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July 2023 Archive

    1. TCGPlayer Union slams eBay with Unfair Labour Practice action for allegedly stalling negotiations
    2. Augmented reality virtual tabletop Mirrorscape rolls onto mobile
    3. World War 2 deckbuilder Undaunted: Normandy lands in Early Access on PC
    4. One of Pokémon’s rarest modern-day cards could only be won by rock-paper-scissors, and it just sold for a record amount
    5. Magic: The Gathering’s card collecting boom continues as empty boxes and booster pack wrappers appear on eBay for wild money
    6. Win a D&D Honor Among Thieves bundle worth £200 to celebrate the home release of the Dungeons & Dragons movie!
    7. Warcry: Crypt of Blood review - a miserly starter set that provides an incomplete introduction to the Warhammer spin-off
    8. Card Kingdom Union approves contract between employees and upper management of TCG seller
    9. Magic: The Gathering’s return to Eldraine trades Arthurian knights for fairy tales
    10. Pikachu Happy Meals reportedly return to McDonald’s, along with 15 Pokémon TCG cards
    1. Tabletop creators struggle to plot their future amidst Twitter’s still-burning ashes
    1. How to play Dragon Ball Super Card Game: TCG’s rules, how to build a deck and how to win explained
    2. Get ready for Baldur’s Gate III by playing the rest of the series for less than £10
    3. Neopets Battledome brings the digital pets back to trading card games after 17 years
    4. Critical Role: Campaign 3 adapted into co-op card game by Flamecraft designer
    5. Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG introduces its first new monster type in six years
    6. Magic: The Gathering’s 2024 sets teased at SDCC and it includes a colossal goose hydra
    1. Dimension 20’s new Mentopolis series is a noir-flavoured RPG mind romp featuring Hank Green and Freddie Wong
    2. Become a band of badass princesses saving themselves in this accessible roleplaying game
    3. Garbage & Glory is a tabletop RPG about dumpster diving as a party of raccoons
    4. Trigun Stampede joins My Hero Academia and Cowboy Bebop in UniVersus CCG’s new Challenger Series
    1. Disney Lorcana has a free app that helps players to create their own custom decks
    2. Will Horror on the Orient Express live up to the impressive legacy of Call of Cthulhu board games?
    3. Gravity Falls and Night in the Woods inspired this supernatural adventure roleplaying game
    4. Cloudbreaker Alliance brings together Final Fantasy and Star Trek in an RPG about discovery, cooperation and cowboy orcs
    5. Monopoly maker exec imagines a future where board games sport “AI-driven game mechanics”
    1. The Witcher’s latest board game is a monster-slaying romp that can’t match the rich world of the video games
    2. 10 best social deduction games to play after Werewolf
    3. Fill the late-nite airwaves with music and meaning in playlist-building solo RPG VOID 1680 AM
    4. Candela Obscura’s second chapter, featuring Marisha Ray and Brennan Lee Mulligan, plans 5-hour cinema premiere
    1. Magic: The Gathering’s baffling teaser ignites rumours of Reserved List shenanigans
    1. Dorfromantik board game sequel trades idyllic calm for a village building competition
    1. Dungeon crawl board game HeroQuest concludes first major storyline in Rise of the Dread Moon expansion
    2. Brambletrek is a gorgeous, thoughtful GM-less RPG about mousefolk on a reflective quest
    3. Co-op party game I Felt... is like Codenames with emotions instead of words
    4. What are you playing this weekend? Here’s what we’ve been playing!
    5. Magic: The Gathering’s Doctor Who set reveals cards for Tenth Doctor, TARDIS and daleks, plus fish fingers in custard
    6. Everything Ever is a modern spin on the classic party game Scattergories
    7. Here’s an exclusive first look at three new character cards from Disney Lorcana’s The First Chapter set
    8. Pathfinder studio pushes several RPG books into 2024 amid relocation and website upgrades
    1. Why the Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship is such a big deal - and why you should be watching
    2. Tarot-based RPG Likeness Machines pits a struggling actor against their corporate AI replacement
    3. SAG-AFTRA strike won’t affect Critical Role, D20 but raises question over RPG shows' part in labour movements
    1. Popular Japanese RPG Fledge Witch, inspired by Kiki's Delivery Service and Little Witch Academia, will see an English release
    2. Avant Carde turns classic Uno into literal art (and a better game)
    3. Swashbuckling, surreal sci-fi RPG Terminal is The Matrix by way of Black Sails, with a dash of Twin Peaks
    4. Warhammer 40k’s next board game resurrects a rare miniature from Blackstone Fortress
    5. Delta Green is the X-Files RPG I’ve always wanted
    6. Disney Lorcana studio calls Upper Deck lawsuit “more of a PR stunt than a genuine legal dispute”
    7. Upper Deck remains defiant in wake of Disney Lorcana publisher’s call to dismiss “baseless claims” of ‘stolen’ TCG
    1. The best Yu-Gi-Oh! decks to look for at this year's World Championships
    2. Play the Root tabletop RPG for less than $15 with Bundle of Holding collection
    3. Use your blindfolded friend’s thumb as a joystick in hilarious-looking racing board game Turbo Kidz
    4. Pokémon TCG’s Scarlet & Violet 151 set revives nostalgic holofoil card treatment
    5. Fabula Ultima, Pasión de las Pasiones and Trophy make 2023 ENnie Awards best RPG shortlist
    1. Corvids is a card game about being a thieving little crow, and tweezers are your beak
    2. Terraforming Mars solo mode expansion will offer a “more complex and interesting” single-player variant for the board game
    3. One of Call of Cthulhu’s most iconic and deadly RPG campaigns is becoming a board game from Nemesis designer
    4. Warhammer 40,000: 10th Edition review - a smart, smooth rules refinement that lays a very solid foundation for the wargame’s next era
