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June 2021 Archive

    1. Lost Ruins of Arnak: Expedition Leaders gives players six new ways to play the award-nominated game
    2. 8 best planes in the Magic: The Gathering multiverse
    3. Brass: Birmingham digital edition rolls off the production line to mixed reviews
    4. Roll20 adds official safety tools to its online RPG sessions
    5. Arkham Horror LCG creative director’s new card game Earthborne Rangers will be more forgiving on players
    1. TSR Games cuts business ties with Ernest G. Gygax, Jr. and second RPG publisher calling itself TSR
    2. Get all four The Yellow King RPG books, plus its soundtrack, for under $18
    3. The Elder Scrolls board game will focus on the video game series as a whole
    4. Cozy RPG Teatime Adventures brings real tea pairings, recipes and gardening advice to D&D 5E
    5. Yellow & Yangtze designer cuts ties with publisher due to alleged breach of contract
    6. Monopoly Deal is the only Monopoly worth playing, because it understands why the board game sucks
    7. Call of Cthulhu’s first box set is being ‘remastered’ for the horror RPG’s 40th anniversary
    8. Amazon cracks down on counterfeit board games, starting with fake Dixit expansions
    9. Begin at the end (of the world): Arc RPG creator momatoes on embracing doomsday and hard-won insights
    1. Ross from More Games Please joins the Dicebreaker Podcast
    2. Heckin Hounds is a trick-taking card game where hands are played face-out
    3. The Dying Earth novels have been adapted into a roleplaying game based on classic D&D
    4. Dungeon Scrawlers: Heroes of Undermountain is an official D&D drawing game for kids
    1. Not some kind of Grognard Tribune: the creator of Wyrd Science talks creating an TTRPG magazine for all.
    2. How to build a Pokémon TCG deck for beginners
    3. Digital editions of Root, Sagrada and Yellow & Yangtze discounted in summer sale
    4. Quack against the coming apocalypse in Mörk Borg-meets-DuckTales RPG Dukk Börg
    5. Stonewall Uprising: The Fight for Gay Civil Rights creator on representing LGBTQ+ history in a board game
    6. Dungeons & Dragons supplementary series Animal Adventures returns with playable alpacas and albatrosses
    7. Board game types explained: a beginner's guide to tabletop gaming terms
    8. Arkham Horror: The Card Game’s core set is being re-released in a new revised version
    1. The creators of horror anthology RPG Campfire talk killing characters and creating a truly scary experience
    2. No, Critical Role won’t appear in Magic: The Gathering’s Dungeons & Dragons set
    3. Magic: The Gathering’s D&D cards will have stat blocks and adventure hooks for use in the RPG
    4. Dungeons & Dragons 5E is getting a free series of adventures inspired by MTG’s Forgotten Realms set
    5. A Rare Yu-Gi-Oh card prompts exorbitant bidding on a now-cancelled Chinese court auction
    6. Magic: The Gathering’s Adventures in the Forgotten Realms will let you Venture into classic D&D dungeons
    7. Warhammer Plus announces an August release date with a free miniature to subscribers
    8. Dwelling is a ghost story that’s part solo RPG, part choose-your-own-adventure book and part legacy game
    9. Wonder Book is a co-op board game played in a pop-up storybook from Bang! studio
    10. Power Grid designer’s latest title is a Ticket to Ride-style train game
    11. Cyberpunk 2020 audiobook will let you listen to classic GM advice from creators of the RPG
    1. WWE wrestlers Xavier Woods and Ember Moon are playing D&D with DM Aabria Iyengar next month
    2. Grab Tales from the Loop, Symbaroum and other Free League RPGs at a cut during its summer sale
