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January 2023 Archive

    1. Pokémon TCG ends expansion support for Online to “devote all resources” towards Live app
    2. Mörk Borg’s next expansion, Ikhon, is a tabletop RPG “mystery box” about profane folk gods
    3. I spent an hour failing to set up a board game and it made me question everything
    4. New Imperial Settlers board game further mines the series formula
    5. Catan digital releasing on Playstation and Xbox consoles next month
    1. Magic: The Gathering creator's new card game gets a UK and EU release date
    2. Warhammer RPG maker announces new D&D 5E compatible system alongside “tragic fantasy” setting
    1. D&D abandons quest to update OGL after massive negative survey response
    2. It looks like Kadabra is returning to the Pokémon card game after 20 years in legal exile
    3. Pathfinder and Call of Cthulhu RPGs sell out months’ worth of books in two weeks after D&D OGL backlash
    4. Stone Age video game coming from Unmatched: Digital Edition studio
    5. What are you playing this weekend? Here’s what we’ve been playing!
    1. Fifth Season RPG brings NK Jemisin’s fantasy novel trilogy to the tabletop
    2. I wish the Dungeons & Dragons movie had more sincere fantasy than self-aware cringe
    3. SPONSORED: D&D as therapy? We discover Realms of Kymoria's inclusive, accessible approach to roleplaying
    4. Critical Role’s Mighty Nein are coming to Amazon Prime’s television screens
    5. Magic: The Gathering card sells for six figures, becomes second-most valuable card after Black Lotus
    1. Workers at eBay-owned trading card game company TCGPlayer announce union plans
    2. Solo But Not Alone’s third annual bundle offers nearly 150 single-player tabletop RPGs for suicide prevention
    3. Inscryption nails the deckbuilding difficulty curve
    4. SPONSORED: We get a first look at a colourful new adventure from the designer of Descent: Journeys in the Dark
    5. Marvel Villainous adds Doctor Octopus, Titania and Kang the Conqueror to board game baddie lineup
    6. Dicebreaker comments have some new features, come check them out!
    7. Unmatched digital arriving next month, additional characters releasing as DLC
    8. Exploring Sword World, Japan’s answer to Dungeons & Dragons from the studio behind the Elden Ring tabletop RPG
    1. Rummy reinvented in tile-laying four-player family board game
    2. Oros is like classic video game Populous as a board game - and far more interesting than it seems
    3. SPONSORED: One Deck Galaxy crams a whole galaxy into one tiny board game box
    4. New cards, old nostalgia and digital ambitions: Yu-Gi-Oh! at Jump Festa gave a glimpse at how the TCG will mark its 25th anniversary
    1. Gen Con 2023 drops COVID-19 vaccine requirement and mask mandate for tabletop RPG convention
    2. Shadows Over Camelot and Nidavellir board game designer Serge Laget passes away
    3. D&D: Honor Among Thieves’ latest trailer runs the risk of choking on all that tongue-in-cheek
    4. SPONSORED: A mouse-sized scavenger hunt on a moving clock face! We get a first look at new board game Hickory Dickory
    5. New Lord of the Rings board game lets you play the entire trilogy in less time than it takes to rewatch Fellowship of the Ring
