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April 2024 Archive

    1. Cult card game Warlord: Saga of the Storms plans a grand return of “the game you already know how to play”
    2. Yu-Gi-Oh! just broke two world records for the biggest-ever trading card game tournament
    3. Virtual pop star Hatsune Miku is coming to Magic: The Gathering
    4. Bug board game Insectarium could do for insects, what Wingspan did for birds
    1. Disney Lorcana’s new Sing Together mechanic encourages duet performances
    2. Eighties board game classic Tales of the Arabian Nights is getting a sequel set in the times of King Arthur
    3. Elden Ring maker buys one of Japan's biggest board game companies
    4. Cyberpunk Edgerunners’ writer has worked on new lore for anime characters’ appearance in the tabletop RPG
    5. Hades 2 has mastered tastefully sexy character designs, so why can’t fantasy board games do the same?
    6. Lord of the Rings board game teased by co-designers and publisher of 7 Wonders: Duel
    7. Critical Role’s best Campaign 3 arc yet just stumbled with a clumsy crossover
    1. This pocket-sized set is like Game Pass for board games, giving you something new to play every week
    2. Roll20’s beta app will allow you to play Dungeons & Dragons and other RPGs within Discord calls
    1. Magic: The Gathering's Fallout decks are probably its most successful Commander release yet, says Wizards
    2. Critical Role’s latest Candela Obscura finale is almost as long as marathoning the original Star Wars trilogy
    3. Celebrate Alien Day with a bargain by getting the official RPG at half-price
    4. Desperate for Hades 2? This Ancient Greece inspired board game should tide you over
    5. TTRPGs For Trans Rights bundle sells over 500 works for $5 to support LGBTQ+ advocacy in West Virginia
    1. Critical Role’s investigative horror RPG Candela Obscura will perform live on stage for the first time in LA
    2. Dungeons & Dragons’ new Player’s Handbook is nearing completion, will contain four psionic subclasses
    3. Wingspan maker’s new cooperative, roguelike board game was inspired by Breath of the Wild and will contain over 1,700 unique cards
    4. Imperial Assault co-creator's co-op Mandalorian game looks a bit like Star Wars: Gloomhaven, out this summer
    5. The best Ghibli-inspired D&D 5E adventures and settings for fans of Spirited Away, Totoro and more
    6. Wingspan publisher commits to not use “any form of AI to replace or augment” creative work, admits there are “grey areas”
    7. What Magic: The Gathering needs to learn from the Marvel Cinematic Universe
    1. Magic: The Gathering maker sees “killer” future for tabletop with “multiple” Marvel sets, while Arena languishes on the vine
    2. Disney Lorcana - Ursula’s Return will allow players to pay for powerful Shift cards without spending ink
    3. D&D maker continues to lean on MTG and Baldur’s Gate 3 during 2024's “turnaround” phase
    4. How to play Warhammer 40,000: 10th Edition rules explained, from movement to attacks
    5. Want more Fallout after finishing the TV show? Get into its Warhammer-like miniatures game for under £15
    6. These official D&D cartoon miniatures let you relive the ‘80s classic in your own campaign - now with its iconic DM and villain
    1. Warhammer 40k’s co-op shooter Darktide returns to the land of plastic and resin in a new skirmisher
    2. Mutant Year Zero’s chaotic miniature skirmish game from the designer of Necromunda gets a summer release date
    3. Miss the dark, brutal atmosphere of old-school Fallout? Weird-West tabletop RPG Deadlands is its ideal successor
    4. Duelling card game from Magic: The Gathering’s creator gets a team-battle mode
    5. Snag hundreds of tabletop RPGs from these two bundle raising money for Palestine Children’s Relief Funds
    6. Chronicles of Crime maker snagged by same Dutch publisher that now owns Funko Games brand
    1. Ticket to Ride and Catan maker granted freedom from Embracer along with €900m of former owner’s debt
    2. Desperate for more Shōgun after the stellar TV show’s finale? Board game Sekigahara is the perfect sequel
    3. All MTG sets and Magic: The Gathering sets in order
    4. 7 best Legacy of Destruction cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!’s latest set
