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August 2021 Archive

    1. Lancer designers suspend work on planned sourcebooks, citing life changes and pandemic stressors
    2. Beat the superpowered streets of neo-noir RPG City of Mist on the cheap with latest Bundle of Holding
    3. RPG character backgrounds are rubbish - here’s how to make a good one
    4. Power Rangers RPG drops D&D 5E gameplay, will debut new Essence20 system
    1. We talk intriguing indie RPGs, MTG's latest reveals and Netrunner's (possible) return on the Dicebreaker Podcast!
    2. 10 best trading, collectible and expandable card games that aren’t Magic: The Gathering
    3. 10 best anime board games, from Dragon Ball Super to My Hero Academia
    4. 10 best solo board games to play by yourself
    1. There’s another very real and drinkable Catan beer, but this one is officially licensed
    2. Netrunner trademark filing sends players speculating on the cyberpunk card game’s future
    3. Dark Sun spiritual successor Red Dawn presents a new wasteland setting for D&D 5E with old problems
    4. Unlock! and Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow to receive escape room style gamebook adaptations
    1. The Herbalist’s Primer gives roleplaying groups a crash course in practical and magical botany
    2. Why does everyone hate Monopoly? The secret history behind the world’s biggest board game
    3. Resident Evil 3: The Board Game’s $100 retail edition has a release date
    4. The Price of Coal weaves a historical story of labour rights in West Virginia’s coal country
    5. Pandemic, Mysterium and Legend of the Five Rings are being turned into comics
    1. 10 best online board games you can play in your browser
    2. Local game stores and casual players were the hidden winners of the Magic Showcase 2021
    3. “No-one wants their nostalgia slapped onto something without care”: Disney Gargoyles: Awakening creators on the cult series’ tabletop revival
