and furious fragging of first-person shooters like Quake to a tabletop RPG
    3. Here’s your chance to win a copy of Yu-Gi-Oh!’s 25th Anniversary Tin, including some of the TCG’s most iconic cards!
    4. Dark fantasy board game Tainted Grail is being made into a tabletop RPG
    5. Pax Pamir and John Company studio’s next board game Molly House explores the joy and betrayal among queer communities in 18th-century London
    6. Magic: The Gathering will pay tribute to late Commander creator Sheldon Menery in an upcoming card
    1. Pokémon TCG’s nostalgic Classic set - featuring OG Venusaur, Charizard and Blastoise cards - will cost you an eye-watering $400
    2. Pokémon Trading Card Game Classic luxury set to be released later in November
    3. Magic: The Gathering is getting more Lord of the Rings cards that form gorgeous scenes and give its characters the rock-star treatment
    4. Critical Role UK live show will broadcast to cinemas across US and Canada
    5. A Ghost in the Shell tabletop game is arriving next year
    1. Dungeons & Dragons creator says Planescape sourcebooks contain no AI-produced art
    2. New Planescape adventure and sourcebook will be D&D’s own Marvel-esque multiverse
    3. D&D’s Planescape adventure might begin in the same morgue as 1999 computer game
    4. Board game masterpiece Food Chain Magnate will finally look as good as it plays with upcoming Special Edition
    5. Star Wars: Unlimited reveals flashy Hyperspace and Showcase card variants, along with booster pull rates
    6. This comic sci-fi RPG inspired by Hitchhiker’s Guide and Red Dwarf lets you roll up your own space towel
    7. Guess Who-ish co-op card game gem Similo is headed to Middle-earth with a Lord of the Rings edition
    8. Folk-horror D&D 5E campaign setting The Crooked Moon channels The Witch, Midsommar and The Wicker Man
    9. Heat: Pedal to the Metal designers working on their 'biggest' release yet as part of a new board game series
    10. Yokohama 2E revamps the Japan-set trading board game with a fresh look next summer
    11. Final Fantasy 7 Remake board game will have you hunting for materia as Cloud, Sephiroth and friends next spring
    12. Final Fantasy is getting its first official tabletop RPG for FF14’s 10th anniversary
    1. Dimension 20 evokes Watership Down in new D&D actual play season featuring a family of stoats
    2. Netflix’s live-action Monkey D. Luffy graces his own card in the One Piece Card Game
    3. Elden Ring board game studio announces cooperative tabletop adaptation of Horizon: Forbidden West video game
    4. You can get excellent Lovecraftian mystery RPG Trail of Cthulhu at a staggering discount right now
    5. Wilds of Eldraine’s new damage-slinging MTG commander is even more busted than you think
    6. The One Ring designers on exploring Khazad-dûm before the books, invisible goblins and avoiding Balrogs in the Lord of the Rings RPG’s long-awaited Moria expansion
    7. My Little Pony’s return to Magic: The Gathering brings Rainbow Dash, Applejack and more to a charity drop
    1. “I spend most of my days wandering around talking to myself”: Baldur’s Gate 3, Witcher 3 and Horizon: Forbidden West actors on how to be a better roleplayer
    2. Baldur’s Gate 3 actors to play Dungeons & Dragons with High Rollers
    3. Evil Mickey Mouse, mysterious seaweed and different timelines: what’s going on in Disney Lorcana’s secret story?
    4. Planet Fist smashes Edge of Tomorrow and slice-of-life drama into a satirical combat wargame
    1. Pokémon card featuring real-life Pokémon player - one of only around 20 ever made - sells for record $132,000
    2. Cthulhu: Death May Die universe to receive new entry in the form of a re-imagining of Neil Gaiman-inspired board game
    3. Cooperative board game Zombicide infects a different comic book universe in DCeased
    4. You can customise Warhammer’s Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin’s world and armies just like real miniatures
    1. Yellow & Yangtze designer’s next pair of board games claims to be more than European design fads
    1. Marvel Cinematic Universe Trivial Pursuit tests your knowledge of The Infinity Saga
    2. Rhino Hero publisher Haba files for insolvency, announces large-scale job cuts
    1. Critical Role’s Mighty Nein Origins series to conclude in 2024 with Beauregard and Caduceus’ backstories
    2. Cozy RPG Teatime Adventures, which pairs roleplaying with recipes and hot drinks, is back with a 2E and Stardew Valley-inspired pets expansion
    3. Blades in the Dark makers’ Deathmatch Island channels Squid Game, Fortnite and Severance in a nightmarish battle royale RPG
