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December 2019 Archive

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    3. Game of the Year 2019 guest list: Root and Pax Pamir 2E designers Cole and Drew Wehrle
    1. You can now play RPG Call of Cthulhu 7E online for free using Roll20
    2. Carly Rae Jepsen tabletop RPG creator reveals new title inspired by video game Control
    3. Watch Dicebreaker take on Shut Up & Sit Down in Cube Quest at PAX Unplugged
    4. Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth’s companion app has a new free Adventure mode
    5. In being both profound and playable, Pax Pamir 2E became one of the most important board games of 2019
    1. Root out the replicant with Blade Runner 2049: Nexus Protocol, coming in April 2020
    2. New Dune expansion adds cyborg and genetic engineer player races
    1. Why Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is the best tabletop RPG you aren't playing
    2. How to build a Magic: The Gathering deck for beginners
    3. Catapult your greenskin soldiers at a castle in dexterity board game Flyin’ Goblin
    4. Chuck Jenga away and try these 5 flippin' fantastic dexterity board games instead
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    6. Vast: The Mysterious Manor board game review - an immensely ambitious, but incredibly demanding asymmetrical dungeon-crawler
    7. We played the worst Christmas board games on the UK High Street so you don’t have to
    8. How to play Keyforge: A beginner's guide
    9. Keyforge has sold over 1.5 million ‘unique’ decks
    1. Party board game favourite Spyfall is getting a spiritual sequel, Spycon
    2. Cities: Skylines - The Board Game review - co-op tabletop Tetris for careful planners
    3. Stalk or save your friends in survival horror board game Sanctorvm
    4. Celebrate 45 years of Dungeons & Dragons with these $299 sapphire dice
    5. Be an undercover cop in 2087 with upcoming Kickstarter game In Too Deep
    1. Solo Starfinder RPG adventure Scoundrels in the Spike beams onto Alexa
    1. Sink your teeth into upcoming tabletop RPG Werewolf: The Apocalypse 5E
    2. Solve crimes with friends in graphic novel board game Sherlock Holmes: Baker Street Irregulars
    3. Magic: The Gathering unveils new Theros: Beyond Death trailer
    1. Fight with spirit animals in Kickstarter game Totemic
    2. Create your own roleplaying stories in co-operative board game The Adventure Zone: Bureau of Balance
    3. Draw your way through more dungeons with the newest Deadly Doodles expansion
    1. Play your favourite Disney baddie with Villainous for £25
    2. Collect and create your own beasties in memory board game 13 Monsters
    3. Explore cursed temples in new Mansions of Madness expansion, Path of the Serpent
    4. Latest Zombicide board game gives life to Romero’s Night of the Living Dead
    1. Alien: The Roleplaying Game review - a terrific blast of sci-fi horror that stands apart from the movie
    2. Dystopian tabletop RPG Paranoia's video game adaptation has landed on PC
    3. Enjoy a cursed commute with new Call of Cthulhu RPG supplement Dead Light and Other Dark Turns
    4. Build your own mobile space empire in the digital version of Roll for the Galaxy
    5. Build a communist utopia in space with Kickstarter game Red Outpost
    1. Adopt your own predatory lair with new Heart: The City Beneath RPG class the witch
    2. Operation was originally a desert survival board game called Death Valley
    3. Be a mystical cave man in Paleomythic: a Roleplaying Game of Stone and Sorcery
    4. Facebook has created an AI that can play Hanabi
    5. Preview: So far, The King’s Dilemma is a delightfully cruel legacy board game packing tons of roleplaying fun
    6. New “streamlined” Exalted Essence RPG corebook landing on Kickstarter next year
    7. Navigate the waterways of power in Renaissance intrigue board game Venice
    1. Masque of the Red Death brings 19th century gothic horror to D&D
    2. Stage your very own death race in automotive combat board game Car Wars
    3. John Travolta makes people play Monopoly with real money
    4. Summon undead armies with upcoming Pathfinder video game Wrath of the Righteous
    5. The God of Thunder is coming to Marvel Champions: The Card Game next year
    1. Get ready to eat your greens with Johnny and Alex Lolies, as they play a game of Point Salad
    2. Grab up to 85% off digital tabletop classics at Humble Bundle
    3. Try to find the fun in learning about tax with this trivia board game
    4. Gloomhaven’s big 2020 expansion gets a cool name: Frosthaven
    5. Cosmic colony sim Terraforming Mars launches on mobile
    1. Have your say: what should we play on Dicebreaker?
    2. Relive the fun of today’s doomed property market in 3D city-building board game Magnate: The First City
    3. Become the world’s fastest detective in 5-Minute Mystery
    4. Chart the rise and fall of your civilisation with the Icarus RPG
    5. A dream far, far away? Meet the world’s best Star Wars X-Wing players struggling to turn the tournament scene pro
    6. Wheels and Johnny race for retirement in real-time card game House Flippers
    7. Watch Dicebreaker play Shut Up & Sit Down (and you!) in a live game on stage at PAX Unplugged 2019
    8. Get started with Pathfinder RPG for 78p in the latest Humble Bundle
    9. We’ve got some great board games to give away, and we’re giving them to you!
    10. New The Thing board game bursting forth on Kickstarter in 2020
    11. Alien tabletop RPG getting Colonial Marines sourcebook, boxed starter set and new scenario next year
    12. Welcome to Dicebreaker!
    13. Tapestry, the new civilisation-building board game from the creator of Scythe, divides opinion in our video review
    14. Get your Spidey sense tingling with our Marvel Champions: The Card Game playthrough
    15. Come play games with the Dicebreaker team at PAX Unplugged 2019
    1. Hear what’s next for the designers of Pax Pamir and John Company in a live Q&A at PAX Unplugged 2019
    2. Meet the Dicebreaker team and hang out at our Pax Unplugged 2019 community mixer
    3. Here are the best new board games to play at PAX Unplugged 2019
    4. Dungeon & Dragons meets Cluedo in one-shot RPG adventure Murder on the Eberron Express
    5. Arkham Horror LCG’s dog-themed joke game Barkham Horror is actually happening
    6. Play iconic D&D monsters in chaotic card game Dungeon Mayhem: Monster Madness
    1. Magic: The Gathering issues public apology regarding alleged ‘straight-washing’ of planeswalker Chandra
    2. Co-op horror game Deep Madness is getting a prequel, Dawn of Madness
    3. Rivers of London, an RPG based on the adventures of a magical policeman, is on its way
    4. You might actually finish a game of Monopoly with this speedy new edition
    5. Dungeons & Dragons 5E wizard class explained