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February 2023 Archive

    1. Cooperative Luddite Rebellion and asymmetric food poisoning among the year’s best unpublished board games
    2. D&D 5E's new heist-themed Keys from the Golden Vault adventure book is already discounted by 30%
    3. Thousands of dollars worth of pristine Magic: The Gathering boosters were discovered in a garbage dump, then destroyed
    4. Critical Role’s Matthew Mercer revealed as next Dimension 20 DM
    5. D&D 5E's biggest problem is the Druid – here's how One D&D can fix it
    1. Avatar Legends RPG boxed starter set hits Target shelves
    2. Celebrate Pokémon Day 2023 with these TCG discounts at Magic Madhouse
    3. Fallout RPG and miniatures bundle lets you wage Wasteland Warfare without spending all your caps
    4. Pokémon Trading Card Game Classic is a seriously fancy premium set for the TCG that will ‘last you a lifetime’
    5. Classic 1980s gamebook series Lone Wolf is being reprinted in paperback for the first time in decades
    6. Tabletop accessories maker Wyrmwood responds to allegations of mishandled sexual assault claims
    7. Star Wars: Legion is the tabletop miniatures game fans of the films deserve
    8. World’s most valuable Pokémon card, Pikachu Illustrator, appears at auction for almost half a million dollars
    1. What are you playing this weekend? Here’s what we’ve been playing!
    2. Only half of D&D fans expect the movie to be any good, survey suggests
    3. Unmatched Adventures teased in cryptic announcement by board game publisher
    4. Ethnos is like fantasy Ticket to Ride, and it’s getting a remake this summer
    5. Latest One D&D playtest update features new versions of druid and paladin classes
    6. As d’Or winners 2023: Akropolis and Ark Nova take home France’s big Game of the Year awards
    1. John Wick is the perfect movie to inspire your next D&D campaign - and not in its action
    2. What We Do in the Shadows and Russian Doll inspired this trio of comedic Jewish RPGs
    3. Pirate jailbreak board game is seeing a re-release with fresh artwork and modes
    1. Magic: The Gathering revives 14-year-old multiplayer format Planechase as a Commander offshoot
    2. Here are some of the best value Magic: The Gathering Commander precons
    3. Elden Ring: The Board Game studio teases Sea of Thieves tabletop adaptation
    4. Let's play digital deckbuilder Inscryption!
    5. Butts on Things is a card game about items that look like arses
    6. How to play Uno: rules, setup and how to win
    7. Hollow Knight and Breath of the Wild inspired this tabletop roleplaying game
    8. Gloomhaven has been dethroned as BoardGameGeek’s number one game
    9. Commander Masters ‘finally’ focuses a reprint-only set on MTG’s most popular format
    1. Apex Legends: The Board Game will bring the battle royale video game to the tabletop
    2. 10 magical school tabletop RPGs that will cast a spell on you
    3. Returning Call of Cthulhu RPG supplement will challenge even experienced players
    4. Magic: The Gathering borrows a few pages from Marvel for new TCG set March of the Machines
    1. Two of Unmatched’s most popular sets are about to be discontinued
    2. Star Wars Villainous is down to its lowest price ever on Amazon US
    3. Cyclades: Legendary Edition is a ‘director’s cut’ of the mythical board game, headed to Kickstarter this year
    1. Project Black Flag’s first crack at a D&D replacement is more retread than reinvention
    2. What are you playing this weekend? Here’s what we’ve been playing!
    3. Ms Marvel, Squirrel Girl and Cloak & Dagger suit-up for Unmatched miniatures board game
    4. Mutant: Year Zero, Blade Runner RPG maker asks for feedback on two royalty-free tabletop licences
    1. Build and test your own roller coasters in a new board game from Tiny Epic Galaxies’ creator
    2. D&D maker worried more about recession than OGL controversy’s impact on business
    3. Iron Kingdoms mixes Warhammer’s battles with D&D’s roleplaying in an RPG fans of both hobbies shouldn’t miss
    4. The impact of Covid-19 has caused this board game publisher to close its doors
    1. Disney Lorcana’s new item card, Magic Mirror, might establish its TCG bona fides
    2. Tales from the Loop plans a UK-based season of tabletop RPG adventures in They Grow Up So Fast
    3. Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion’s setup guide is like an overprotective parent, and I love it
    4. Be birds and do crimes in bizarre heist RPG Pigeon’s Eleven
    1. Demiplane’s new 5E digital toolset drops D&D for independent tabletop RPG publishers
    2. Disney Lorcana TCG cards are already demanding five-figure price tags at auction
    3. Get Undaunted and Frostgrave releases at a discount
    4. How Legend of Vox Machina turned 170 hours of epic D&D into two seasons of unmissable TV
    5. The classic mystery game Cluedo is only £10 at Amazon
    6. Axis & Allies board game series brought back via fresh editions and a new entry
    1. 31 indie RPGs to check out during Zine Month 2023
    2. 6 best Dungeons & Dragons video games you should play before Baldur's Gate 3
    3. Get 7 Wonders' two-player spin-off game for less than £20
    4. Studio Ghibli-esque solo RPG explores themes of war and environmentalism
    1. Trans Witches are Witches bundle supports LGBTQ+ indies with a very nice collection of 69 magical school RPGs and more
