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September 2020 Archive

    1. Power Rangers is morphin’ into a new RPG and deckbuilding game
    2. Japanese card fighter Sakura Arms is getting its first ‘complete’ English release from BattleCon and Exceed studio
    3. Build a farm from your pocket in tiny Sprawlopolis spin-off Agropolis
    4. Like Among Us? Here are 6 board games you should play
    5. Fantastic Factories is back on Kickstarter with two new expansions
    1. TIME Stories Revolution: A Midsummer Night has a release date
    2. ‘Broken’ board games are better than boring ones
    3. Groundhog Day’s board game is like The Mind with Bill Murray
    1. Abomination: Heir of Frankenstein’s free companion app is given life, stars Borderlands 2 and DBZ actor
    2. Infinity N4 is out, and you can download its complete rules for free now
    3. Tsuro is flying onto PC and Mac next month
    1. Hear about the return of HeroQuest, exciting new RPGs and our unfortunate D&D moments on the latest Dicebreaker Podcast
    2. The Last of Us board game on the way from Blood Rage studio
    3. Twilight Imperium and Android are being turned into graphic novels
    4. Ancient Undead Spider Wizard is a vinyl EP sleeved in a playable tabletop RPG adventure
    5. Mother of Frankenstein escape room game tells the story behind the horror classic
    6. D&D series Critical Role has launched a fundraising foundation
    7. Magic: The Gathering’s Zendikar Rising set offers some satisfying surprises in the familiar setting - preview
    1. Get dozens of D&D books, including R.A. Salvatore’s Legend of Drizzt series, for under £12
    2. Dungeons & Dragons 5E druid class explained
    3. Blood Rage studio’s ambitious board game Trudvang Legends delayed for “possibly” a year
    4. Thunderstone Quest is D&D meets Dominion, and it’s back on Kickstarter next week
    1. What can board game Pandemic teach us about the real thing? We played with a disease expert to find out
    2. The Wagadu Chronicles is an ambitious Afrofantasy setting for D&D 5E with a tie-in MMO
    3. Race against the clock to stop the apocalypse in real-time tabletop RPG Arc
    4. There’s a new Hogs of War miniatures game, 20 years after the video game’s release
    5. Another The Thing board game has scuttled onto Kickstarter
    6. HeroQuest RPG publisher confirms Hasbro has acquired trademark, roleplaying series rebranded as Questworlds
    1. Board game classic HeroQuest is being relaunched with a crowdfunded new edition
    2. Cthulhu goes anime in Kamigami Battles spin-off Rise of the Old Ones
    3. Fallout: Wasteland Warfare’s free companion app releases on mobile
    4. Adventure Mart board game review - cutesy charm overcomes inconsistent gameplay in fantasy auction deckbuilder
    5. Warhammer Underworlds expansion Arena Mortis adds a six-player free-for-all mode
    1. Here's a Come Dine With Me-inspired tabletop RPG from Wicked + Divine and Die writer
    2. Tsuro VR is coming to the Oculus Quest next month
    3. Lancer: Inside the cockpit of the mech RPG looking to a positive future for roleplaying - and the universe
    4. Here are some of the best tabletop sessions from PAX Online x EGX Digital 2020
    5. Planet Apocalypse RPG supplement for D&D 5E hits Kickstarter today
    6. Batman tabletop RPG revealed by Gotham City Chronicles studio
    1. Bardsung is a new dungeon-crawling roguelike board game from Dark Souls: TBG studio - exclusive
    1. This week’s Dicebreaker Podcast sees us fix almost great board games, deal with sore losers and push our luck
    2. Gloomhaven Digital update adds online co-op mode, campaign coming next year
    3. 5 best budget Modern decks in Magic: The Gathering
    4. Game of Thrones: The Board Game’s digital edition gets a PC release date and gameplay trailer
    5. Detective’s Petty Officers expansion gives you an animal assistant
    6. Magic: The Gathering’s Commander format saw its player count triple in two years, Wizards of the Coast says
    1. Warhammer 40,000’s first virtual reality video game is on the way
    2. Tellstones designer Chris Cantrell talks following Mechs vs Minions, going small and taking inspiration from The Princess Bride
    3. Castle TriCon is an online board game convention held in a 3D virtual world
    4. Scythe: Digital Edition is out on mobile now
    5. Twitch-funded and POC-created tabletop RPG Into the Mother Lands is launching next month
    6. Gloomhaven is being turned into a comic book
    1. Surprise! Mechs vs Minions creators’ second tabletop game Tellstones: King’s Gambit is out now
    2. Tellstones: King’s Gambit board game review - Mechs vs Minions creators’ second tabletop outing demands attention it doesn’t deserve
    3. 7 board games to check out at PAX Online x EGX Digital
    4. Point Salad studio’s next game, Cascadia, recreates the beauty of the Pacific Northwest
    5. Decrypto and Stay Cool studio’s next game Master Word is Codenames meets Mastermind
    6. Mysterium Park, standalone sequel to the spooky deduction game, receives the vision of a release date
    7. ‘Just because some people are successful doesn’t mean we’ve cured inequality and racism in the tabletop industry’
    1. Barkham Horror mixes Lovecraftian horror with loveable pooches, and it’s out this Friday
    2. 10 most influential board games since Catan
    3. The Crew wins prestigious board game award Deutscher Spielepreis
    4. Detective: Season One, the beginner-friendly intro to the crime-cracking board game, is out this week
    5. Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 release date and price announced, out next month
    6. A mysterious HeroQuest announcement is being teased for next week
    1. How can tabletop gaming impact and aid mental health? Find out in this panel from PAX Online x EGX Digital
    2. “There’s something about cosplaying a character that draws you closer to them”: How D&D cosplay provides another way to roleplay