    4. Design golf courses then challenge your friends to beat them in roll-and-write gem Tiny Mini Golf
    5. Terraforming Mars makers defend use of AI art in upcoming board game expansion amid fan grumbles
    6. Premium 1:6 scale Warhammer figures are coming from studio behind props for Lord of the Rings films
    1. 7 best Lorcana steel cards in The First Chapter
    2. Snag Masks: A New Generation, Glitter Hearts and Sentinel Comics RPG at 80% off on DrivethruRPG
    3. Baldur’s Gate 3 tips from a seasoned Dungeons & Dragons player
    4. One D&D shakes up 5E's most popular class with Brawler - but will it make the cut?
    5. MTG’s latest Festival in a Box is a better 30th anniversary celebration at a quarter of the price
    6. New Witcher board game features playable Geralt, Yennifer and Ciri
    1. DuckTales-inspired RPG is a hellish vision of the classic cartoon, now with art from Mörk Borg creator
    2. 7 best Lorcana sapphire cards in The First Chapter
    3. How a card game helped avoid nuclear war
    4. Disney Lorcana’s Rise of the Floodborn will introduce six alternate artwork cards with artists’ signatures
    5. Disney Lorcana Rise of the Floodborn set adds more than 200 cards and new Resist keyword
    1. RuneScape Kingdoms RPG will use a new system that “captures the unique magic” of classic MMO
    2. Indie designer with a tabletop game the world should see? PAX Unplugged’s Rising Showcase is open to submissions for another two weeks
    3. Rare silver trophy Pikachu card from Pokémon TCG’s second-ever tournament sells for $444,000 at auction
    4. Creator of MTG’s Commander format Sheldon Menery has passed away
    5. Terraforming Mars can now be played alone thanks to its new solo game expansion
    1. The Lost Bay is a fever dream of ‘90s suburban horror channeled through dice and slick mechanics
    2. The new-look Cities of Sigmar army is a rousing return for what was a hodgepodge of Warhammer Fantasy holdovers
    3. 10 board games to play at Essen Spiel 2023
    4. Society of Rafa trades heroes’ journeys for community healing in a Jewish RPG world of spirits and medicine
    5. What D&D is to fantasy roleplaying, Traveller is to sci-fi RPGs - and its influence has never been greater, from Coriolis to Starfield
    6. Physical and digital versions of D&D Player’s Handbook and DM’s Guide are both on sale
    1. MTG kicks off Wilds of Eldraine with an anime trailer from Naruto studio and composer of Attack on Titan
    2. Board game designer duo charged in Gen Con theft of Magic: The Gathering cards worth $300,000
    3. The Pokémon World Championships’ transformation of Japan into a real-life Pokémon world was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced
    4. 8 best Lorcana ruby cards in the The First Chapter
    5. Comedy RPG Coffee & Chaos lets your D&D characters run a cafe and uses cutlery instead of dice
    6. Wingspan publisher’s next board game is about bees in space
    7. Stunning board game The Old King’s Crown looks like the next must-play for Oath and Root fans
    8. Why are board games that simply let Black players have fun still all too rare?
    1. Infinite Revolution is a hyper-fast RPG for fans of Utena, Kamen Rider and existential anxiety
    2. 7 best Lorcana emerald cards in The First Chapter
    3. The Magnus Archives’ tabletop RPG cracks $1m, releases an anemic quickstart primer
    4. A PUBG Battlegrounds board game will be released later this year, after being quietly crowdfunded by Korean publisher
    5. 7 best Lorcana amethyst cards in The First Chapter
    1. Apocalypse World designer Meguey Baker receives public support following breast cancer diagnosis and surgery
    2. Dungeon Crawl Classic’s massive Humble Bundle crams 75 RPG books into a $25 deal
    3. 7 best Lorcana amber cards in The First Chapter
    4. 6 D&D references in Baldur’s Gate 3 that you might not know about
    5. 12 best Disney Lorcana cards in The First Chapter
    6. Pokémon TCG Halloween event features Trick or Trade BOOster bundles with exclusive cards
    1. Pathfinder 2E RPG is getting two additional playable classes in new expansion
    2. Lorcana’s latest story reveal teases more of the lore behind the Disney TCG
    3. Waiting for Starfield? Deep Space packs a whole galaxy to explore into a four-page, rules-light RPG
    4. Wilds of Eldraine is a triumph of fairy tale card design and the first set in new era of Magic: The Gathering
    5. Unrest channels the spirit of Android: Netrunner, Star Wars and 1984 in a colourful head-to-head card game
    6. PSA: Disney Lorcana gets its full release today, which means you might be able to actually find it
    7. Disney Lorcana will reprint The First Chapter set to combat widespread shortage, massive retail price hikes