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July 2021 Archive

    1. The 14 best two-player board games 2022
    1. 10 best beginner board games to play after Catan
    2. 9 best miniatures games that aren’t Warhammer
    3. New Magic: The Gathering Arena format is the closest digital players will get to Commander
    4. Horrified brings the hunt stateside in cryptid-infested board game sequel American Monsters
    5. How to play the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game: A beginner's guide
    6. Pathfinder spin-off RPG Starfinder bundle includes beginner box, sourcebooks and adventures worth $400
    7. Celebrity DJ and Pokémon fan Steve Aoki is working on a trading card game
    8. G.I. Joe deckbuilding game revives the classic cartoon and toy line in card form
    9. Dune: Betrayal social deduction game on the way from Avalon and The Resistance creator
    1. Descent: Legends of the Dark’s impressive digital companion sets a new bar for app-powered board games
    2. Cluedon’t is a reverse game of Cluedo where murderers want to be caught
    3. Dungeons & Dragons 5E cleric class explained
    4. D&D and Magic: The Gathering to see prices increase later this year due to rising shipping costs
    5. Republic of Jungle is a digital social deduction game that borrows from both Secret Hitler and Jackbox
    6. Doctor Who RPG regenerates with a second edition, lets you create your own TARDIS
    1. Star signs and astrology are the inspirations for this D&D supplement
    2. Why isn’t there a Drag Race trading card game yet?
    3. Cryptid: Urban Legends is a two-player game between a monster and its seeker
    1. Magic Arena’s Jumpstart: Historic Horizons brings back a fan-favourite format with a digital twist
    2. 5 most exciting board games for tabletop thrillseekers
    3. Picaresque Roman is part competitive RPG, part social deduction game inspired by Yakuza
    4. Oceanic worker-placement puzzler Oros looks fun, except for the appropriative aesthetic
    5. Another first-edition shiny Charizard Pokémon card has sold for ridiculous money
    6. Dueling Fops of Vindamere is an RPG that’s “Bridgerton, only extremely violent”
    7. “When we release a new game, we want people to take notice”: Fantasy Flight reaffirms pledge to “more thoughtful releases”
    8. Disney Villains is the latest spin on the classic Werewolves formula
    9. A sealed Magic: The Gathering Unlimited Starter Deck from 1993 just sold for $150,000
    1. Solo card game Spire’s End: Hildegard is “card game comfort food” but looks like a full plate
    2. Board game publishers don’t expect shipping woes to end soon, prepare for higher fees and longer delays
    3. What’s the best board game of the last 10 years? We decide the Über Spiel des Jahres on the Dicebreaker Podcast!
    4. Rare Pokémon-Magic: The Gathering hybrid, one of the first English Pokémon cards ever made, sells for $216,000
    5. Sealed first-edition Pokémon TCG booster box fetches $384,000 at auction
    6. Queerz! is an RPG based on the LGBTQ+ manga inspired by Power Rangers and Sailor Moon
    7. The Shining and The Babadook are inspirations for this horror D&D supplement
    8. There are no more Mansions of Madness 2E expansions on the way, Fantasy Flight says
    9. The Thing board game Infection at Outpost 31 is returning this autumn
    1.’s Creator Day returns to give 100% of revenue to devs and designers on the indie marketplace
    2. Dixit and roleplaying collide with surreal RPG Dreampunk
    3. Colt Express: Big Box version is chugging onto shelves later this year
    4. Teeth-pulling board game Battle Dentale sounds like a nightmare for players afraid of the dentist
    5. Libertalia will not see a reprint from Stonemaier Games, studio co-founder confirms
    6. Arkham Horror, Scythe, Terraforming Mars and more are all under £10 on PC
    7. Energetic party game Happy Salmon is being re-released “with an Exploding Kittens twist” after acquisition
    1. Critical Role sourcebook Tal’Dorei Reborn re-introduces players to the D&D setting
    2. Both RPG publishers once known as TSR divest themselves of the name, but questions remain
