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June 2020 Archive

    1. EGX 2020 has been cancelled due to COVID-19 and replaced by an online event
    2. Munchkins & Mazes edition doubles-down on the Dungeons & Dragons references
    3. BoardGameGeek Con 2020 cancelled in response to COVID-19 concerns
    1. Artificial Intelligence company DeepMind is teaching AI how to play classic board game Diplomacy
    2. National Parks: Get Wild helps players to have fun supporting local US wildlife
    3. Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps gets its third release date and two newly announced expansions
    1. Kids on Brooms creator announces roleplaying games for Free RPG Day
    1. Dungeonbreaker returns and we regret to inform you everybody is in hell
    1. SPONSORED: 8 ways the Desperados pen-and-paper RPG faithfully captures the video game
    2. Gloomhaven, Carcassonne and Ticket to Ride are amongst the digital games on sale right now
    3. Kilmonger and Taskmaster deliver the pain in Marvel Villainous: Infinite Power
    1. Solve crimes as a Victorian urchin in Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective - The Baker Street Irregulars
    2. Lost Cities designer returns to Schotten Totten with a two-player asymmetric sequel
    3. Canopy is a two-player board game about tropical climes from the creator of The Grimm Forest
    1. Prepare to adopt more furry friends in Cat Lady: Box of Treats expansion, coming next week
    2. Co-op sci-fi game Intrepid is the next release from the co-creator of Hardback
    3. Gamewright releases free print and play version of Sneaky Cards for socially distanced stealth
    4. Import characters into Roll Player Adventures, the co-op sequel to the original fantasy dice game
    1. Android: Netrunner’s fan-made successor Project NISEI is getting a major new starter set this year
    2. Domination is the next WWII board game from the creator of sub sim Uboot
    3. Former Cards Against Humanity employees allege “toxic working culture” at party game company
    4. Cards Against Humanity responds to allegations of “toxic work environment”
    1. 10 best dungeon-crawler games you should delve into next
    2. Brass: Birmingham digital version slated for early 2021
    3. Wild West stealth-action video game Desperados III sneaks out a free pen-and-paper RPG
    1. This week’s Dicebreaker Podcast unlocks Star Wars, unboxes Warhammer 40,000 and unleashes the Rule of Fun!
    1. Alien and Dead Space-inspired RPG Those Dark Places arriving this autumn
    2. Dungeons & Dragons’ first official cookbook serves up a Heroes’ Feast
    3. Tabletop Simulator, the popular digital board game sandbox, is half price on PC
    4. Dungeons & Dragons 5E’s next adventure Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden is a horror story inspired by The Thing
    1. Pipeline creator reveals two-player spiritual spin-off Curious Cargo
    2. Game of Thrones: The Board Game is arriving on PC later this year
    3. Munchkin: Disney brings the card game’s chaos to the House of Mouse
    4. Dungeons & Dragons is addressing problematic elements of the RPG’s races
    1. Hedgehog Roll named Kids’ Game of the Year at 2020 Kinderspiel des Jahres
    2. Boss Monster board game Overlord escapes its video game-inspired dungeons into the overworld
    3. Roll20’s first exclusive RPG Burn Bryte releasing next month, designed specifically to be played online
    4. Dissident Whispers is a collection of adventures for D&D and other RPGs in aid of Black Lives Matter
    1. Unlock! Star Wars takes the escape room game series to a galaxy far, far away
    2. PC survival game Frostpunk is getting a board game from Nemesis designer
    1. Game of Thrones’ Hodor, Ramsay Bolton, Yara Greyjoy and more are playing D&D for Red Nose Day
    2. Warhammer 40,000’s new ninth edition box set Indomitus is out next month - here’s what’s inside
    1. The Dicebreaker Podcast is back to talk solo RPGs, classic board games and more!
    2. Farewell, Sara Elsam
    3. JRPG-inspired board game Kradia: Wild Hunt Festival is ‘part Monster Hunter, part Final Fantasy’, coming to Kickstarter this month
    4. DriveThruRPG Black Lives Matter bundles include Cyberpunk, Zweihander, Spire and dozens of RPGs for $10
    1. Bite-sized restaurant management board game Foodies is free to print and play
    2. Magic: The Gathering bans racist and ‘culturally offensive’ cards
    3. Origins Online cancelled following backlash over Black Lives Matter silence
    1. Rebooted Vampire: The Masquerade card game Eternal Struggle delayed to autumn
    2. Root studio’s next game Fort gets a release date this summer
    1. Upcoming WWII deckbuilder Undaunted: North Africa has an official demo on Tabletop Simulator
    2. Vampire: The Masquerade and World of Darkness RPG studio Onyx Path is holding a virtual gaming convention
    3. Wine-making board game Viticulture is coming to PC and mobile
    4. Modern Art: The Card Game, the classic auction game's faster, lighter spin-off, gets a fresh coat of paint in new edition
    5. City-building PC game Anno 1800 is getting a board game
    1. How Magic: The Gathering’s biggest fan landed the role of a lifetime as its head designer
    2. Slick online RPG platform Role is like a ‘dating app for roleplaying groups’
    3. Terraforming Mars’ Big Box expansion brings 3D terrain to the surface of the Red Planet
    4. Get Blades in the Dark, Lancer and 700+ RPGs and games for $5, with all proceeds going to the NAACP and bail funds
    1. This week’s Dicebreaker Podcast is available now
    2. Pick up inventive indie RPGs to benefit Black Lives Matter and local bail funds in bundles
    3. Massive Darkness 2 teaser trailer reveals that the fight for light isn’t over
    1. You are the monster in upcoming solo dice game Die in the Dungeon
    2. Merchants of the Dark Road is a dangerous delivery simulator set in a fantasy world
    1. Oath could finally deliver on the exciting lost potential of legacy board games
    2. Black Lives Matter.
    3. Roll for the Galaxy digital beta arrives on mobile and PC
    1. Fly solo in Star Wars: X-Wing with official single-player rules
    2. Pokémon TCG’s first board game Battle Academy makes it easier to learn the card game
    1. I solved a small-town mystery over WhatsApp in the tense, thrilling teen drama RPG Alice is Missing - Kickstarter preview
    2. Burgle Bros.’ two-player spin-off Fugitive is now free to play online
    3. Masters of the Universe board game will let you wield the power of Grayskull
    4. New Warhammer 40,000, costly Magic: The Gathering cards, out-of-print games and more: it’s this week’s Dicebreaker Podcast!
    5. Magic: The Gathering cancels all remaining in-person events for 2020 as result of COVID-19