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January 2024 Archive

    1. Printer-friendly Altered TCG finds immediate crowdfunding success for alternative collection model
    2. This Game of Thrones and Godfather-inspired Blades in the Dark RPG turns heists into gambles for political power
    3. 10 best Magic: The Gathering commanders 2024
    1. This Yu-Gi-Oh! themed Wordle spin-off laughs in the face of your puzzle-solving prowess
    2. SPONSORED: Gothic RPG adventure Veil of the Eternal Night brings Castlevania vibes to D&D 5E
    3. Another copy of Pokémon TCG’s most expensive card is back under the hammer
    4. 'How do we not worry about breaking the fine china?': Dimension 20 DM Brennan Lee Mulligan on Fantasy High’s threequel and roleplaying with abandon
    5. Call of Cthulhu RPG returns to Arkham with sourcebook next month, new campaign and scenario collection revealed
    6. The first-ever copy of Dungeons & Dragons was bought by another RPG industry legend
    1. Zombicide maker will complete two flailing Kickstarter projects from Darkest Dungeon board game studio
    2. World's biggest board game convention will host Warhammer painting competition Golden Demon
    3. Time Tails looks like a Doctor Who RPG for furries
    4. These puzzly board games are played with real-life internet cables
    5. ‘The hobby is only just catching up to what Greg did 40 years ago’: Pendragon 6E, ‘ultimate’ edition of an RPG legend’s masterpiece, reclaims its crown
    6. Exclusive first look at Pendragon 6E’s Player’s Handbook and The Grey Knight, fantasy RPG’s biggest update in almost 20 years
    7. Catan, Ticket to Ride and Pandemic makers partner with LEGO on new family-friendly board game
    8. Pokémon TCG Scarlet & Violet - Paldean Fates is out now
    9. How to play the Pokémon TCG: A beginner’s guide
    1. Marvel Multiverse creators on staying true to the comics, going behind the mask of superheroes and making ‘Avengers moments’ in the tabletop RPG
    2. This mystery-solving RPG is a Scooby-Doo game in everything but name
    3. Sci-fi MMO EVE Online warps to the tabletop with massive 4X strategy board game
    1. Rebel Moon tabletop RPG studio resolves Netflix lawsuit 'amicably'
    2. Blood Bowl's soccer cousin Guild Ball returns with print-on-demand miniatures, releases starter set for free
    3. Baldur's Gate 3 studio's first board game is just as epic and entertaining as its RPGs
    4. Yu-Gi-Oh!'s next set is apparently packed with Dark Souls references
    5. How an unassuming Magic: The Gathering token overtook one of its priciest star cards
    6. Yu-Gi-Oh!’s new starter set is the easiest the TCG has been to learn in 25 years
    1. Crime heist RPG Swyvers sounds like an even down-and-dirtier Blades in the Dark
    2. Dungeons & Dragons is adventuring into its first virtual reality video game
    3. Yu-Gi-Oh!’s Maze of Millennia set makes anime cards real for the first time in 25 years, without being relics
    1. Mausritter’s community created a 250-room megadungeon for the mouse-and-magic RPG
    2. Critical Role publisher printing new edition of storytelling game For the Queen
    3. 7 essential D&D tips for first-time players
    4. The most popular D&D character is a human fighter called Bob, according to the RPG's makers
    5. 5 Board games to play when The Traitors ends
    1. Ghibli-esque Mothership setting Cloud Empress gets an expansion inspired by Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