    3. Battle meme demons and possessed smartphones in modern horror RPG Sigil & Shadow
    4. A Space Invaders board game is coming from Flip Ships creator
    5. Descent: Legends of the Dark designers on why it’s not a Journeys in the Dark sequel, making an app essential and why it took 10 years
    6. Hero Realms, Star Realms’ fantasy deckbuilder spin-off, is coming to PC and mobile
    1. Batman: Escape from Arkham Asylum casts players as the Rogues’ Gallery in a “semi-cooperative” board game
    2. Tiny Library swaps your regular pack of playing cards for a deck of 50 micro RPGs
    3. Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade writer launches a dark fantasy supplement for D&D
    4. World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King introduces quests, mounts and miniatures to the Pandemic spin-off
    5. Redwall-esque RPG Mausritter is squeaking onto Kickstarter with a new box set and adventure collection
    6. The Pokémon Trading Card Game app is the perfect way to start playing
    7. Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel looks to be the trading card game’s premier digital experience
    8. The Green Knight RPG turns the standout fantasy film into a familiar adventure lifted by clever gameplay
    9. A Blades in the Dark style heist RPG is coming from the co-designer of D&D 3E
    1. OverDrive packs the multiplayer modes of TimeSplitters 2, Overwatch and other video games into a board game
    2. Get Fate Core, Fate of Cthulhu and more RPGs for less in Bundle of Holding deal
    3. The One-Page RPG Jam 2021 invites creators to stretch their brevity for a second consecutive year
    4. Mörk Borg-inspired miniatures game Forbidden Psalm returns with an expansion
    5. Board games to play if you like Catan
    6. Throw Throw Burrito sequel adds aerial avocado to Exploding Kittens creators' dodgeball card game
    1. Exploding Kittens: Recipes for Disaster is a one-box greatest hits card game of incendiary felines
    2. How well do you know your D&D monsters? Test for knowledge on this week's Dicebreaker Podcast!
    3. Adventures in the Forgotten Realms’ best gameplay mechanic isn’t new to Magic: The Gathering
    4. Call of Cthulhu expansions and Carbon Grey RPG coming from newly formed publisher
    5. Critical Role and Dungeons & Dragons contributors collaborate on Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea RPG
    6. Spiel des Jahres 2021 winner: MicroMacro: Crime City takes home German ‘Game of the Year’ prize
    1. Gem Dragons return to Dungeons & Dragons 5E courtesy of new sourcebook
    2. Mothership and Old School Essentials among indie RPGs discounted in Exalted Funeral sale
    3. Ocean exploration RPG What Waits Beneath is getting a 'redux' edition inspired by 20,000 Leagues and Life Aquatic
    4. Anjali Bhimani, Exandria Unlimited’s Fy’ra Rai, talks D&D, roleplaying versus acting roles, and joining the Critical Role series
    5. Nibcraft, Elizabeth Hargrave, Session Zero among finalists for the 2021 Diana Jones Award
    1. Magic: The Gathering’s latest card ban reveals digital client Arena’s limitations
    2. Monopoly Animal Crossing officially releasing in August, despite already selling out in stores.
    3. Magic: The Gathering’s D&D set Adventures in the Forgotten Realms is the best of both fantasy worlds
    4. Fake Pokémon cards: How to tell if it's a fake
    1. Pokémon TCG’s 25th anniversary set will include remakes of iconic Pikachu cards
    2. Announcing Dicebreaker+ - our new premium YouTube memberships with exclusive content, benefits and lots more!
    3. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla fans fund Kickstarter for physical version of dice game Orlog within an hour
    4. Neon Genesis Evangelion-inspired tabletop RPG The Tears of a Machine SC makes ‘mecha-drama’ accessible
    5. Age of Sigmar courts new players with three tiers of introductory wargaming sets
    6. The Three Little Wolves turns the fairytale on its head in a competitive house-building card game
    1. “The impact of The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game can’t be overstated”: LCG co-designers discuss its decade-long legacy