    3. Pathfinder 2E announces first Mwangi Expanse Lost Omens sourcebook and next Adventure Path for RPG
    4. Root digital is releasing on mobile later this month
    5. Legendary RPG designer Mike Pondsmith talks about the origins of Cyberpunk at PAX Online x EGX Digital
    1. We brave terrifying aliens, vengeful Greek gods and flying poo on this week’s Dicebreaker Podcast
    2. Magic Maze studio’s next release is three-on-one real-time dice game Rush Out!
    3. D&D-inspired comic series Skullkickers gets 10th anniversary book and RPG campaign
    4. Wingspan creator’s new game Mariposas receives purple butterflies pack in memory of fan’s late daughter
    5. Civilization: A New Dawn has a new solo mode and AI opponent you can download for free
    1. D&D party game Dungeon Mayhem: Monster Madness is just £13 on Amazon UK right now
    2. Pick up One Deck Dungeon on iOS and Android for under £1
    3. Dice Hospital gets a roll-and-write spin-off, Emergency Roll
    4. Learn where to start with board games and play a Shakespeare CYOA book with us at EGX Digital!
    1. D&D 5E campaign Heckna helps GMs create a horrifying carnival adventure using a deck of cards
    2. How to play Azul: board game’s setup, gameplay rules and scoring explained
    3. Power Grid creator’s Faiyum is a deckbuilding game where players only draw from their discard pile
    1. High-speed, dual-deck anime card game Gun and Gun is getting an English release
    2. The fatigue and loneliness of playing tabletop RPGs online in a pandemic
    3. Wingspan’s digital version is landing on PC next week
    4. Indie RPG bundle includes Thousand Year Old Vampire, Troika and games from Spire and Wanderhome creators for under a tenner
    1. .dungeon is a tabletop RPG love letter to making friends online
    2. Pull the longest strip of toilet paper while dodging poo in bizarre superhero board game Captain Wonder Cape
    3. Oh my goodness! Pick up an exclusive Tim the Goblin Dungeonbreaker T-shirt during EGX Digital
    4. Neuroshima Hex 3.0 celebrates the Year of Moloch with a new big-box limited edition
    1. The Dicebreaker Podcast returns to talk Detective, Alien RPG, Blood Rage 2 and the hottest board game of 1970
    2. The Red Opera is a heavy metal-inspired Dungeons & Dragons 5E campaign with its own orchestral soundtrack
    3. Arkham Horror novella Dark Revelations includes a playable investigator for the living card game
    4. You can now buy a ‘life-size’ figure of Magic: The Gathering planeswalker Chandra Nalaar for $1,200
    5. OSR Humble Bundle includes RPGs and adventures inspired by old-school Dungeons & Dragons
    1. The Paragon Blade is a head-to-head fantasy RPG for just two people from Trail of Cthulhu maker
    2. The 7th Citadel, spiritual successor to The 7th Continent, is arriving on Kickstarter very soon
    3. How to play Pathfinder RPG: A beginner’s guide to 2E
    4. Dinosaur Island spin-off Rawr ‘n Write is rolling onto Kickstarter later this month
    5. Watch us play Cyberpunk Red with co-designer Cody Pondsmith next week at PAX Online!
    1. The Walking Dead stumbles into the next Magic: The Gathering Secret Lair card drop
    2. Magic: The Gathering Arena is launching on mobile “soon”
    3. Raiders of the North Sea studios’ next board game, Embarcadero, is coming to Kickstarter ‘soon’
    4. Like chess? Here's why you’ll love its Japanese cousin, shogi
    5. Magic: The Gathering's first-ever Dungeons & Dragons set, Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, releases next summer
    1. Blood Rage, Cthulhu: Death May Die and Ankh: Gods of Egypt designer Eric Lang leaves publisher CMON
    2. Anachrony designer, Undaunted publisher and Raiders of the North Sea artist join forces for two new deckbuilding games
    3. League of Legends board game Tellstones: King’s Gambit shows off champions Jarvan and Xin Zhao in teaser trailer
    4. Warhammer 40,000 is getting new Primaris Space Marine action figures