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April 2022 Archive

    1. Pokémon GO-themed TCG expansion’s card art will portray the critters in the real world
    2. Old School Essentials series inspired by British mythology and Hammer Horror
    3. Dune: House Secrets, Batman: Everybody Lies and Detective sequels in the works, designer confirms
    4. Mysterium and Decrypto collide in this forensic science murder mystery game
    5. Patchwork creator’s next board game is a thrilling dive into historical German canals
    6. KiwiRPG looks to celebrate the games, creators and players of Aotearoa New Zealand’s tabletop scene next week
    1. In the Palm of Your Hand’s memory reenactment board game is Dixit meets Pictionary
    2. Twilight Imperium roll-and-write game coming from Forbidden Stars co-creator
    3. Oath is getting its first board game expansion - at some point
    1. Runescape board game Shadow of Elvarg announces date for Kickstarter campaign
    2. The Simpsons should be resurrected by a Betrayal at House on the Hill board game
    3. It’s grannies versus Cthulhu as we play Brindlewood Bay RPG with Jason Cordova
    4. Exclusive Pokémon TCG reveal for Sword & Shield - Astral Radiance set
    5. Dungeons & Dragons players can adopt pets with this RPG supplement
    1. Take a break from Twitter and send letters to friends with these epistolary RPGs
    2. These indie RPGs create compelling mysteries by asking players to tack evidence to the wall
    3. Streets of New Capenna brings the messiness of the mob to Magic: The Gathering’s latest set
    4. Sushi Go! designer launches new sustainable board game studio
    5. Starfinder board game sees players pulling off a grand theft auto in space
    1. Employees at MTG retailer Card Kingdom unionise for better pay and company transparency
    2. Play tabletop RPGs inspired by Alien and Kiki’s Delivery Service with no preparation
    3. Spider-Verse mech-suit character Peni Parker comes to Marvel Champions
    4. A choose-your-own-adventure-inspired RPG is coming soon
    1. Firefly: The Game studio announces a new board game based on the cult TV show, out this year
    1. Sleeping Gods’ sequel board game Distant Skies will build on the success of the original
    2. Achtung! Cthulhu spin-off Cohors Cthulhu takes the historical-horror series to the Roman Empire
    3. Spelljammer: Adventures in Space included in D&D Beyond sale
    4. Root digital is getting a fresh set of playable Vagabond characters
    5. Watch Ross Kemp meet the gangs of Magic: The Gathering’s next set Streets of New Capenna
    6. Dungeons & Dragons has a new starter set for RPG beginners
    7. Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG replaces cancelled 2022 World Championship with regional tournaments
    1. Magic Arena’s new Explorer format will eventually evolve into Pioneer
    2. Dragonlance returns to D&D this year with 5E adventure and battle game
    3. Dungeons & Dragons film entitled Honor Among Thieves
    4. DIE the RPG announces return to Kickstarter for comic’s tabletop adaptation
    5. Spelljammer is finally coming to D&D 5E with Adventures in Space, out this summer
    6. Passover RPG Ma Nishtana lets players tell a collaborative Exodus ritual
    7. One of 2022’s best TV shows provides a masterclass in how to create your next D&D character
    8. The 10 best Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, from legendary icons to game-changing powerhouses
    9. Cards Against Humanity’s offensive content challenged by anti-racist, LGBTQ+ party game
    10. Love Letter is getting a second edition, 10th anniversary version and new story-driven entry
    11. Old-School Essentials is the perfect way to relive classic D&D roleplaying, whether you remember it or not
    1. Dungeons & Dragons may see future crossovers with other brands through D&D Beyond
    2. RuneScape board game reveals its name, miniatures and first co-op gameplay details
    3. Make amazing NPCs even under pressure with these top tips
    4. Magic: The Gathering increases booster prices, points blame at rising industry costs
    5. Warhammer 40,000 Black Library bundle offers an instant collection of Space Marines books from under £1
    6. Azul studio’s next board game Maui challenges you to find the perfect spot on the beach
