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November 2020 Archive

    1. Unmatched’s latest pop culture showdown pits Little Red Riding Hood against Beowulf
    2. Grab Dungeons & Dragons digital sourcebooks and adventures at a discount for Cyber Monday
    3. Pick up all five Commander decks from Magic: The Gathering’s Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths set for 35% off
    4. Illusionist Uri Geller relents on Kadabra’s two-decade ban from the Pokémon card game
    5. The Well is a tabletop RPG about underground gravediggers from a former D&D developer
    6. Board games ranked by SAGE among top COVID-19 risk factors during holiday gatherings
    7. YouTube creator Jacksfilms turns hit YIAY series into a party board game
    1. Quest RPG creators reveal spin-off competitive card game Queens
    2. Manipulate a kingdom with medieval medicine in social deduction game Four Humours
    3. Here are some of the best indie RPGs to pick up on during Black Friday
    4. The Crew 2, Uno on TV and the worst (and best) board game cash-ins: it’s the Dicebreaker Podcast!
    5. Pathfinder and Starfinder publisher Paizo discounts digital RPGs for Black Friday
    6. 10 hottest upcoming board games for 2021
    7. Alien: The RPG, Tales from the Loop and Mutant: Year Zero are half price for Black Friday
    8. Pathfinder Adventure Paths are coming to the Savage Worlds RPG
    1. Weird West RPG Deadlands wrangles three adventures into a new hardcover book
    2. Dungeonbreaker merchandise is here! Plus, a sale!
    3. D&D 5E lead designer says improvements to racial depictions will take "several years" to fully implement
    4. ‘80s Judge Dredd board game Block Mania returns to let everyone wreck more Mega-Cities
    5. Catan is the cheapest it’s ever been on Amazon US for Black Friday
    6. Dark fantasy RPG Blackbirds brings a world of chaos and godlessness powered by Zweihänder
    7. Tabletop Simulator, Wingspan and Talisman are among the digital board games discounted in Steam’s Autumn Sale
    8. Social RPG app Role is opening up early access and adding custom game support this week
    9. Explore Scarred Lands in massive Dungeons & Dragons adventure Dead Man’s Rust
    1. 10 best board games to play at Christmas instead of Monopoly
    2. Quest RPG designers are teasing a new card game called Queens
    3. Indie RPG seller is waiving its cut of game sales for Black Friday
    4. You can own a replica of Dungeons & Dragons' Yawning Portal Inn next year for $350
    5. Dune: Adventures in the Imperium RPG reveals cover art and plans for a spring 2021 release
    6. Magic: The Gathering’s Secretversary Superdrop celebrates with Bob Ross and a Box of Rocks
    7. Sail the seven seas solo - or with friends - in the Ultimate Edition of Nemo’s War
    8. Star Wars: X-Wing’s updated Squad Builder app adds Epic Play and offline mode
    1. Dungeons & Dragons’ first attempt to address RPG’s race problems disappoints its community
    2. Kids on Bikes confront The Snallygaster Situation in new board game spin-off
    3. Fly-A-Way takes its cues from Wingspan as another board game about bird conservation
    4. Cult comic series The Boys gets the board game treatment
    5. Evolution spin-off Oceans Lite is now available for free on Android and iOS
    1. Assassin's Creed: Valhalla's Viking dice game Orlog will get a physical version in 2021
    2. Snag over 20 roleplaying games on while raising funds for Trans Day of Remembrance
    3. A new historical tabletop award wants to spotlight and mentor underrepresented voices
    4. Pipeline studio serves a piping hot cup of Joe with its next game, Coffee Traders
    5. Pokémon card game booster box from 1999 sells for record-breaking £269,000
    1. New wargaming setting Shattered Crown stars the first all-Black WWII tank unit
    2. Trip 1907: Black Sails is like an escape room version of Return of the Obra Dinn