    4. Fortnite and Street Fighter are coming to Magic: The Gathering in 2022
    5. Magic: The Gathering’s Netflix series lands next year, planeswalker Gideon Jura to be "heart of the story"
    1. Magic: The Gathering’s 2022 sets include a return to Kamigawa and Dominaria, along with an urban fantasy plane
    2. The Russo Brothers leave Magic: the Gathering’s Netflix show over creative differences
    3. MTG Arena’s differences from paper Magic: The Gathering are a confusing, exhausting muddle
    4. Does Avatar Legends live up to The Last Airbender? We play the RPG’s quickstart rules to find out!
    5. Shadowrun bundle lets you get started with the classic science-fantasy RPG for under $8
    6. Dungeon Fighter RPG spin-off sees players aiming dice throws to perform actions
    1. Archives of Alexandria trapped me on a corrupted spaceship of pure information because I’m bad at Wikipedia
    2. Lupin the 3rd tabletop RPG based on the 50 year old anime is set to be released
    3. The Exquisite Corpse in Maggots’ Keep is a gamebook narrated by nearly a dozen revolving writers
    4. Cat Lady sequel gives Dog Lovers their own card game about caring for canines
    5. Star Wars: Armada miniatures game will not be receiving any more new releases
    6. Call of Cthulhu studio acquires Cthulhu Britannica and World War Cthulhu, confirms re-releases and new titles
    1. Frosthaven creator won’t announce hard shipping dates to avoid a rushed, and expensive, fulfillment
    2. Robinson Crusoe, Imperial Settlers and Detective board game series included in Portal Games sale
    3. Gloomhaven creator and Evil Hat cut ties with The Broken Token following sexual assault allegations against CEO
    4. Two Pokémon 1999 base set booster boxes are are up for auction at $15,000 a pop
    5. Fog of Love commits to Floodgate Games, lockdown and LGBTQ+ focused expansions coming
    1. Dune RPG lets players harvest spice on the surface of Arrakis in upcoming sourcebook Sand and Dust
    2. 10 best Marvel board games
    3. New Thousand Year Old Vampire companion book have some players angrily grabbing stakes and garlic
    4. Mad Max: Fury Road and Sleepaway serve as inspirations for this horror RPG
    5. Wild: Serengeti board game invites you to become the next David Attenborough
    1. Achtung! Cthulhu 2D20 sets release date for a more cinematic TRPG world of cosmic horror-obsessed Nazis
    2. Deadlands spin-off card game Doomtown gets a new Weird West edition
    3. Magic: The Gathering’s new Commander decks are a good thing for every player
    4. Dubious is a new social deduction game that mixes Guess Who? with Spyfall
    5. Get Bit!, the party game about escaping a robot shark, is getting a fancy new edition
    1. A new board game based on The Rocketeer lets anyone strap explosives to their back
    2. Inaugural Zenobia Award nominees include Haitian revolution, Indonesian independence as historical board games
    3. 5 things we want to see from the new Marvel RPG
    4. Mascarade, the classic hidden role game, is getting a make-over later this year
    5. Kids on Bikes, The Fox in the Forest and Aggretsuko games included in Renegade anniversary sale
    6. Return to Dark Tower board game retail price increased due to shipping woes
    1. 10 best quick board games that fit into 15 minutes
    2. Don’t Tell Mom & Dad is a tabletop RPG fueled by pulp horror VHS cassettes, sugar and fireworks
    3. Is it better to stack board games upright or sideways? It's the Dicebreaker Podcast!
    4. Five Leagues From the Borderlands: Third Edition revitalises the dark fantasy miniatures game
    5. The Long Way Home 2E is a solo RPG supplement for the Deep Space D-6 board game
    6. House that inspired Haunted Mansion and American Horror Story episode featured in new version of Floor Plan board game
    7. Steve Perrin, co-creator of ‘70s fantasy RPG RuneQuest, has passed away
    1. 5 best Catan expansions for every type of player
    1. 10 best zombie board games
    1. Heart: The City Beneath, Alice is Missing and Slayers all nab multiple 2021 ENnie Awards nominations
    2. Hammer out a winning strategy in chrome and ironclad board game Corrosion
    3. Lost Cities designer terminates all planned releases with Grail Games, Matagot and Kolossal Games due to ‘contract breaches’
    1. Narrative board game That Time You Killed Me lets players engage in temporal assassination
    2. 8 best Lord of the Rings board games
    1. Indie Game Developer Network announces nominees for 2021 Groundbreakers Award
    2. Horror RPG sourcebook Delta Green celebrates 25th anniversary with a new edition
    3. Diminutive RPG Mausritter’s box of new adventures includes a delve through a suit of medieval armour
    4. Tiny artisan dragons make coffee and cake in Flamecraft board game
    5. Before Carcassonne, there was Bus: a board game classic that rewards patience and planning with meaningful connection
    6. Comedy clickbait website ClickHole has made a party game, Business Walrus
    1. Magic: The Gathering delays Arena-focused set Jumpstart: Historic Horizons by two weeks
    2. Games Workshop promises better Warhammer pre-order experiences with Kill Team: Octarius and beyond
    3. 10 best board games about food
    4. Doctor Who RPG sourcebooks discounted across two Bundle of Holding deals
    5. Cult psychedelic-fantasy board game Dungeon Degenerates is weird, wild and back on Kickstarter
    6. The Witcher TRPG’s newest sourcebook contains six adventures and rules for ice skating
    1. Avatar Legends RPG does justice to The Last Airbender and Korra’s storytelling, but fumbles combat - preview
    2. We play the Board Game Thesaurus Game, check out the Avatar RPG and flirt with Thanos on the Dicebreaker Podcast
    3. Arkham Horror, Marvel Champions and Android: Netrunner studio says it’s still committed to the living card game format
    4. Race for the Galaxy designer’s next release is a dice rolling game that costs over $100
    5. The Warhammer Fantasy RPG is getting a card game
    6. D&D livestream to raise money for Mermaids, a charity supporting trans and non-binary youth
    7. Gen Con 2021 makes face masks mandatory for all in updated COVID-19 guidelines
    8. How to play Magic: The Gathering: A beginner's guide
    1. 6 best Warhammer 40,000 armies in Ninth Edition
    1. 5 best travel board games to take on holiday this summer
    2. 10 best tabletop roleplaying games out right now
    3. Nathan Fillion and cast of The Suicide Squad play as a band of rowdy goblins in Nerdist's latest CelebriD&D
    4. Show off your love of board games in style with new Dicebreaker merch!
    5. Magic: The Gathering reveals first cards, mechanics and a planeswalker for Innistrad: Midnight Hunt
    6. Among Sus is a free larping version of the video game
    7. Dinosaurs invade Dungeons & Dragons in this supplementary campaign
    1. Avatar Legends becomes the highest funded TRPG on Kickstarter within its first week
    2. Former Z-Man Games exec Sophie Gravel rejoins Pandemic and Carcassonne publisher as studio head
    3. Adults buying board games as “stress relief” during lockdown has boosted tabletop sales - report
    4. Ex Libris is a digital Mörk Borg bibliography, and its creators hope they start a new trend
    5. Magic: The Gathering terms explained: glossary of MTG slang, jargon and lingo
    6. Dust to Dust is a deckbuilding game about getting rid of cards
    7. Disney villains themed werewolves game confirmed as Gathering of the Wicked
    1. Field Guide to Memory co-creator Jeeyon Shim wins 2021 Diana Jones Emerging Designer Program
    2. Adventure Zone DM Griffin McElroy and Bureau of Balance co-designers chat about their new board game
    3. Tiny Epic Galaxies’ creator has designed a new entry in the Almanac series
    4. Rome: Total War is being made into a board game about amassing armies
    1. Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game’s Kickstarter campaign is now live
    2. Post-apocalyptic grid battler Neuroshima Hex! comes to mobile devices in September
    3. Great Western Trail designer’s next board game also involves caring for cattle
    4. The best modern alternatives to replace classic board games
    5. The Game of Life: Super Mario Edition contains more Bowser and fewer bills
    6. Lancer co-creator’s new post-apocalyptic RPG Icon has a free playtest version that's worth a look
    7. Adventure Zone: Bureau of Balance board game expansion “in the works”
    1. James Bond board game SPECTRE will let you play - and finally win - as 007 villains
    2. We give our first impressions of the new Descent, Fort’s first expansion and Avatar Legends on the Dicebreaker Podcast
    3. Dustbiters is basically Mad Max: Fury Road as a card game, from Minit, Broforce and Disc Room devs
    4. Yokohama publisher TMG reportedly lays off staff, halts game development after “virtual bankruptcy”
    5. Wingspan Nesting Box can hold base game, European, Oceania and four additional expansions