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November 2019 Archive

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    2. Playing board games helps keep your brain younger in old age, 68-year study suggests
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    2. Aftermath board game review - slow-build post-apocalypse adventure falls prey to monotony
    3. Professional Go player retires after admitting that Google’s AI cannot be beaten
    4. Conan and Batman: Gotham City Chronicles publisher calls Kickstarter stretch goals ‘subterfuge marketing’
    5. Metal Gear Solid: The Board Game sneaks into 2020
    6. Lord of the Rings RPGs The One Ring and Adventures in Middle-earth to end in 2020
    7. Gloomhaven getting newcomer-friendly prequel, Jaws of the Lion, next year
    1. Keyforge and Pandemic books are coming next year
    2. Going Solo: How playing tabletop games alone went from sad to rad
    3. Monopoly: Longest Game Ever takes the board game’s drudgery to new lows
    1. Alien is getting a tabletop RPG from the publisher of Tales from the Loop
    2. Trade wood for sheep in augmented reality with Catan: World Explorers
    3. Testicle-popping video game Sniper Elite takes aim at a board game spin-off
    4. Letter Jam board game review - co-op word game is sticky but sweet
    5. Tokaido is getting a sequel, Namiji
    6. World's first ‘immersive board game cafe’ offers private GMs and custom soundtracks
    7. Divinity: Original Sin board game will give you new ways to accidentally kill your friends
    8. Dungeons & Dragons' best worst spell: Cooking up chaos and comedy with Conjure Food and Water
    9. You can now play Ticket to Ride with Amazon’s Alexa
    10. Choosing when to settle down is everything in Flotilla, one of 2019’s most unique board games
    1. 10 best legacy board games that aren’t Pandemic Legacy