September 2021 Archive

    1. Nigerian board game company Nibcard has won the Diana Jones 2021 award
    2. Gen Con’s day-one crowd left attendees and online onlookers worried despite safety guidelines
    3. Fawlty Towers inspired RPG Flabbergasted invites players into the ridiculous world of high society
    4. Black Library bundle includes £400+ of Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar audiobooks for under £15
    5. Deep Sea Adventure studio’s latest game Scout is out next month
    6. One Deck Dungeon goes to space in the board game series’ latest venture
    1. Chart a magical fishing trip through a bespoke landscape in minimalist RPG Riverbend
    2. Marvel Villainous is less than half price on Amazon UK
    3. Awkward small talk is the whole point of Humans, a party game for aliens in disguise
    4. Space western board game Forsaken centers would-be legends on unforgiving desert planet
    5. Arkham Horror, Twilight Imperium and Android studio Fantasy Flight is considering a legacy game
    6. Lord of the Rings: The Card Game being revived with a revised core set
    7. Clank! is a risk/reward board game that laughs at your plans, and I love it
    8. Jurassic World is getting a legacy game from Villainous and Hogwarts Battle creators
    9. Spider-man and Venom themed expansion swinging into Marvel Champions
    10. Descent: Legends of the Dark expansion Ghosts of Greyhaven will be a ‘side story’ to its main campaign
    11. Arkham Horror: TCG is getting a new time-travelling expansion and Dunwich Legacy reprint
    12. Star Wars: Outer Rim is finally getting its first expansion, Unfinished Business
    1. Mausritter adventure Sanctum of the Ori Magi is genuine, folded-paper magic
    2. Azul: Queen’s Garden, the next entry in the mosaic board game series, has been teased for late 2021
    3. “I’m constantly trying to outdo myself”: Dinosaur Island and Cryptid artist on the rise of board game illustrators and the struggle to innovate
    4. The Game of Life designer Reuben Klamer has passed away
    5. Jiangshi co-creator’s next game is a LARPG anthology inspired by Get Out and Hannibal
    6. Star Trek Missions is a board game that combines Fantasy Realms gameplay with the beloved sci-fi series
    7. Stardew Valley: The Board Game review - from chill, charming farm sim to frustrating, unforgiving tabletop adaptation
    8. Lost Ruins of Arnak takes home prestigious German-language board game award
    9. Call of Cthulhu marks the horror RPG’s 40th anniversary with a new Keeper Rulebook
    1. 10 best cards in Magic: The Gathering’s new set Innistrad: Midnight Hunt
    2. How to RPG with Your Cat turns your feline friend into a furry d20
    3. More designers condemn, cut ties with The Gaming Goat over white nationalist imagery in Kickstarter campaign
    4. Briar & Bramble weaves the hardy animal adventures of Watership Down and Farthing Wood into a tabletop RPG
    5. Machi Koro publisher Pandasaurus has been robbed, 300 board games taken
    1. Design degistif: Apothecaria creator Anna Blackwell discusses creating a commentary for her solo RPG
    2. Well Hydrated Yellow? Tim's Magical Green? We fix miniatures paint names on the Dicebreaker Podcast!
    3. Make weapons from beast parts in this Monster Hunter-like supplement for D&D 5E and Pathfinder 2E
    4. Find, walk and care for dogs in this adorable new board game
    5. Blades in the Dark’s TV series could blow away the D&D film
    1. Keyforge’s next set is complete but won’t be released until it comes back from hiatus
    2. DJ Steve Aoki to crack open auctioned packs of 1999 Pokémon cards to support neuroscience and autism research
    3. New 7 Wonders board game Architects has players building a replica wonder
    4. Happy City is a simple but sweet blend of Splendor and Machi Koro that’ll put a smile on your face
    5. Chronicles of Crime creator lead-designer on digital deckbuilding game about Japanese folklore
    1. Dragonlance author announces new D&D 5E campaign setting full of sky pirates and airships
    2. Unofficial D&D supplement adds mousefolk and gunslingers to the RPG
    3. The Spill is a “reverse tower defense” board game about saving sea-life
    4. The Civilization board game pioneered epic strategy a decade before Sid Meier
    1. Best new board games in September 2021: latest tabletop release dates
    2. Indie initiative SideQuest bookends the year with a second zine-focused TRPG event
    3. “Passion is coming through in spades right now” - Funkoverse game studio talks licensed board games
    4. Avatar Legends RPG designers were prepared for success, but nearly $10m on Kickstarter changed things
    5. Prices for Arkham Horror, Cosmic Encounter and Mansions of Madness all set to increase due to rising costs
    1. Old-school inspired RPG Down We Go wants to make deadly dungeon delving approachable for all
    2. 9 best real-time board games
    3. Pathfinder, Warhammer: Soulbound, Root RPG and more feature in this year’s Free RPG Day
    4. Numenera Discovery Bundle opens up a discounted gateway into the sci-fi RPG
    5. Warhammer master painter Duncan Rhodes is launching his own miniatures paint range
    6. SolForge Fusion is half Keyforge, half MTG’s Jumpstart - and a physical reboot for the digital card game
    1. We cast the upcoming Blades in the Dark TV series on this week's Dicebreaker Podcast!
    2. In swamp horror TRPG Gravemire, alligators are the least of your problems
    3. Pokémon TCG expert talks the collecting boom, celebrity fans and why your cards probably aren’t worth anything
    4. Create cowpeople and fox-characters in The Delver’s Guide to Beast World, a supplement for D&D
    1. The Broken Token CEO steps down after laying off over half the company’s staff
    2. Super Mario Labyrinth sends a plumber-themed board game classic stateside this month
    3. Sci-fi roleplaying game Stars Without Number gets a full hardcover release
    4. How playground sexism led to one of the rarest original Pokémon cards
    5. A Game of Thrones: B’twixt board game features the deadly politics of King’s Landing
    6. Transformers are driving, flying and jumping into a new tabletop RPG
    1. Talent-studded D&D 5E setting Tanares earns over $1m in first day of crowdfunding
    2. 10 board games to look for at Gen Con 2021 - preview
    3. The Queen’s Gambit board game wants to turn you into a chess prodigy… without actually playing chess
    4. Cyberpunk Red RPG studio R. Talsorian becomes latest publisher to exit Gen Con 2021 over COVID-19 concerns
    5. Blades in the Dark RPG is being adapted into a television series
    1. High-powered, high fantasy RPG Exalted will receive a live action television adaptation
    2. The G.I. Joe Roleplaying Game has been officially revealed
    3. 28 tabletop games have made $1m on Kickstarter in 2021 so far
    4. Magic: The Gathering is now the ‘official gaming sponsor’ of English League Two football club Leyton Orient
    5. Wanderhome studio’s next RPG is a game about ghost families called Our Haunt
    6. Machi Koro and TMNT: Shadows of the Past publisher IDW Games will not release any more board games
    7. A 24-karat gold Pikachu card created for Pokémon TCG’s 20th anniversary is up for auction
    8. In Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield - Fusion Strike teamwork makes the dream work
    9. 10 best sourcebooks for Dungeons & Dragons 5E