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February 2020 Archive

    1. Watch the Dungeonbreaker party try to escape the arena in episode three of our Dungeons & Dragons 5E actual play series
    2. Cards Against Humanity is a terrible party game because it laughs at the expense of others
    1. Ticket to Ride, Pandemic and Keyforge maker wants to turn its board games into video games
    2. Here’s the first trailer for Amazon’s Tales from the Loop series, set in the world of the sci-fi tabletop RPG
    3. Locke & Key: Shadow of a Doubt is an upcoming card game based on the comic book turned Netflix series
    4. Magic: The Gathering’s Unsanctioned Un-set is a surreal smackdown that breaks all the rules - and it’s perfect for beginners
    5. Magic: The Gathering’s Theros: Beyond Death set is a wild, cosmic ride through myth and madness
    6. The Search for Planet X is the next board game from Between Two Cities designers
    1. Forgotten Waters, the next Crossroads board game from Dead of Winter creators, gets a full reveal and gameplay trailer
    2. How to play Warhammer: Age of Sigmar - and what to buy first
    3. Raiders of Scythia, the spiritual successor to Raiders of the North Sea, is landing this year
    4. Bring glory to Gryffindor or Slytherin in the Harry Potter: House Cup Competition board game
    5. Save Salem in the upcoming Disney Hocus Pocus board game
    6. Undaunted: Normandy co-creator’s Europe Divided board game gets a release date
    1. Catan’s limited-edition 3D version is coming back
    2. Defeat Mecha-Hitler in miniature with the upcoming Wolfenstein: The Board Game
    3. ‘Making Cyberpunk Red almost killed us’: Mike Pondsmith on the return of the tabletop RPG, catching up with 2020’s future and Cyberpunk 2077
    4. Patchwork: Americana Edition is a US-flavoured version of the two-player board game
    5. Marvel United heads into the Spider-Verse with next expansion
    6. Act out a wild telenovela in upcoming tabletop RPG Pasión de las Pasiones
    1. The next Legend of the Five Rings RPG adventure heads to the Japanese underworld
    2. The Resistance: Avalon, a party game about lying, is the perfect icebreaker
    3. Betrayal at House on the Hill is getting a Scooby-Doo spin-off called Betrayal at Mystery Mansion
    4. Root creator’s acclaimed Pax Pamir: Second Edition is returning to Kickstarter next month
    5. How to play Arkham Horror: The Card Game: Getting started with the LCG
    1. Pack o Game is the perfect board game collection for players tight on space and cash
    2. Oriflamme named Game of the Year at 2020 As d’Or awards
    3. Unmatched board game review - Buffy, Bruce Lee, Bigfoot and more duke it out in a thrilling pop culture clash
    4. Former Fantasy Flight Games studio head joins Too Many Bones and Cloudspire publisher
    5. Disney’s Jungle Cruise film is getting a board game from the makers of Villainous
    1. Cyberpunk Red lore guide: the world of the tabletop RPG from 2013 to 2077
    2. Watch the Dungeonbreaker crew attempt a dinosaur heist in episode two of our Dungeons & Dragons 5E actual play series
    1. New wacky Magic: The Gathering set Unsanctioned lets you unleash adorable kittens and a clamfolk rebel
    2. Build a pirate unicorn army with upcoming Magic: The Gathering set Jumpstart
    3. Matt Mercer's Blood Hunter class gets unofficial Dungeons & Dragons 5E one-shot adventure
    4. Mutant Year Zero: How the end of the world created one of the tabletop’s brightest companies
    5. Form a dexterous drawing duo in party board game Telestrations: Upside Drawn
    6. Make friends in the Wasteland with the new expansion for Fallout: the Board Game - Atomic Bonds
    7. Harvest cute vegetables in fast-paced portable card game Abandon all Artichokes
    1. Funko Games announce Back to the Future: Back in Time board game, coming this year
    2. Play Terraforming Mars for £7.50 with the latest Humble Digital Tabletop Bundle
    3. If you want to get into trading card games, Keyforge is the best place to start
    4. Play as Thanos, Hela and Ultron in Marvel Villainous: Infinite Power, a Disney Villainous spin-off
    1. Learn the origins of Magic: The Gathering in upcoming documentary Igniting The Spark
    2. Japanese battle-monster card game Testament features its own manga rule book
    3. Scythe’s Automa designer on making cardboard AI feel human in solo board games
    4. Trick animals into capitalism with Fortune, the first expansion for board game Tiny Towns
    5. Pokémon TCG’s Sword & Shield expansion has British whimsy, haunted tea sets and a super-sized Snorlax - hands-on gameplay impressions
    6. Disney Villainous creators unveil new board game, Wonder Woman: Challenge of the Amazons
    7. Batman: The Animated Series gets a new board game in Shadow of the Bat
    1. How to play Warhammer 40,000 - and what to buy first
    2. Play as two new Roman clans in the latest Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North expansion, Roman Banners
    3. Build the most horrible theme park ever with board game Danger Park
    4. Why tabletop roleplaying is best when it’s all in your mind
    5. Conan adventure mode comes back to Kickstarter without Beyond the Monolith
    6. Play the villain in the new Tales of Asgard expansion for Marvel United
    1. Become big cats in a chilli eating contest with bluffing card game Spicy
    2. 10 easily forgotten Dungeons & Dragons 5E rules you’re getting wrong - and why you should be using them
    3. "It's difficult to keep things fresh": Pandemic creator Matt Leacock on Legacy, co-ops and Lego