    2. UK Games Expo 2021 revises COVID-19 guidelines to make tests, vaccination and masks mandatory
    1. Do you know your Orks from your Orruks? We put our Warhammer knowledge to the test on the Dicebreaker Podcast!
    2. You can now play the Avatar: The Last Airbender tabletop RPG with free quickstart rules
    3. The house that inspired Cluedo’s murder-mystery mansion is up for sale
    4. Warhammer 40,000 redesigns the skirmish-focused Kill Team, announces new Octarius boxed set
    5. The best D&D references in MTG's Adventures in the Forgotten Realms set
    1. Exploding Kittens studio to release kids board game collection
    1. 10 best deckbuilding games
    2. Wizardman: Queer and Chaos is a free tabletop RPG processing trauma through magic
    3. Essen Spiel 2021 to require proven COVID-19 immunisation or negative test for entry, will enforce mandatory face masks
    4. Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth expansion sounds the Horn of Gondor
    5. Takenoko’s free co-op game mode sees players becoming pals over pandas
    6. Gen Con 2021 will enforce face masks for attendees without proof of COVID-19 vaccination
    1. The Queen’s Dilemma will expand the narrative legacy framework of its board game predecessor
    2. UK Games Expo 2021 drops all COVID-19 safety requirements, including masks, tests and social distancing
    3. “I'm hoping to offer something different in the co-op space”: Earthborne Rangers creator talks RPG influences and sustainability
    4. Dune: Imperium - Rise of Ix expansion adds three new houses and six playable leaders
    5. Classic chassis smashing board game Thunder Road to enter Restoration Games’ garage
    6. Unmatched, the skirmish game featuring Medusa and King Arthur, is getting a digital version
    7. Pokémon TCG rarities explained
    8. Unmatched volume 2 brings Achilles, The Monkey King and Bloody Mary into the fray
    9. You can watch Tiffany Haddish, Seth Green and Patton Oswalt play Dungeons & Dragons next week
    1. Konami ends contract with star football player Antoine Griezmann amid allegations of racism
    2. Artisans of Splendent Vale is a new narrative board game from designer on Mansions of Madness 2E
    3. World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King to get a Pandemic-style board game adaptation
    4. Machi Koro 2 will release in October, rezones rules for the popular city building board game
    5. 11 hidden board game Easter Eggs you might’ve missed
    6. Power Rangers: Deck-Building Game’s first standalone set features more playable heroes and villains
    7. Pokémon and MTG card grader valued at $500m after record TCG boom
    1. Animal Crossing-themed editions of Monopoly spotted on retail shelves across US
    2. Party game Million Dollar Script combines Snake Oil with the silver screen
    3. Fan-made ‘Ultimate Pokémon board game’ features whole of Kanto and takes 23 hours to beat
    4. How visionary comic book artist Moebius inspired a new wave of weird tabletop RPGs
    1. Move over MTG + D&D! We invent the RPG-card game crossovers that don’t exist (yet) on the Dicebreaker Podcast
    2. Weird Stories wants to capture the strange mystery of David Lynch, Haruki Murakami and The Twilight Zone in a tabletop RPG
    3. The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game could have been released through a subscription model
    4. Yu-Gi-Oh!’s Premium Blue-Eyes White Dragon card is made of silver, already reselling for thousands on eBay
    5. Studio behind award winning Just One is putting out a new party game
    6. What Next? is a co-op choose-your-own-adventure with physical mini-games, out next month
    1. Free Dungeons & Dragons adventure In Scarlet Flames replaces Magic: The Gathering’s usual short fiction
    2. Where to Start With… deckbuilding board games
    3. It looks like a Resident Evil 1 board game is on the way
    4. Chow down on some delicious D&D with 5E RPG supplement Fat Magic
    5. Catan: Logic Puzzle game will test your brains instead of your friendships
    1. Not Enough Mana is the first tabletop game from Superhot dev’s indie games fund
    2. RPG Kitchen is a creator-focused digital storefront for renting tabletop RPGs
    3. My Body is a Cage is a “Persona-esque” tabletop RPG about mind dungeons and mundane tasks
    4. Studio head of Critical Role publisher, Darrington Press, talks Uk’otoa and “artist dad Liam O’Brien”
    5. Sushi Go! creator’s latest board game is called Super Mega Lucky Box
    6. 12-year-old becomes youngest-ever chess grandmaster, breaking Sergey Karjakin’s 19-year record