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March 2020 Archive

    1. Carcassonne, Mysterium, Love Letter and Gloom for under £3 and Scythe for under £8 in Asmodee digital board game sale
    2. Schnapsen: the Austrian card game that healed a grieving family
    3. Pandemic studio postpones announcement of new games in series due to real-life COVID-19 outbreak
    4. Keyforge, Arkham Horror and X-Wing publisher Fantasy Flight Games delays all upcoming releases as result of COVID-19
    5. Ticket to Ride maker’s roll-and-write board game Corinth is now free to download
    1. Here’s a first look at the Tales from the Loop board game, including gameplay and release date details
    2. Grab D&D, Catan, Codenames and more big board games in 3 for 2 Amazon deal
    3. Tales from the Loop co-op board game announced, headed to Kickstarter next week
    4. Horror board game Abomination: Heir of Frankenstein gets free downloadable solo mode
    5. Grab wizard-battling miniatures game Frostgrave for free, plus solo and co-op scenarios
    1. Dicebreaker Answers: Your questions about miniatures, painting tips and Warhammer 40,000
    2. “It was the beginning of a gaming revolution”: Games Workshop co-founder Ian Livingstone talks fantasy, bringing D&D to the UK and the birth of Warhammer
    3. Call of Cthulhu studio opens up Basic Roleplaying System to other tabletop RPG creators
    4. Dominion creator's Spiel des Jahres-winning board game Kingdom Builder gets a sequel, Winter Kingdom
    1. Between Two Castles’ digital edition is free to download and keep on PC this weekend
    2. Scythe designer's legacy board game Charterstone arrives on PC, mobile and Switch
    3. Tabletop RPG Harlem Unbound 2E includes a crash course on addressing race in games
    4. Wingspan and Taverns of Tiefenthal win big at the 2020 American Tabletop Awards
    5. Zombicide makers’ co-op board game XenoShyft released as free print-and-play to download at home
    1. Magic: The Gathering’s Friday Night Magic event goes online amid COVID-19 lockdown
    2. Arkham Horror: The Card Game Starter Decks provide an instant entry point for new players
    3. Scythe designer releases new board game Nine Worlds, free to download now
    1. Fantasy RPG Pathfinder 2E is getting a new beginner box
    2. Marvel Champions: The Card Game now has rookie and heroic difficulty modes
    1. Ask Dicebreaker: Your big questions about miniatures, from Warhammer to painting tips
    2. Play Legend of the Five Rings LCG in 20 minutes with the new Skirmish format
    3. Tokaido digital is free to download on Android and iOS
    4. Cosmic Encounter and Dune creators’ new board game Decipher is Hangman meets Mastermind
    5. Gloomhaven sequel Frosthaven delays Kickstarter launch as result of COVID-19
    1. Reavers of Midgard designer reveals next board game Gates of Mara
    2. You can play an adventure from the new Critical Role Dungeons & Dragons 5E book for free on Roll20
    1. Miremarsh board game review - darkly comic goblin adventure makes failure fun
    2. Read subliminal messages with special glasses in the upcoming board game adaptation of cult classic film They Live
    3. Forbidden Stars and Set a Watch creators’ next board game Lawyer Up brings courtroom drama to the tabletop
    4. Foil a Krabby Patty theft in SpongeBob Squarepants co-op board game Plankton Rising
    1. Wingspan’s digital version is coming to Nintendo Switch this spring
    2. UK’s biggest tabletop gaming convention, UK Games Expo, delayed due to COVID-19
    3. What’s happening with Dicebreaker?
    4. Bargain Quest board game review - flashy fun in a fantasy world that struggles for depth
    1. Wizards of the Coast adjusts MTG Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths pre-release restrictions amid COVID-19 pandemic
    2. Build Paris from the ground up in the next board game from Tikal, Azul and 6 nimmt! creators
    1. Outwit Jason with the first Friday the 13th official board game
    2. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle expansion Charms and Potions adds an extra player and Ginny Weasley
    3. Sci-fi miniatures game Infinity is getting a beginner friendly series titled CodeOne
    4. Step into the ring again with the second edition of tabletop RPG World Wide Wrestling
    5. Search for hidden treasure on the seabed in upcoming board game Lost Atlantis
    1. Dungeons & Dragons 5E: Eberron - Rising From the Last War lead designer takes us on a magic-powered airship ride through divided lands and the remnants of war
