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December 2022 Archive

    1. OneD&D’s open gaming licence will introduce royalties for biggest creators, prevent third-party NFTs
    2. Lord of the Rings, meet Warhammer: Why the Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game may secretly be Games Workshop’s best game
    3. Meehan’s memories of PAX Unplugged 2022 – from Funyuns to Old Spice
    1. Rare Pokémon Snap Chansey card auctioned off for over $60,000
    1. Magic: The Gathering in 2022: Excellent sets and cards continue to be let down by relentless releases and baffling decisions
    2. Warhammer 40,000 RPG Imperium Maledictum details Patrons mechanic and reveals exclusive artwork
    3. Critical Role publisher announces two-player cinematic storytelling game
    4. Warhammer 40,000 series set to star Superman actor and miniatures fan Henry Cavill
    1. MTG’s Phyrexia: All Will Be One set promises to kill five important characters
    2. “The idea was to kill players with cuteness”: Flamecraft designer Manny Vega on making 2022's best board game
    1. Best family board games
    2. These tabletop RPGs are impossible to play - and that's what makes them essential
    3. RPG featuring public domain comic book art was inspired by Star Wars and The Outer Worlds
    4. Disney TCG Lorcana isn’t out yet, but autographed cards are already fetching serious money at auction
    1. 5 best Yu-Gi-Oh! video games
    2. Tabletop games have made over $1.5 billion on Kickstarter
    3. Best Zoom games: 7 great board games you can play remotely over video call
    4. Workout like a D&D character with the Manual of Gainful Exercise
    5. Witchcraft board game Septima strikes a magical balance between cooperative and competitive
    6. SPONSORED: Yu-Gi-Oh! meets Summoner Wars in TCG-inspired two-player board game Re;Act - here’s a first look!
    7. Win a Blade Runner RPG bundle including the core rulebook and starter set!
    8. Elden Ring and Bloodborne inspired this dark fantasy RPG about medieval conquest
    1. BackerKit discusses challenging the 'big green K' as it moves from crowdfunding tool to competitor
    2. Best Christmas gifts for Pokémon card fans: TCG, merch and collectibles
    1. Pokémon TCG increases price of Scarlet & Violet series alongside aesthetic upgrades
    2. Dungeons & Dragons executives think “the brand is really under monetised”
    3. Descent: Legends of the Dark Act II revealed as The Betrayer’s War expansion
    4. The Crew meets Werewolf in new trick-taking card game Inside Job
    5. Amid reprint discussion, MTG’s CEO says $999 30th anniversary box was “definitely the right call”
    1. Our first free digital goody for Dicebreaker members gives you a festive pub crawl adventure for Warhammer RPG Soulbound!
    2. Fortnite Monopoly is a much better board game than anyone expected
    3. Wingspan digital developer behind video game version of Calico, will feature virtual cats
    4. What were the best board games at PAX Unplugged 2022? Here’s what we played!
    5. First Oath board game expansion will give losers a fighting chance
    1. Flesh and Blood TCG’s upcoming Outsiders booster set promises to fight dirty
    2. Show the world how much you love indie RPGs and board games with our new T-shirt designs!
    3. Critical Role cookbook features recipes from throughout Exandria
    4. A Root open-world board game is coming after “years” in development
    1. Dragon Ball Super Card Game announces a digital version for 2023
    2. Dungeons & Dragons’ digital advent calendar is chock full of Dragonlance monsters
    3. Boop, a two-player board game about bouncy kittens on a bed, is every bit as delightful as it sounds
    4. How to play Risk: board game’s rules, setup and how to win
    1. Best Warhammer gift ideas for Christmas 2022
    2. Here’s your chance to win a copy of Cyanide & Happiness’ new party game, Master Dater!
    1. Tabletop Awards 2022
    1. Gloomhaven announces a tabletop RPG that will adapt the board game’s card-based mechanics
    2. Tabletop Awards 2022 winners: The year’s best board game, RPG, designers and publishers revealed!
    3. Eberron creator returns to the arcanepunk Dungeons & Dragons setting in a new 5E book - and it’s out today
    1. Hexcrawl-curious adventurers should check out this toolbox of tabletop RPG aides
    2. Dungeons & Dragons replaces ‘race’ with ‘species’ in latest playtest material
    3. The Adventure Zone’s Griffin and Travis McElroy chat discovering D&D, dream celeb players - and reveal their favourite RPG