    3. We create the Love Letter expanded universe and pick our real-life RPG classes on the latest Dicebreaker Podcast
    4. How to teach board games to new players
    5. D&D miniatures maker Gale Force Nine sues RPG publisher Wizards of the Coast
    6. Sail the treetops in Wildsea, a futuristic RPG inspired by Bastion and Blades in the Dark
    7. Acclaimed co-op card game The Crew dives into a deep-sea sequel next year
    1. Fight Item Run melds retro video games and a modern approach to tabletop roleplaying
    2. Perilous RPG swaps a GM for story cards written by Kids on Brooms co-creator
    3. Sally Phillips and James Acaster are among the comedians playing more Dungeons & Dragons for Comic Relief
    4. Cyberpunk Red’s starter set and Cyberpunk 2020 are just £6 in the latest RPG Humble Bundle
    5. Tsuro publisher is offering a bundle of three quick and easy board games
    6. Digital tabletop gaming console SquareOne allows players to use actual cards and tokens
    7. Uno is being turned into a TV game show
    1. Warhammer 40,000’s Battleforce sets aim to be an entry point for the miniatures-curious
    2. Board games are expensive, so we tried to make our own for a tenner
    3. D&D book Dark Places & Demogorgons bears a striking resemblance to Stranger Things
    4. Save a dying world without metal in dark fantasy RPG Asunder
    5. Embrace the theatrics and physicality of Hibachi as you cook - or steal - the perfect meal
    6. Battle royale board game Reload sounds like a tabletop Fortnite
    7. Marvel Collector’s Chess Set pits the Avengers against Loki and Thanos
    1. Creature Comforts wraps worker-placement in a cozy, family-friendly blanket
    2. Video chat app Backyard comes with clones of Codenames, Cards Against Humanity and other board games
    3. Dude: Satish Pillalamarri Memorial Edition fundraising scholarship for son of publisher’s late co-founder
    4. Lightweight mecha RPG The Mecha Hack is releasing a new book of missions
    5. New board game from Arkwright publisher wants you to break - or at least bend - all its rules
    6. Gloomhaven is currently the cheapest it’s ever been on Amazon US
    7. Star Wars: X-Wing, Legion and Armada development moving to Marvel: Crisis Protocol studio
    1. Clue: Disney Villains paints the classic murder mystery game with Maleficent overtones
    2. The Walking Dead publisher’s arena dice game Bloodstone wages players against bosses - and each other
    3. Movie Movie Game turns the popular YouTube series into a tabletop party experience
    4. Create a marine paradise in fish-placement board game Aqua Garden
    5. How to play Betrayal at House on the Hill: board game's rules, setup and haunts explained
    6. Batman comic The Dark Knight Returns is being adapted into a single-player board game
    7. 10 best party board games for big groups
    1. There’s new Warhammer, the Terminator RPG and plenty of pickles on this week’s Dicebreaker Podcast
    1. D&D creator Gary Gygax’s son, Luke, is writing an adventure for dungeon-crawler Bardsung
    2. Magic: The Gathering Arena update appears to reveal upcoming cards with art by Bob Ross
    3. Co-op board game Townsfolk Tussle is the tabletop equivalent of Cuphead
    4. Indie tabletop RPG Slugblaster packages its pulpy teen angst in an actual pizza box
    5. Mausritter is an adorable fantasy RPG about small mice on a big adventure, with an expanded edition out now
    6. Scooby-Doo, Looney Tunes and Teen Titans GO! star in cartoon collection of board games from Blood Rage studio
    1. Travel the Andes mountains with a llama friend in modular resource game P’achakuna
    2. Superhero dice game Kapow! returns in second edition from Star Realms studio
    3. Help preserve the Mongolian language by playing a board game steeped in folklore
    4. Grab the Conan RPG Player’s Guide and character sheets for under £1
    5. Kids on Bikes studio becomes new publisher for World of Darkness RPGs as Paradox brings development in-house