    7. Dark Souls RPG publisher apologises and promises reprints after rulebook backlash
    1. The world’s most famous chess set inspires a board game in a Game of Thrones-like medieval Britain
    2. 10 best Streets of New Capenna cards in Magic: The Gathering’s latest set
    3. Making D&D Ostrich and Platypus monsters on the Dicebreaker Podcast
    4. Tiny Epic Galaxies’ series takes a trip to the North Sea Vikings in its next entry
    5. Exploding Kittens is being turned into an animated TV series on Netflix
    1. Old Gods of Appalachia RPG contends with dark powers in the mountain region’s alternate past
    2. Indie video game Hades would make for the perfect co-op board game
    3. Viticulture World adds a co-op expansion to Scythe studio’s wine-making board game
    4. Here’s your chance to win some Yu-Gi-Oh! goodies, including cards, merch and Rush Duel on Nintendo Switch
    5. These playing cards could help find priceless artwork stolen by the Nazis during World War 2
    1. Hasbro purchases digital toolset D&D Beyond from Fandom
    2. The Dark Souls RPG’s rulebook is a mess, and players aren’t happy
    3. DC Comics Deck-Building Game celebrates its 10th anniversary
    4. Santorini meets sandcastles in the latest board game from Boss Monster studio
    1. Lost Ruins of Arnak and Cascadia clinch wins at 2022 American Tabletop Awards
    2. Goblins and beholders get upgraded in this D&D monster supplement
    3. Ranking board games for the Dicebreaker podcast’s 100th episode
    4. Dungeons & Dragons and dodos come together to raise awareness for endangered animals
    5. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is now a miniatures game
    1. Digital Love Letter, Terraforming Mars and Splendor available together for less than £10
    2. Classic anime tournament story-arcs inspired this new tabletop RPG
    3. My Bloody Valentine: The Game showers love on the slasher classic
    1. Blades in the Dark publisher crowdfunds Improv for Gamers 2E on Gamefound
    2. Grannies versus cosmic horror RPG Brindlewood Bay crowdfunds two physical books
    3. Tainted Grail: Second Edition is already coming, another expansion announced
    4. Cosmic Encounter gets its first expansion in over 5 years, features a campaign mode
    5. A Castles of Burgundy reprint is coming to Gamefound this spring
    1. Magic: The Gathering reveals full suite of mob leaders and mechanics for Streets of New Capenna
    2. Blade Runner tabletop RPG is coming to Kickstarter this spring
    3. Azul: Queen’s Garden is out in retail stores this month
    4. Gloomhaven digital is the ‘Dark Souls’ of tabletop video games
    5. Galaxy Trucker is getting a brand-new expansion called Keep on Trucking
    6. Small World of Warcraft gets free to play Murloc expansion
    7. Frosthaven Kickstarter pledges to be fulfilled this September
    1. Magic: The Gathering Arena is great for Wizards of the Coast, bad for players
    2. Best board games for fans of D&D
    3. Joking Hazard creator’s next game is about creating the sexiest suitor possible
    1. Medieval mysteries are afoot in old timey detective board game Mortum!
    2. Spooky scary skeletons live under the sea in the tabletop RPG Bones Deep
    3. Shounen anime inspired this Powered by the Apocalypse tabletop RPG
    4. Starship Troopers TRPG designer’s new game combines Vikings with cyberpunk
    1. Fall of Magic publisher teases Bad Baby Lich Lords, a competitive card game about futzing with necromancy
    2. Cyanide & Happiness left Kickstarter for Gamefound, but don’t call it a breakup
    3. Bleak and lonely tabletop RPG Death in Space now available through Free League Workshop
    4. The new Batman tabletop RPG should take its cues from The Batman
    5. Let’s talk Betrayal at House on the Hill: Third Edition and Dead by Daylight on the Dicebreaker podcast
    6. Chronicles of Crime publisher reveals its horror board game will launch on Kickstarter this month
    7. Patchwork designer’s board game Agricola is getting a 15th anniversary edition
    1. The Princes of Florence’s newest version adds more gender options to the board game
    2. Congratulations Alex Meehan, Dicebreaker’s new senior staff writer!
    3. Terraforming Mars appears in new romcom space film Moonshot