    5. Chill village-building board game Dorfromantik takes home Spiel des Jahres 2023
    6. Map-drawing RPG Border Riding is The Quiet Year meets Scottish land wars
    1. Flesh and Blood’s 2023 world championship follows record turnout for new Dusk till Dawn set
    1. What are you playing this weekend? Here’s what we’ve been playing!
    2. Catan is coming to Nintendo Switch, season pass announced for Xbox and Playstation editions
    1. D&D barbarian 5E guide: How to play a barbarian in Dungeons & Dragons
    2. Yu-Gi-Oh!’s strangest monsters are back, and they could shake-up the TCG’s competitive scene
    1. Risk's Lord of the Rings Trilogy Edition is down to £35 on Amazon Prime Day
    2. Best Amazon Prime Day Pokémon deals 2023
    3. Best Amazon Prime Day D&D deals 2023
    4. Someone’s mum found £35,000 worth of old Pokémon cards in a forgotten plastic tub
    5. Best Amazon Prime Day Magic: The Gathering deals 2023
    6. Blade Runner RPG’s new sourcebook has players joining the replicant rebellion
    7. Star Trek Adventures lets you boldly go solo with new Captain’s Log RPG supplement
    8. Critical Role announces return to UK for Mighty Nein reunion show and MCM London
    9. MTG’s Commander Masters set charges a king’s ransom for a mixed bag
    1. A Pokémon card 'holy grail', one of only a dozen copies in perfect condition, just sold for $175,000
    2. Pathfinder and Starfinder RPGs are headed to augmented reality
    3. Dungeon-crawler game Descent: Legends of the Dark is 40% off for Amazon Prime members
    4. The Spiel des Jahres doesn’t deserve to be board gaming’s biggest award in 2023
    5. Risk Strike sells a 20-minute version of the classic world domination board game, sans world map
    1. Marvel Multiverse slings across the Spider-Verse in new expansion to comic book RPG
    2. Coyote & Crow maker’s new semi-cooperative board game only has a winner if nobody loses
    3. It’s about time we got a Viva Pinata board game
    4. Find board game recommendations, D&D party members and more on the Dicebreaker Discord
    5. Best of the rest: 8 Spiel des Jahres winners you haven’t heard of
    6. King’s Dilemma, Evergreen publisher to handle neighbourhood building board game Sunrise Lane
    7. New Everdell board game Farshore sets sail for oddly familiar horizons
    1. Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s asymmetric board game casts all but one player as horror film victims
    1. Cyclades Legendary Edition hauls in half a million in crowdfunding for revamped Bruno Cathala board game
    1. What are you playing this weekend? Here’s what we’ve been playing!
    2. The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game to receive revised version of Two Towers expansion
    1. Exploding Kittens studio’s latest party game sees players betting on each other’s abilities
    2. How to play Commander in Magic: The Gathering
    3. Pokémon TCG card auctioning for $60,000 features artwork based on Pokémon Snap! photo
    4. An Inception version of Blades in the Dark would be a dream collaborative RPG
    5. Roll20’s PocketQuest 2023 game jam sent more than 50 tabletop designers to space camp, sort of.
    6. Take a look at Dark type-shifted Charizard and other Pokémon from upcoming Obsidian Flame card set
    7. Gloomhaven’s bite-sized board game Buttons & Bugs coming from Mountains of Madness designer
    1. Warhammer: Age of Sigmar’s first RTS Realms of Ruin is a very promising successor to Dawn of War 2 - hands-on impressions
    2. “This is our dream Age of Sigmar game”: Realms of Ruin designer on staying faithful to the tabletop and why Warhammer’s Mortal Realms are the perfect setting
    3. Classic board game Tigris & Euphrates is set to make a return this October
    4. One-of-a-kind Pokémon card featuring a real-life player has been seen for the first time in over 20 years
    1. The Adventure Time RPG is inspired by one of the weirdest fantasy RPGs ever made
    2. You’ll be able to play the Adventure Time RPG in D&D 5E
    3. Here’s how the Adventure Time RPG’s new Yes And system works
    4. 10 must-see board games to check out at Gen Con 2023
    5. Midsommar, The Witch and The Ritual inspired this folk-horror solo roleplaying game
    1. Yu-Gi-Oh!'s biggest-ever European tournament crowned its first-ever female champion last weekend
    2. Dungeons & Dragons latest playtest rolls back Bardic Inspiration and more to 5E rules, adds two subclasses and ability tweaks
    3. D&D 5E's worst subclass has finally got a fix in One D&D
    4. Warhammer’s new Horus Heresy spin-off brings back 40k’s smaller miniatures for even more ‘Epic’ battles