    6. Vampire: The Masquerade 5E is getting new clans, powers and rules for mortals in a free supplement out next month
    7. Classic horror board game Fury of Dracula sinks its fangs into PC today
    8. Power Rangers: Deck-Building Game lets you summon Megazords or Masters
    1. The Wanderer’s Guide packs a campaign of creativity into an RPG fantasy atlas
    2. Undaunted: North Africa, Wildlands and more Osprey games are currently 30% off
    3. Upzone’s 3D terrain is like a pop-up book for your Warhammer and D&D battles
    4. Numenera RPG studio takes a crack at super powers with Heroes of the Cypher System
    5. Dexterity dungeon-crawler series Catacombs dives into a new entry, Monster Pit
    6. How to play Pioneer in Magic: The Gathering
    7. Dungeons & Dragons Monopoly is on the way
    1. Critical Role will explore the Mighty Nein’s origins in a new series of graphic novels
    2. D&D combat wheelchair designer releases free resources for approaching disability in the Witcher TRPG
    3. Starfinder bundle includes rulebooks, adventures and bestiaries to get you started in the sci-fi RPG from £10
    4. Feed the Kraken pits a ship’s crew against oceanic threats - and each other - in a hidden-role adventure
    5. Above and Below studio’s next release, Rift Knights, is an asymmetric team game about invading demons
    6. The Terminator RPG on the way, quickstart rules out next month
    7. Sealed box of first-edition Pokémon card game boosters goes on auction for £200,000
    1. Warhammer: Age of Sigmar’s first Broken Realms starter set launches this week
    2. Fallout: Wasteland Warfare’s next expansion lets AI characters hunt for food and go on quests
    3. Dungeons & Dragons 5E sorcerer class explained
    4. Bardsung has a 50+ hour campaign, massive demon miniature and $99 price tag
    5. D&D 5E gift set, including three essential rulebooks and a DM screen, is 25% off right now
    6. Black Library Advent Calendar brings a Warhammer-themed end to 2020
    7. 19 years later, Citadels creator’s bluffing game Vabanque is getting its first English edition
    1. Castle Panic returns to Kickstarter next spring, with expansions included
    2. The team talks D&D on TV, Lord of the Rings roleplaying and affordable RPGs in this week’s Dicebreaker Podcast
    3. Flash Point: Fire Rescue and The Resistance studio reveals co-op game Crack the Code
    4. Warhammer games including Dawn of War, Vermintide and Gladius are up to 80% off on PC
    5. Harry Potter: Catch the Snitch brings quidditch to the tabletop as a miniatures game
    1. Play Dobble, Dixit and Just One over video call using free remote play guides
    2. Warhammer: Age of Sigmar’s next big story expansion, Broken Realms, introduces new lore, rules and miniatures
    3. So many games, so little time: How FOMO and the cult of the new changed board games
    1. Mystic Vale creator’s next game Cubitos is out later this week
    2. 10 best fantasy board games
    3. Bardsung will include adventures from Tomb Raider writer, Fighting Fantasy co-creator and D&D combat wheelchair designer
    4. Terraforming Mars designer remakes debut game as Star Scrappers: Orbital
    1. Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game gets a Game of the Year edition
    2. The One Ring RPG is a “proper 2E” releasing in 2021, with new Moria adventure planned - Free League
    3. D&D 5E meets Monster of the Week in Icewind Dale adventure Chilling Tales from the Whispering Winds
    4. Too Many Bones studio’s next board game is co-op robot heist Burncycle
    5. Dragon Ball Z: The Board Game Saga will let you play the anime series from start to finish
    1. Sus! is a tabletop RPG inspired by Among Us
    2. 10 Catan house rules that make the classic board game even more fun
    3. Play Above and Below creator’s next game Sleeping Gods with free print-and-play demo
    4. City of Mist, the gorgeous tabletop RPG about modern-day myths, has a new starter set