    2. Dicebreaker Answers: Which party board games should you invite to your next big bash?
    3. Quests of Yore, the tabletop RPG from Pixar movie Onward, is now a real game
    4. Maul Peak is a standalone sequel to giant-fighting board game Skulk Hollow
    5. The authors of Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre were roleplaying long before Dungeons & Dragons
    6. Twilight Struggle is getting a two-player, lunchtime-sized spin-off board game called Red Sea
    1. Alien RPG, Pathfinder 2E and Star Crossed lead 2020 Origin Awards nominations
    2. Travel the world and solve crimes in Tintin inspired RPG The Troubleshooters
    3. Dungeons & Dragons 5E ranger class explained
    4. Citadels and Subnautica creators team up for Vendetta, the next Vampire: The Masquerade board game
    1. One of the best board games about war illustrates its futility
    2. Love Letter heads to the Avengers universe in Marvel spin-off Infinity Gauntlet
    3. Train board game Whistle Stop takes to the skies in upcoming sequel Whistle Mountain
    4. Dinosaur Island creators’ next game, Ctrl, has players building a colourful 3D cube from plastic blocks
    5. Arkham Horror 3E’s first big expansion doubles number of scenarios, introduces series' first trans investigator
    1. Robot Fight Club is basically Robot Wars: The Board Game
    2. Dungeons & Dragons 5E fighter class explained
    3. 7 Wonders Duel’s next expansion is Agora - first gameplay details and release date
    4. Tales from the Loop studio becomes new publisher for Lord of the Rings RPGs The One Ring and Adventures in Middle-earth
    5. Scythe, Pandemic Legacy and Yogi creators on the unending, essential process of playtesting board games to perfection
    1. Ask Dicebreaker: Need something to start the celebration? We’re here to recommend the best party board games
    2. Space Cadets designer’s Super-Skill Pinball 4-Cade turns the arcade classic into a roll-and-write board game - exclusive preview
    3. Gears of War is getting a card game from the team behind the Dark Souls board game
    4. Call of Cthulhu studio halts work on upcoming sci-fi RPG, Harlem Unbound creator takes full control
    5. Keyforge lead developer and Legend of the Five Rings co-designer leaves Fantasy Flight Games
    1. D&D series Critical Role is getting its own board games, starting with Munchkin
    2. From Star Wars to Stranger Things, tabletop RPGs are letting fans explore and expand the pop culture worlds they love
    3. Magic: The Gathering releases Secret Lair Drop card set for International Women’s Day
    1. Here’s an exclusive first look at character creation, abilities, Lifepaths and the new Medtech role in the Cyberpunk Red tabletop RPG
    2. Crime-solving board game Detective is getting a quicker, stripped-down spin-off
    3. The upcoming Dune RPG gets a name and first gameplay details
    4. Birdy board game Wingspan has almost sold more copies than Scythe in one year
    1. Dungeons & Dragons 5E key terms explained
    2. Dungeons & Dragons 5E rogue class explained
    3. Fend off zombies as young Scouts in Kids on Bikes-powered tabletop RPG Junior Braves Survival Guide to the Apocalypse
    4. Bonfire, the next board game from Castles of Burgundy creator Stefan Feld, has first details and artwork revealed
    5. Saving Throw: How Dungeons & Dragons helped me combat my social anxiety
    6. Plaid Hat announces Summoner Wars 2E, new game from Mice and Mystics designer and possible revival of Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn
    7. Stranger Things-ish sci-fi tabletop RPG Tales from the Loop has a new starter set on the way
    1. Exclusive: Cyberpunk Red tabletop RPG core rulebook cover art revealed
    2. New Dungeons & Dragons campaign book, Mythic Odysseys of Theros, draws from Magic: The Gathering
    3. Take on Doctor Octopus, Mysterio and the Sinister Six in the next expansion for Marvel United
    4. Lords of Vegas co-designer announces reprint, Underworld expansion release and 10th anniversary edition
    1. 10 best Dungeons & Dragons 5E RPG campaigns
    2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures board game review - is the Shadows of the Past reboot worth shelling out for?
    3. Place secret bets on deadly arena gladiator fights in Kickstarter board game Gladius
    4. Dead of Winter is now owned by Fantasy Flight, as Pandemic creator Z-Man acquires Mice and Mystics
    5. What do the different Magic: The Gathering mana colours mean?
    6. How ambitious music-mixing card game DropMix escaped obscurity to become a modern cult classic
    7. Mice and Mystics publisher Plaid Hat goes independent, Dead of Winter co-creator departs