    4. Viscounts of the West Kingdom board game is coming to Kickstarter very soon
    5. Cyberpunk Red RPG rulebook gets a tentative new release date
    1. I was a bisexual teen bloodsucker: how Vampire: The Masquerade saved me from early-2000s homophobia
    2. Introducing Dungeonbreaker, Dicebreaker’s new Dungeons & Dragons 5E actual play series
    1. Pair up for reckless space missions to strange new planets in board game Far Away
    2. Dicebreaker Answers: You wanted family board game recommendations, and we’ve got ‘em!
    3. Mysterium is getting a sequel set in a haunted carnival, Mysterium Park
    4. The joy of modding board games, from house rules to total conversions
    5. Endeavor: Age of Sail publisher announces element-stacking board game, Gorinto
    6. 10 best rules-light and storytelling RPGs for beginners
    7. Ratzzia is a board game about thieving mice from the creator of Noria and The Boldest
    1. “I won’t rest until Instagram influencers are posing with the game book”: Quest creator TC Sottek on making the world’s friendliest RPG
    2. Wonderland’s War is a twisted tabletop take on the classic setting from the makers of The Grimm Forest
    3. The Dungeons & Dragons diet: how to eat like an RPG adventurer
    4. Imperial Settlers: Roll & Write is coming to mobile
    1. Add tropical birds to your board game collection with Wingspan’s Oceania expansion
    2. Azul is getting a new expansion and a card game this year
    3. Vampire: The Masquerade - Chapters bridges the gap between board game and RPG
    4. Co-op board game series Chronicles of Crime looks to the future of 2400 in spin-off trilogy
    5. Marvel United, the new comic-book co-op board game from the designer of Blood Rage, is on Kickstarter
    1. Create your own barbarian baker and other Dungeons & Dragons 5E cooks with the Dragon Stew supplement
    2. Struggling to learn Magic: The Gathering? Try playing aggressively
    3. New York Zoo is the next tile-laying board game from the designer of Patchwork
    1. That time the US Secret Service mistook a cyberpunk RPG for a hacker's handbook
    2. Ask Dicebreaker: Looking for the perfect family board game recommendation? We’re here to help!
    3. Lisboa designer announces Kanban EV, a new edition of the beloved board game featuring electric cars
    4. Doctor Strange answers the summons of the Marvel Champions LCG this May
    1. How deckbuilding in Dominion helped me find real-life happiness
    1. Sci-fi miniatures game Infinity is getting some seriously big models
    2. Stalk monsters in the World of Darkness with a new edition of tabletop RPG Hunter: The Vigil
    3. Tabletop Simulator rival Tabletop Playground promises better options for creators and niche game types
    4. Kids’ miniatures game Wardlings is getting a campaign guide for D&D 5E
    1. Curate art wonders in Museum: Pictura, the first spin-off from the set-collecting board game
    2. 7 incredible pop culture worlds that should be turned into tabletop RPGs, from His Dark Materials to Avatar
    3. Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2020 dates announced for this summer
    4. Shedding light on World of Darkness, the gothic-punk universe of RPG Vampire: The Masquerade
    5. Dungeons & Dragons 5E is still the most popular RPG to play online by a long way, according to Roll20
    6. Critical Role is getting its first official Dungeons & Dragons 5E book, Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount
    7. Train baby dragons in the next Kingdomino board game, Dragomino
    1. Ultra grimdark tabletop RPG Mörk Borg comes with its own doom metal playlist
    2. Pandemic, Carcassonne and Ticket to Ride are free on PC next week
    3. Le Boomb! is an explosive new party board game from the makers of Munchkin
    4. Aeon’s End: Outcasts is the next entry in the co-op deckbuilding card game series
    1. Frantic co-op board game The Captain is Dead is coming to PC
    2. Prowl the city in Vampire: The Masquerade - Chapters, a story-driven co-op board game based on the RPG
    3. Get D&D 5E-compatible Lord of the Rings RPG, Adventures in Middle-earth, for under a pound
    4. Playing Dungeons & Dragons to win is the most boring way to play
    5. Build the Foundations of Rome in next board game from Century: Spice Road and Specter Ops designer
    6. Dead of Winter creators announce next Crossroads board game, Forgotten Waters
    7. Tabletop RPG releases 2020: 10 upcoming roleplaying games you should play this year
    1. Altered Carbon RPG, based on the sci-fi Netflix series, hits Kickstarter
    2. Critical Role’s Matthew Mercer raising funds for Australian bushfire relief with custom D&D 5E class the Blood Hunter
    3. Fake board games: the counterfeits of Pandemic, Catan and more putting happiness, health and the hobby at risk
    4. Protect your Stone Age humans from endless terrors in co-op board game Paleo
    5. Doodle on your dice in Kingdomino creators’ party board game Draw ‘n’ Roll
    1. Board games form human connections in a world that increasingly seeks to sever them