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March 2021 Archive

    1. John Company 2E Kickstarter demolishes its crowdfunding goal on the first day
    2. Camel Up: Off Season swaps the board game’s racing for bidding on bazaars
    3. Sentinels of the Multiverse announce an anniversary definitive edition of its comic book card game
    4. Cancelled Bomberman board game published as free mod on Tabletop Simulator
    5. Dice: The ultimate ranking, from d4 to d20
    1. Eke out a grimy, blue-collar existence amidst the void in rules-light RPG Death in Space
    2. Kickstarter’s Head of Community and The Perfect RPG campaign creator leaves company
    3. The Tales from the Loop RPG is currently featured in two different deals
    4. Magic: The Gathering publisher to cut ties with artist accused of stealing art for new Mystical Archives card
    5. The official Fallout tabletop RPG launches tomorrow
    1. Solo RPG The Wretched is a fantastic, if unintentional, pandemic anniversary game
    2. New game modes, miniatures and box components revealed for Warhammer Quest: Cursed City board game
    3. Spiritual successor to espionage RPG Spycraft gets a full retail release
    4. ‘It’s been a life-saver’: The Warhammer fans who’ve taken tournaments online during lockdown
    5. Starter packs for fan-made Android: Netrunner follow-up, Project NISEI, have been released
    1. Arkham Horror: Mother’s Embrace is a disappointing video game debut for the series
    2. Snag Tabletop Simulator and all of its DLC games for half price on PC this weekend
    3. What’s the best board game expansion? We pick our favourites on the Dicebreaker Podcast
    4. Horror starter deck coming to Dinn card game next month
    5. Dark revolutionary RPG Spire announces a new crowdfunded sourcebook
    6. Create your own fragrant bouquet in floral-themed board game Floriferous
    7. Climate Crisis is the next co-op board game from the creator of Pandemic
    1. Magic: The Gathering Strixhaven exclusive card reveal - Snakeskin Veil
    2. 5 older Magic: The Gathering sets that should come to MTG Arena
    3. Sefirot turns the divination of tarot into a board game for one or two people
    4. In the Hall of the Mountain King is getting a prequel game coming to Kickstarter this summer
    5. D&D 5E book Encyclopedia steps away from fantasy tropes to present orc cultures that aren’t “inherently evil”
    6. Sci-fi solo wargaming adventure Five Parsecs From Home welcomes both green and veteran crews
    7. Domino joins X-Men: Mutant Insurrection as a free print-and-play character
    1. An author is questioning Wizards of the Coast’s “problematic” changes to his adventure in the newest D&D 5E sourcebook