    3. Call of Cthulhu meets Pirates of the Caribbean in tabletop RPG Cursed Captains of Cthulhu
    4. Vampire: The Masquerade is getting a comic-book crossover you can play in the tabletop RPG
    5. Valor & Villainy sequel adds legacy elements to the tabletop adventure series
    6. 6 best Space Marine chapters in Warhammer 40,000: Ninth Edition
    7. Gloomhaven fan turns the enormous board game into a card game you can hold in one hand
    8. Deimos Academy is a Stephen King inspired horror RPG played in a colouring-in book
    1. Rainbow Six Siege breaches the tabletop with a tactical, real-time board game adaptation
    2. Cooperative swashbuckling board game Dead Men Tell No Tales rises from the depths
    3. Critical Role’s Campaign 2 finale shows just how far the hit Dungeons & Dragons series has come
    4. Queer We Go Again! is an LGBTQ+ sourcebook for Dungeons & Dragons
    5. Oh no, there’s a Minions version of Exploding Kittens
    6. A Fresh Prince of Bel Air board game is coming to turn your life upside down
    7. The classic Dune board game is getting a shorter, simpler new edition this autumn
    1. Should board games be hundreds of hours long? It’s the latest Dicebreaker Podcast!
    2. Get a free alternative version of detective Roland Banks for Arkham Horror: The Card Game
    3. Blaseball-inspired RPG Fantasy Sport Manager turns the absurd online sports sim into a solo journalling game
    4. Cryptid artist confirms that a new entry in the series is on the way
    1. 6 Queer tabletop RPGs that everyone should play
    1. Upcoming He-Man board game Fields of Eternia launching on Gamefound next month
    2. Nebula joins her sister in the latest Marvel Champions hero pack
    3. HeroQuest RPG will be discontinued next month due to trademark transfer
    4. Railroad Ink Challenge rolls, writes and rides its way onto PC and mobile
    1. Magic: The Gathering’s July Superdrop celebrates icky villains, Mother’s Day and watching cartoons
    2. Splendor designer’s ambitious co-op adventure Soul Raiders lacks story and sparkle - Kickstarter preview
    3. SCP: The TRPG brings the supernatural mysteries that inspired video game Control to the tabletop
    4. Follow the yellow brick road to roleplaying with the Adventures in OZ books for D&D
    5. Skyrim board game will have “hundreds of hours of gameplay” across multiple campaigns
    6. Zombie Princess and the Enchanted Maze’s damsel in distress is just hungry for flesh
    7. Jack Black, Kevin Smith and Reggie Watts are playing Dungeons & Dragons for charity
    1. Defiant is a gothic tabletop RPG co-created by a Witcher game designer
    2. Uk’otoa board game review - intriguing but messy debut from Critical Role studio
    3. Soul Raiders, co-op fantasy adventure game from Splendor creator, comes to Kickstarter next month
    4. Dungeons & Dragons will be venturing even further into the world of video games
    1. Warhammer Age of Sigmar's third edition rules go online ahead of boxed set Dominion's release
    2. Connect 4 meets Monopoly in upcoming board game Zillionaires On Mars
    3. Mean Girls is getting a party board game, releasing on a date that isn’t October 3rd
    4. I Came Here to Win turns reality TV into a tabletop RPG
    5. Ticket to Ride: Europe’s new 15th Anniversary Edition costs £100 - is it worth it? We decided to find out!
    6. Nova RPG creator on bringing Destiny and Overwatch-inspired 'looter shooter' action to the tabletop
    7. Dark Places & Demogorgons, an RPG with Stranger Things vibes, is featured in Bundle of Holding
    1. Another gem mint holographic Charizard has been placed on the auction block
    2. How would Phoebe Bridgers and Insane Clown Posse RPGs play? D&D rapper Dizzy Roseblade joins the Dicebreaker Podcast to find out!