    1. This gorgeous Japanese tabletop RPG lets the characters’ scars do the talking
    1. A new edition of Risk 2210 A.D., a gritty offshoot of the classic board game, is now available to preorder
    2. MTG Outlaws of Thunder Junction’s crossover with Cowboy Bebop is perfect, inspired, no notes.
    3. Helldivers 2 doesn’t have an official tabletop RPG, but free fan-made tribute Helldroppers may as well be it
    4. No more arguments about movement and line-of-sight in games like Warhammer? This mobile app wants to handle it all for you with a picture
    5. Dead by Daylight board game’s first expansion adds more killers and survivors to hunt in new maps this summer
    6. MÖRK BORG meets church orthodoxy wars in folk horror RPG Black Powder and Brimstone
    7. Munchkin and GURPS maker called 2023 a “golden age for gamers” amid second year of sales loss
    1. D&D’s massive Vecna adventure gets a new trailer voiced by Astarion’s actor in Baldur’s Gate 3
    2. Critical Role's official Vox Machina-inspired whiskey will let you turn D&D into Drinking & Drunkenness
    3. How you sign in to this site is changing slightly
    4. Reel in nightmares from the depths in Dredge-inspired horror-fishing card game Deep Regrets
    5. The best Fallout games to stash in your tabletop vault after finishing the Fallout TV show
    6. 10 best spells in D&D 5E
    7. 7th Citadel, the open-world board game that raised almost £3 million on Kickstarter, is coming back to crowdfunding
    8. Yu-Gi-Oh! 2024 release schedule: Every upcoming core booster, structure deck and set
    9. Pathfinder plans to kill its god of war in a major upcoming tabletop RPG sourcebook
    10. Armless hero Rayman and friends head to an official board game from the designer of Earth
    1. Wizards of the Coast president Cynthia Williams departs D&D and Magic: The Gathering's maker
    2. The One Ring RPG is the best Lord of the Rings experience you can have on tabletop
    3. Bolt Action: Third Edition will help new players get into the World War II miniatures wargame
    4. Dungeons & Dragons publisher plans to make Baldur’s Gate 4, once it finds the right developer for the job
    5. Turn your game into a hit with advice from makers of the Warhammer and Fallout RPGs, games lawyers, distributors and more at the Tabletop Creators Summit next month
    6. Disney Lorcana’s publisher says its runaway success has only “grown the size of the TCG pie”
    7. Stewpot’s melancholy RPG about finding calm after a life of adventure gets a hardcover book
    8. Adventure Time RPG’s original ‘Yes And’ system still in the works, will be released after D&D 5E version
    1. Shadow of the Colossus-inspired board game Leviathan Wilds is one of the most compelling co-op experiences I’ve had in years
    2. Votes for Women turns the frustrating fight for women’s rights into a vital board game lesson in history - and the present
    1. Dimension 20 addresses Madison Square Garden “nonsense”, won’t use dynamic pricing at future live shows
    2. The Fallout TV show owes even more to its tabletop RPG than the video games
    3. The Laundry RPG’s second edition imagines nightmares just slightly more horrific than office work
    4. Frolic and fight with the fae in this celtic-inspired 5th edition RPG book
    1. Magic: The Gathering’s Outlaws of Thunder Junction ends up a soulless gimmick in a cowboy hat, even if its cards are a crack shot
    2. Planet of the Apes’ very real tabletop RPG adaptation will stretch across all five monkey movies
    3. Putty-smashing wargame Necromolds reforges its battle box with a new 4-player expansion
    4. Dark fantasy book series The Black Company gets its first tabletop RPG in 20 years from Delta Green creators
    1. MTG Outlaws of Thunder Junction: 10 best cards in the new Magic: The Gathering set
    2. Co-op Scrabble more accessible version for players “intimidated by the classic game”
    3. Monopoly will head to theatres as a live-action film courtesy of Barbie, Harley Quinn actor Margot Robbie
    4. Critical Role maker’s Daggerheart cuts back on stress and fear in latest RPG playtest update
    1. MTG’s not-quite-Equinox Secret Lair is full of Fallout, dioramas and celestial tarot cards
    2. Who gets to play Yu-Gi-Oh? The TCG’s recent exclusions fly in the face of its community spirit
    3. Lycanthropic social deduction game Werewolves of Miller's Hollow is being turned into a Netflix series
    4. Thunder Road: Vendetta and Sea Salt & Paper take home American Tabletop Award wins
    1. The latest Magic: The Gathering banlist
    2. 7 board games to play at UK Games Expo 2024
    3. Blair Witch Project creators are making a "forgotten" board game supposedly played by fairies
    4. Pokémon’s first US World Championship in five years announces August dates for Hawai‘i tournament
    1. Dimension 20 will bring The Unsleeping City’s fantasy NYC to Madison Square Garden
    2. 9 best solo board games for single-player fun
    1. Old-school RPG adventure The Gardens of Ynn takes a roguelike, Annihilation approach to Alice in Wonderland
    2. D&D and Monopoly maker will publish last year’s winning card game from the Women Innovators of Play
    3. Disney Lorcana doubles player attendance for its competitive TCG challenge events
    1. Wish you could play Dragon’s Dogma 2 with friends? Take on massive monsters as a party of adventurers in this multiplayer board game
    2. Begin playing competitive Flesh and Blood immediately with its newest preconstructed deck, Armory Deck: Kayo
    3. Battle cosmic horrors as Roman legionaries in co-op miniatures game Cohors Cthulhu
    4. Marvel United board game spinoff tackles the DC Comics universe with Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman
    1. Lorcana location cards explained: How do locations work in Disney Lorcana?
    2. Why are there so many good Dune board games?
    3. Starfinder makers are selling physical copies of the sci-fi RPG’s April Fools prank
    4. Dungeons & Dragons’ free LEGO-themed adventure is full of evil wizards and hot wings
    1. Star Wars: Unlimited's second set brings bounty hunters and Baby Yoda to the TCG's Outer Rim this July
    2. D&D 5E vs Pathfinder 2E: Which RPG should you play?
    3. Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel hits 60m downloads, offers up free gems and hot new cards in celebration
    4. Yu-Gi-Oh! bans non-Japanese players from the TCG's Japan tournaments, even if they live in the country
    5. Bugsnax card game brings the bizarrely charming video game of edible critters to the table
    1. How to play One Piece Card Game: rules, how to build a deck and how to win explained
    1. Cyberpunk Red RPG serves up a free crossover expansion with sci-fi bartending video game VA-11 Hall-A