    2. Betrayal at House on the Hill spins out into a standalone card game
    3. If you love the challenge and myth of Hades, Horrified: Greek Monsters is the board game for you
    4. Warhammer Fantasy reboot The Old World is getting a tabletop RPG
    1. Dungeoneering wizard gang RPG Ars Magica returns with a definitive fifth edition
    2. Brass: Birmingham designer says next sequel aiming for Kickstarter in late 2024
    3. 6 best Yu-Gi-Oh! decks of all time from the card game’s 25-year history
    4. Rally racing board game Rallyman: Dirt finds a new home after its publisher's collapse
    5. Funko has sold its board game studio to a Dutch family game publisher
    1. Former D&D designer brings Elden Ring's most iconic (and difficult) boss fight to 5E tabletop RPGs
    2. Resident Evil’s puzzles deserve their own board game
    3. MTG phases explained: a beginner’s guide to turn structure in Magic: The Gathering
    4. Disney Lorcana's official tournaments kick off this spring ahead of 2025 World Championship
    5. Disney Lorcana reveals a new two-player starter set and release dates for 2024 sets
    6. MTG's Murders at Karlov Manor mechanics: suspects, disguises and evidence explained
    7. MTG colour combinations explained: What are the names for MTG’s colour pairs?
    1. One of the best Warhammer 40k video games of recent years - maybe ever - is back, and you shouldn't miss it
    2. Monty Python and the Holy Grail's official board game includes a working catapult
    3. Best tabletop RPGs 2024 (that aren’t Dungeons & Dragons 5E)
    4. Use a tarot deck to weave stories of magical academia and personal growth in solo RPG The Covens of Midnight
    1. Tokyo Highway: Rainbow City brings a colourful upgrade and expansion to the road-balancing board game
    2. Disney Lorcana's new set will let you have (almost) all 101 Dalmatians in your deck
    3. RPG pioneer Jennell Jaquays to be memorialised with megadungeon inspired by D&D classic Caverns of Thracia
    4. The best Magic: The Gathering gifts 2024
    5. Best gifts for Dungeons & Dragons lovers 2024
    6. Best gifts for board game lovers 2024
    7. Upcoming RPGs 2024: 14 tabletop roleplaying games you should play this year
    1. Votes for Women’s second board game print run stymied by banned Facebook ads
    2. Pokémon TCG returns notorious Van Gogh Pikachu card to the Netherlands game stores
    3. How to play Catan: board game’s rules, setup and how to win explained
    4. Cooperative battler Regicide announces a legacy edition with stickers and campaigns
    1. Best Board Games 2024: What to buy and play now
    2. Weird sci-fantasy RPG Troika makes its core rules free
    3. Chick-fil-A - yes, that Chick-fil-A - is looking for someone to help make board games
    4. If you love games, you should visit Warhammer World - and maybe bring your nan
    1. Jennell Jaquays, Dungeons & Dragons and video game designer, has passed away
    2. When Nightmares Come sounds like my dream Call of Cthulhu, Arkham Horror and X-Files co-op miniatures game
    3. Halo Infinite player turns video game into a Master Chief-themed Heroscape clone
    4. Solo But Not Alone’s fourth annual bundle collects 124 solo RPGs to support mental health charity
    5. Ravnica Remastered’s fun dip into MTG history can’t make up for its underwhelming, overpriced offering
    6. Legend in the Mist turns City of Mist into a rustic fantasy RPG that's more than another D&D
    1. Call of Cthulhu RPG humble bundle unleashes a world of charity-supporting eldritch horrors for $5
    2. Lorcana makers’ new board game is a Disney princess team-up from an all-women design crew
    3. As Yu-Gi-Oh! prepares to turn 25, the card game has never felt more welcoming for newcomers
    1. Exploding Kittens studio’s new titles reskin popular party games Love Letter, Top Ten and Happy Salmon
    2. Magic: The Gathering maker backpedals on AI use in promotional art: “Well, we made a mistake earlier”
    3. MTG Ravnica Remastered: 10 best cards in the new Magic: The Gathering set
    4. AI-Powered Trivial Pursuit Infinite is a mostly harmless canary in the tabletop coal mines
    1. Warhammer: The Old World is a cynical exercise in mining nostalgia - and cash - from Fantasy Battle fans
    1. YouTube’s favourite dungeon master earns $4.6 million to create a fantasy RPG beyond the influence of D&D
    2. Upcoming board games 2024: 13 board game releases you shouldn’t miss this year
    3. Halo is taking another shot at a Warhammer-like miniatures game
    4. Undaunted and Consulting Detective designers make a “choose-your-own-adventure” board game set in WWII France
    5. Two new Ruins of Symbaroum 5E books beckons players into Davokar’s menacing depths
    1. 7 cosy board games to warm you up this winter
    2. Kelp maker urges players not to purchase counterfeit board games circulating online
    3. Disney Villainous releases to get cheaper, beginning with two-player Wreck-It Ralph and Jungle Book title
    4. Warhammer co-creator and Citadel Miniatures founder Bryan Ansell has passed away
    5. The biggest D&D 5E problems that One D&D still hasn't fixed
    1. Elijah Wood and Sean Astin indulge a dark urge while playing Baldur’s Gate 3 together
    2. New board game from Scythe and Wingspan makers trades doves for dragons
    3. Artist lawsuit alleges Midjourney scraped copyrighted Magic: The Gathering art to train AI
    1. The world's most valuable Pokémon card, Pikachu Illustrator, sells for $580,000
    2. Borderlands unfortunately proves great video games don't always make great board games
    3. Another set of Pokémon TCG Trophy Pikachu cards sells at auction for nearly $800,000