    3. Chronicles of Crime creator’s next game will be a kid-friendly version of the detective title
    4. Kinderspiel des Jahres 2021 crowns Kingdomino spin-off Dragomino as best kids’ board game of the year
    5. Live Pokémon auction event involves sealed packs from a Booster Box worth $25,000
    6. New Vampire: The Masquerade RPG books focus on Kindred histories and enemies
    7. Eleven is Football Manager as a board game, crowdfunding this autumn
    1. 9 best print-and-play board games you can download at home
    1. Asymmetric narrative board game Now or Never announces a release date and new details
    2. Dune: House Secrets, the story-driven board game based on the upcoming movie, gets a release date
    3. Watch us play 5 hours of Monopoly, sing about socks and cover ourselves in stickers to raise money for charity
    4. Unfathomable resurrects Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game in the Arkham Horror universe
    1. Footballer Antoine Griezmann is now the official ambassador of Yu-Gi-Oh
    2. Modern Horizons 2 could finally make good on the promise of a game-changing Magic: The Gathering set
    3. Return to Dark Tower is being made into a roleplaying game
    1. Magic: The Gathering announces a Stranger Things Secret Lair using new design model
    2. GMs shouldn’t always break the rules in tabletop RPGs
    3. The original manuscript for AD&D supplement Deities & Demigods is being auctioned on eBay
    4. If you’ve got something serious or silly to say about games, Rezzed Digital wants to hear your panel ideas
    5. King of Tokyo creator’s next board game turns its players into vampires
    1. Once More Into the Void tells emotionally fraught RPG stories in a Mass Effect 2, Picard framework
    2. Swoon into a romantic fantasy setting with The Blue Rose Adventurer’s Guide for D&D
    3. 10 of the best new Magic: The Gathering cards in Modern Horizons 2
    4. Secret Lair-specific Magic: The Gathering Universes Beyond cards will eventually wind up in booster packs
    5. Our Minerva is an RPG inspired by legacy games, dating sims and sports
    1. Strixhaven: Curriculum of Chaos will be the next MTG setting for Dungeons & Dragons
    2. Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms bundles save up to £150 on its Skyrim sets
    3. Dawn of War, Vermintide and other Warhammer video games are up to 95% off on PC
    4. Dungeons & Dragons’ next adventure Wild Beyond the Witchlight sends players into the Fey
    5. We design the worst/best RPG character for Tony Vasinda from +1 EXP! in the Dicebreaker Podcast
    6. Binding of Isaac board game expansion has raised over $4 million on Kickstarter
    7. Arkham Horror LCG and Marvel Champions creative director announces new co-op card game Earthborne Rangers
    8. An official Marvel tabletop roleplaying game is coming in 2023
    9. Champ’d Up: Slam Down turns the Jackbox Party Pack favourite into an actual card game
    1. Indie Bundle for Palestinian Aid now live, offering over 1,000 games for $5
    2. Tabletop RPG Charity Bundle for Trans Support packages 75 games for $20
    3. Somninauts is a rules-light RPG inspired by Inception and Salvador Dali
    4. “It is not yet known in society that the game is something very special”: Tikal, El Grande and 6 Nimmt! creator Wolfgang Kramer
    5. Arkham Horror: The Card Game to stop receiving monthly Mythos Packs
    1. Become a vampire-hunting clown or walk the halls of a forgotten cosmic prison with these new RPG zines.
    2. It’s proletariats versus pale drinkers in alt-history RPG The Hammer and the Stake
    3. Academy Award nominated film Wolfwalkers is getting a second tabletop adaptation this month
    4. 10 best sci-fi tabletop RPGs
    5. Pandemic: Patient Zero is the first in a series of novels based on the co-op game
    1. The next Ticket to Ride game is a cute 3D puzzle about switching tracks
    2. Tales of the Arabian Nights’ third edition is being reprinted for the very last time this month
    3. Oath board game review - Root creator’s ambitious ‘game with a memory’ is unforgettable
    4. Let’s make board games with Tim Curry and Brendan Fraser on the Dicebreaker podcast
    5. Queer Games Bundle offers over 200 video and tabletop games for $60
    6. Love Letter: Princess Princess is based on a queer comic series from the creator of Tea Dragon Society
    1. New RPG book ARCON is ready to leave tired ideas about cyberpunk settings in the past
    2. Get started with the modern reboot of sci-fi RPG Traveller for under $18
    3. The Bard Chronicles is a Dungeons & Dragons rap album you’ll actually want to listen to
    4. Digital version of Gaia Project board game releases to mixed reception
    5. New Arkham Horror Files project teased by publisher in Morse Code