    2. Inferno is a sourcebook for D&D 5E based on the works of Dante
    3. Here’s an exclusive first look at Killian Lu, a new character in Magic: The Gathering’s upcoming Strixhaven set
    4. Dead of Winter bridges the intimidating gap between casual and complex board games
    5. Lost Cities is getting a roll-and-write spin-off this spring
    6. Save Patient Zero, a GM-led team deduction game about rival medical companies, lands on Kickstarter next month
    1. Former Overwatch, Warcraft and Diablo devs on their debut D&D 5E book Auroboros: Coils of the Serpent
    2. Auroboros: Coils of the Serpent is the first RPG from former Blizzard execs’ new tabletop studio
    3. Use bants and your noggin to survive an apocalyptic London in “post-Brexit RPG” Shadow of Mogg
    4. Mythopoetic RPG Agon brings all its resources online in a new Roll20 compendium
    5. Tabletop RPG Emet captures the powerful shared experience of being Jewish with humour and tragedy
    6. Descent: Legends of the Dark has been delayed until August
    1. Forgotten Waters review - swashbuckling blend of co-op adventure and Mad Libs is one of 2020’s best board games
    2. Overhaul San Francisco's transit system in strategic board game Connect the Bay
    3. Pleasure-not-Business Card RPG Jam prioritises pocket-sized play
    4. Monopoly to update Community Chest cards with fan vote and celebrity game for charity
    5. D&D meets Cards Against Humanity in Deck of Many Quests’ fill-the-blank adventures
    6. First character from next Unmatched release revealed as Ghanaian warrior princess Yennenga
    1. Exit: The Game designer teases Lord of the Rings entry in escape room board game series
    2. The bacon bites back in Forged in the Dark RPG one-shot Teeth: Night of the Hogmen
    3. Cancelled Warframe-inspired RPG highlights the destructive toxicity of online fandom
    4. What are the best parts of bad board games? We discuss in the 50th Dicebreaker Podcast!
    5. Forgotten Waters’ first DLC expansion adds a new scenario and over 100 events to the pirate board game
    6. Magic: The Gathering’s pop-culture crossovers are full of potential, but must learn from the mistakes of The Walking Dead
    7. RPG publisher Legendary Games apologises for racist Pathfinder and D&D 5E supplement
    1. Dark Souls: The Board Game designer announces a Sonic The Hedgehog card game, teases Sea of Thieves-related project
    2. 7 best Dungeons & Dragons settings for your next campaign
    3. Scythe, Terraforming Mars and Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small are currently under £5 on mobile
    4. Gen Con pushes back dates to September, will host digital and pop-up events at FLGS alongside in-person convention
    5. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World board game releases early next month
    1. The Dragon Prince continues its tabletop takeover by announcing new miniatures board game Battlecharged
    2. Ghost Writer is a haunted party game mixture of Mysterium and Decrypto from Mechanica creators
    3. Z-Man Games sunsets Euro Classic line of board games, including in-progress Princes of Florence
    4. Its Own Rules: The studio behind Sub Terra on a mission to keep board games interesting
    5. Online features for Terraforming Mars iOS and Android app suspended
    6. My Hero Academia CCG brings the popular superhero anime to the tabletop later this year
    7. Super Bomberman board game cancelled due to “unforeseen issues”
    1. The studio behind miniatures wargame Infinity is creating a “battle royale survival game” in the same universe
    2. Inspired by Wonder Woman and Captain America, superhero RPG The First Knight lets you roleplay your own cinematic universe
    3. Prosperitea is a board game about owning and running your own tea shop
    4. ‘Arena battle’ board game from Magic: The Gathering creator on the way from newly-renamed Star Realms studio