    6. SPONSORED: Castle Panic's new expansion Crowns and Quests shakes up the co-op board game
    7. Family party game Cranium is back with a “reimagined” 25th Anniversary Edition and a new MicroMacro-style puzzler
    1. European RPG Studios Union emerges from dust of D&D’s OGL storm to ‘promote RPGs as art and protect creators’
    2. 7 Wonders’ new “approachable” expansion rewards players for working together
    3. What are you playing this weekend? Here’s what we’ve been enjoying!
    4. Here are the character creation options you’ll have in Warhammer 40k RPG Imperium Maledictum
    5. Roll20, Deadlands and Numenera RPG makers join Pathfinder studio’s open game licence as D&D OGL rival gathers momentum
    6. D&D’s latest OGL playtest releases core rules to Creative Commons but deauthorizes past version
    1. Exec behind Terraforming Mars screen adaptation would love to make a Clank! action movie
    2. Terraforming Mars movie or TV show would be ‘between The Martian and The Expanse’, feature original characters and involve board game’s creators
    1. D&D maker apologises for OGL, will publicly playtest future versions of legal document
    2. Magic: The Gathering kills five Planeswalkers and overhauls Infect in Phyrexia: All Will Be One
    3. 6 best Warhammer 40,000 video games you should play before Space Marine 2
    4. Play Wordle with scratch cards in this adventure RPG board game
    5. D&D’s golden age is over due to OGL revolt, says Dark Souls RPG writer
    6. You're In Space And Everything's Fucked in this brutal sci-fi horror RPG inspired by Alien, Dead Space and System Shock
    7. Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon miniatures game coming this year
    8. New eBay rival promises Pokémon, MTG and Yu-Gi-Oh! fans an easier way to PSA grade and sell their valuable cards
    1. 5 best Pokémon board games
    2. Disney TCG Lorcana announces 2023 release date, starter decks and booster pack details
    3. Critical Role's latest twist could set the stage for Campaign 4 and beyond
    4. Pokémon fans are snapping up trading cards with Ash and Pikachu before they leave the TV series
    1. Yu-Gi-Oh! is bringing back some of its most iconic cards in standalone boosters for the TCG’s 25th anniversary
    2. Yu-Gi-Oh! in 2022: Master Duel and a long-awaited return to tournaments help the TCG to thrive ahead of its 25th anniversary
    3. Get Call of Cthulhu and Runequest TRPG starter sets for less than a dollar each
    4. New Marvel board games coming from Lords of Waterdeep co-designer and Rap Godz creator
    5. The One Ring studio is the latest RPG publisher to create its own open game licence in wake of D&D OGL turmoil
    6. A rare Ancient Mew Pokémon card in perfect condition, typo and all, just sold at auction
    1. Dungeons & Dragons publisher responds to OGL criticism: “We rolled a 1”
    1. Warhammer 40,000 RPG Imperium Maledictum reveals its cover art - exclusive
    2. Award-winning RPG monster series launches werewolf supplement for D&D 5E
    3. Pathfinder maker announces its own Open RPG Creative License in response to controversial D&D OGL changes
    1. This X-Wing-style miniatures game lets you build your own ships like Lego - and it's one of 2023's unmissable releases
    2. Tabletop RPG actual play allstars join forces on Worlds Beyond Number podcast
    3. A love letter to Magic: The Gathering and its players, Dominaria Remastered is a strong start to 2023 for the TCG
    1. D&D maker tightens its grip on third-party RPG books with reported OGL changes
    2. 5 miniatures games to look forward to in 2023, from Warhammer 40,000 to Star Wars: Shatterpoint
    3. SPONSORED: We battle as mean girl witches and troll theatre kids in fantasy high school board game Mythic Mischief!
    4. Silent Hill and Cronenberg haunts this horror tarot roleplaying game
    1. 10 best Dominaria Remastered cards in Magic: The Gathering’s latest set
    2. Dungeons & Dragons is being made into a TV series by Red Notice filmmaker
    3. Mad King Ludwig board game sequel trades tiles for blueprint drafting paper
    4. Exploding Kittens’ new shouting word-game is like “Scattergories meets Super Mario Kart”
    5. The King’s Dilemma video game is coming at the end of this month
    6. SPONSORED: Kiss Marry Kill for your favourite movies! First look at new party game Play Rewind Eject
    1. Explore the mythical tabletop RPG worlds of Forbidden Lands and Vaesen for $25 in new Humble Bundle
    2. Cluedo aesthetic upgrade makes the cast of the classic whodunit board game extremely hot
    1. 5 ways to play RPGs without a GM
    2. What is OSR? A newcomer’s guide to the Old School Renaissance RPGs reviving classic D&D
    3. Jiangshi designers’ next roleplaying game is like a horror version of Russian Doll
    1. SPONSORED: Hamilton in D&D? 5E book Nations & Cannons explores American Revolution roleplaying
    2. 4 D&D actual plays you should watch after Critical Role
    3. Watch a robot arm play a game of Catan
    1. Call of Cthulhu studio refuses to use AI art in its future releases
    2. D&D publisher Wizards of the Coast has cancelled at least five video games