January 2022 Archive

    1. Jaws and Deep Blue Sea inspirations for new aquatic horror RPG Dive
    2. Wordle-inspired Guess the Board Game puts a tabletop twist on the viral puzzle game
    1. Blaseball, the internet’s favourite gonzo sport, announces a competitive card game
    2. The Wizards and the Wastes’ second edition opens an endless sea of magic - at a cost
    3. Warhammer’s hilarious fantasy football game Blood Bowl makes failure half the fun
    4. Tabletop Simulator permanently shuts down global chat, donates $10,000 to trans activism non-profit
    5. Raiders of the North Sea studio releasing solo game inspired by Chinese history
    6. Dungeons & Dragons 5E combat has a lot of problems - here’s how to fix them
    7. Magic: The Gathering’s Innistrad: Double Feature set is a real horror show
    8. Quacks of Quedlinburg spin-off features pig-racing and simpler gameplay
    1. Make literal mountains out of molehills in the next game from Telestrations studio
    2. 7 Wonders creator and D&D writer headline adventure collection for Dungeon Fighter RPG One More Quest
    3. YouTuber Logan Paul loses $3.5m on a sealed box of fake Pokémon cards
    1. Pandemic’s digital version removed from all stores but publisher won’t say why
    2. Critical Role animated series gets new trailer, premiere airs later this month
    3. Jack into a dirty and demonic alternate reality in upcoming RPG Cybermetal 2012
    4. Upcoming RPGs 2022: 10 tabletop RPG releases you should play
    5. Roll meeples to build skyscrapers in next game from Mystic Vale designer
    1. Tales from the Loop board game brings cooperative sci-fi investigation to retail in February
    2. From Cowboy Bebop to Dark Souls, why licensed RPGs need to do better in 2022
    3. Set a Watch publisher reveals pirate board game, Seas of Havoc
    4. D&D’s Mimic monsters take centre stage in RPG supplement
    5. Alien and The Thing given homage in expansion for horror game Final Girl
    1. Single-player RPG bundle Solo but Not Alone once again fundraising for suicide prevention
    2. What are the most exciting board games and RPGs of 2022? It’s the first Dicebreaker Podcast of the new year!
    3. Kickstarter moves annual ZineQuest initiative to August, but indie designers have different plans
    4. Silent Night, Deadly Night, a 1984 slasher film, now has a board game adaptation
    5. As an autistic GM, tabletop RPGs provide a perfect structure for social interaction
    6. Kemet creator’s latest mythological board game hits Kickstarter later today
    7. Legend of Zelda-style dungeons come to D&D and other tabletop RPGs in puzzle adventure Aberrant Reflections
    8. Everdell digital version coming from studio behind Root video game
    1. Tabletop Simulator removes global chat amid allegations of transphobic, homophobic moderation
    2. Goblin Coaster is a co-op game about building underground roller coasters
    3. Upcoming board games 2022: 11 board game releases you should play this year
    4. Mage Knight studio’s next game features 10 unique factions
    1. If Quacks of Quedlinburg had a better name, it could be the next blockbuster board game
    2. Top 15 Most Rare and Expensive Pokémon Cards
    3. Lost Cities designer’s Ancient Egyptian board game, Amun-Re, is getting a reprint
    4. Tiny Epic Galaxies' designer next solo game is about post-apocalyptic car combat
    1. Best horror board games
    2. Arkham Horror: The Card Game alternative investigator released for free
    3. Machi Koro publisher announces board game equivalent of Tony Hawk’s Pro-Skater
    1. Magic: The Gathering release schedule 2022: Every upcoming MTG set and release date
    2. The Dark Souls tabletop RPG could solve one of Dungeons & Dragons’ biggest problems
    3. Eldritch Horror co-creator’s new game is the questionably-titled Voices In My Head
    4. Aliens-inspired RPG Mothership gets Hull Breach anthology book
    5. The 10 best board games for 2022: What to buy and play right now
    6. Carcassonne designer’s next game travels back to the Stone Age
    1. Dungeons & Dragons disability representation focus of Limitless Heroics supplement
    2. Star Wars: Jabba’s Palace - A Love Letter Game features Boba Fett and Salacious Crumb
    3. Dark Souls: The Roleplaying Game sees tabletop players preparing to die