    5. Someone accidentally discovered a Beta Black Lotus in an old Magic: The Gathering booster
    1. Battle Skynet and the machine uprising across time in upcoming The Terminator RPG
    2. Clank! In! Space! Adventures’ series of mini-expansions for the deckbuilder begins with Pulsarcade
    3. Animon Story is shaping up to be the perfect tabletop RPG for Pokémon and Digimon fans
    4. Keyforge is getting a free co-op mode next month
    1. GM’s Day Sale cuts the price of Cyberpunk Red, Alien RPG, Age of Sigmar - Soulbound and more on DriveThruRPG
    2. No-frills RPG A Dragon Game pokes fun - and holes - in Dungeons & Dragons’ design
    3. What’s the most underrated class in tabletop RPGs? The answer to this and more on the latest Dicebreaker Podcast
    4. Magic: The Gathering is at its best with more people - here’s why
    5. Wheels is Dicebreaker’s new Head of Video!
    6. Stellaris: Infinite Legacy board game details easy drop-in, drop-out and clean storage between sessions
    1. Asmodee has acquired Azul and Century publisher Plan B Games
    2. LATAM Jam wants to connect Latin American indie tabletop creators and build their audience
    3. Strive for improvement under the thumb of far-future capitalism in RPG Tomorrow on Revelation III
    4. Secret Squad is a party game mixture of Spyfall and 20 Questions from Sushi Go! studio
    5. Tidal Blades’ upcoming RPG has announced a publisher, new details
    6. Marvel United: X-Men revealed in teaser trailer for superhero board game spin-off
    7. Become a detective through time and fantasy with a bundle of Gumshoe RPGs
    1. Hacks of popular one-page RPG Lasers & Feelings can now be sold after designer opens up licence
    2. Hold back an impending disaster in Hellboy-inspired RPG Apocalypse Keys
    3. Catacombs & Castles’ second edition adds a two-player variant to the dexterity game spin-off
    4. Pixels’ electronic, Bluetooth-enabled dice bring the physical heft back to digital adventures
    5. Prison Architect board game turns the management video game to a life of cardboard
    1. The Mirroring of Mary King is a two-player game about a Scottish ghost legend from Cosmic Frog creator
    2. Black Clover and Bananya anime slated for possible board game adaptations
    3. Heroes of Normandie re-release Big Red One adds new missions and flamethrowers
    4. Troika! RPG sends players back to school in upcoming Academies of the Arcane setting book
    5. Queer players find more than a game in Dungeons & Dragons - they find a safe space
    6. Warhammer reveals a monstrous miniature for the demonic Be’lakor and new Broken Realms book
    7. Future Unmatched expansions will include Rosie the Riveter and Shakespeare following design contest
    1. Chomp 25% off Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion during Target’s online toy sale
    2. WW1 grand strategy game The Lamps Are Going Out redeploys in a second edition
    3. Colourful board game Kroma is a flashy concept that quickly flickers out - preview
    4. RPG Coyote and Crow’s indigenous-led design team has created a tabletop world beyond the colonised mindset
    5. Our God is Dead is a comedy RPG about fooling religious followers
    6. It’s Johnny’s last week!
    7. Race between whirlpools and a hydra in boating board game Greece Lightning
    1. Monster Hunter World: The Board Game gets a Kickstarter launch date and gameplay teaser trailer
    1. The gang enter Crime City, check out Cosmic Frog creator’s next game and talk more D&D film news in the Dicebreaker Podcast
    2. Magic: The Gathering’s Time Spiral Remastered set has players excited, but cautious
    3. Struggle against the breakdown of reality in psychedelic poster-sized RPG Aether Operations
    4. The One Ring 2E becomes highest-funded tabletop RPG on Kickstarter
    5. Revisit a classic Arkham Horror LCG adventure with Return to the Circle Undone
    6. Want to be part of Dicebreaker? We’re hiring a junior video producer!
    7. Free mini-expansion for Small World adds a solo mode and two-player co-op
    1. Roll20’s annual Orr report shows D&D remains biggest draw, but smaller RPGs thrived in 2020
    2. Speak for the trees in collaborative map-making game A Wood Heart
    3. Sew a map to a distant friend in keepsake storytelling game A Mending
    4. How to play Patchwork: board game’s rules, scoring and how to win explained
    5. Behold! D&D party game Dungeon Mayhem: Monster Madness is 30% off on Amazon UK
    6. Sagrada studio’s next board game Vivid tasks you with recollecting your childhood memories
    1. ‘Hearth fantasy’ RPG Stonetop brings adventurers home to protect a simple village
    2. Keepsake game The Last Will and Testament of Gideon Blythe unpacks the burden, and joy, of family
    3. Roleplay a new adventure every day of the year with the 2022 Quest Calendar
    4. How Dungeons & Dragons helped me discover my gender identity
    5. Trek through an intestinal tract in asymmetric board game So, You’ve Been Eaten
    6. Hugh Grant will play the villain in the Dungeons & Dragons film
    1. The Darkest House is an online-only RPG from the studio behind Numenera
    2. Stellaris: Infinite Legacy board game comes to Kickstarter this month, clarifies legacy mechanic
    3. Custom miniatures studio Hero Forge adds option to create wheelchair users
    4. 10 best World War 2 board games
    5. Root creator Cole Wehrle returns to British trade imperialism in John Company 2E
    6. Summoner Wars: Second Edition is arriving this spring, with a digital version to follow
    7. As d’Or winners 2021: Where’s Wally-meets-murder mystery puzzler MicroMacro: Crime City named Game of the Year
    1. The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms designer’s new co-op miniatures game lets you use the models you already own
    2. Kickstarter executive cancels The Perfect RPG campaign amid backlash to Dungeon World co-creator’s involvement
    3. Good Old Plays: The throwback RPGs giving modern roleplaying “a breath of fresh air”
    4. MTG YouTuber Tolarian Community College fundraises over $220,000 for Trans Lifeline
    5. Libertalia and Ethnos designer’s WW2 board game Blitzkrieg! is seeing a re-release this year
    6. Dune: Imperium is getting an extra free game mode this week