    2. What are you playing this weekend? Here’s what we’ve been playing!
    3. Senior D&D producer says RPG’s execs “lost sight of the impact” OGL debacle would have on community
    4. The designer behind Pandemic has a new entry in their other co-op board game series
    1. Phyrexia: All Will Be One is a bad time for Magic: The Gathering’s characters, but a very good time for players
    2. 12 best board games for couples
    3. Dead Cells board game coming from designers of 7 Wonders and Cyclades
    1. Prepare for Phyrexia: All Will Be One with these discounted MTG Set Booster Boxes
    2. Broken Weave: Inside the D&D 5E tragic fantasy world shaped by Elden Ring, Annihilation and living through a pandemic
    3. A solo RPG inspired by Seven, Mind Hunter and Zodiac has players seeking a serial killer
    4. Castles of Mad King Ludwig is getting turned into a flip-and-sketch board game
    1. Ruins of Symbaroum releases two new 5th Edition compatible adventure collections
    2. Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden and Limited list update aims the banhammer at Tearlaments archetype
    3. 10 best Phyrexia: All Will Be One cards in Magic: The Gathering’s latest set
    4. Critical Role’s Mighty Nein animated series could be great, if it’s nothing like The Legend of Vox Machina
    5. Here’s a first look at how quests work in the upcoming Scythe sequel
    6. This Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield Ultra-Premium Collection is now under $100
    1. Morrowind-inspired Zine Month RPG Electrum Archive explores a desert city in newest edition
    2. Horse Girl is a Zine Month RPG about utter submission to love and surgical transformation into a horse
    3. Save over £100 on Catan 3D's UK RRP
    4. Wingspan is currently 40% off at Amazon in the US
    5. Scythe maker announces exploration-focused board game sequel with meteorites, corruption and more bears
    6. Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG’s World Championship 2023 brings back physical attendance and a dedicated Master Duel tourney
    7. X-Men expansion announced for upcoming Marvel tabletop roleplaying game
    8. Dark Souls and Lord of the Rings were key inspirations for this solo roleplaying game
    9. Mantis Falls solves one of board gaming’s biggest problems for fans of Werewolf and social deduction - and it might be an all-timer
    1. What are you playing this weekend? Here’s what we’ve been playing!
    2. New board games for February 2023: latest tabletop release dates
    3. Disney Lorcana - Sleeping Beauty card unveiled for upcoming trading card game
    4. Classic board game Acquire, the best Monopoly alternative you probably haven’t played, is getting a new edition this year
    5. Pathfinder humble bundle enables players to begin their fantasy RPG adventures for $5
    1. Brennan Lee Mulligan and Aabria Iyengar’s new TRPG podcast finds success well before first episode
    2. Root and Pax Pamir creator plans to remake historical board game about Chinese opium trade
    3. John Company, Pax Pamir maker to produce art installation 1819 Singapore as an actual board game
    4. Dark Souls RPG teases new book The Tome of Strange Beings
    5. Award-winning Istanbul series has a new 'choose-and-write' board game
    6. Gamefound campaigns made $28 million last year, as Kickstarter’s lead lessens
    7. WW2 strategy series Quartermaster General is getting a new trilogy of two-player board games
    8. UK board game studio that made over £1m on Kickstarter accused of unpaid staff and missing pensions
    1. Meehan’s favourite albums of 2022
    2. Alice is Missing expansion introduces new locations, suspects and clues to the texting RPG
    3. Yu-Gi-Oh! Lego set turns Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Dark Magician into bricks, along with a deck box for your cards