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September 2022 Archive

    1. Kickstarter's new CEO talks future of tabletop crowdfunding, Gamefound rivalry and blockchain plans
    2. Kickstarter hires Everette Taylor as CEO amid growing competition and blockchain worries
    3. Keep an entire RPG character on a bookmark with a handy new OSR supplement
    4. Chronicles of Crime publisher picks up another game from Flamecraft studio
    5. Tigris & Euphrates sequel Yellow & Yangtze finally returns with a new name, new expansions - and miniatures
    1. Coyote & Crow is ready to expand its indigenous science-fantasy world beyond the tabletop RPG
    2. Horror RPG bundle channels devil babies, The Wicker Man, MF Doom and internet creepypasta for Halloween game night
    3. Isle of Cats board game sequel teams up players to rescue kitties from a fire
    4. A Mörk Borg card game looks to adapt the dark fantasy RPG
    5. 5 things DMs should copy from D&D actual play shows like Critical Role and Dimension 20 (and 5 to avoid)
    6. Nausicaa-inspired Cloud Empress brings the eco-horror of Ghibli movies to sci-fi RPG Mothership
    7. D&D creator has already rolled-back changes to natural 1s and 20s
    8. "Daybreak reminds us if we can imagine it, we can make it happen": Pandemic designer on his climate change awareness game
    1. Chess Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen accuses Hans Niemann of cheating in public statement
    2. Grab D&D, Pathfinder and DIE comics for cheap and support the National Network of Abortion Funds
    3. You can now put Jeff Goldblum into your Dungeons & Dragons games
    4. D&D, Vampire: The Masquerade to be played at fundraising event for trans-supportive charity
    5. Is a hot dog limp or firm? Asking the big questions in party game Wavelength with team Eurogamer!
    6. SPONSORED: We play One-Shot Wonders, the D&D 5E book with 100 readymade scenarios for game night
    1. Going Rogue 2e channels the drama of Rogue One and Andor into a tabletop RPG of resistance
    2. Win some exclusive Disney Lorcana cards and merch from D23!
    3. How new tabletop RPG The Zone embraced, and then kicked, AI-generated art
    4. Like video games, big tabletop games are demanding more and more from players - and it’s harming the hobby
    5. This Bloodborne-esque RPG turns its players into monster hunters
    6. Pokémon meets Monikers as Ace Trainer Liam and Bird Keeper Toby try to guess Pokémon card charades!
    7. Terraforming Mars: The Dice Game offers a simpler and faster version of the original
    8. Horror and hilarity collide as we play RPG Call of Cthulhu with guest GM Mike Mason!
    1. Zoo Tycoon board game turns the PC classic into cardboard
    2. 'TCGs are exhausting': Richard Garfield on Netrunner’s afterlife, Keyforge’s future and making a Yahtzee dungeon-crawler
    3. 12 board games to play at Essen Spiel 2022
    1. MTG will favour physical releases over Arena for Brothers’ War and two following card sets
    2. Black God’s Kiss adapts the work of sword & sorcery fiction pioneer for D&D 5E and OSE
    3. Dead of Winter designer’s tasty next board game serves up recipes from Wild Gardens
    4. Doctor Who RPG bundle includes enough books to fill a TARDIS for £15
    5. 4 brand new and upcoming board games you should play at EGX this weekend
    1. Fake Chess inserts its own anal beads scandal with expansion to surreal chess RPG
    2. Dimension 20 DM and player launches RPG for creating session zeroes
    3. Critical Role’s tragic turn is just what Campaign 3 needed
    4. Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel pairs two popular summoning strategies in latest festival
    5. Get 50% off Star Wars Villainous, Risk and Catan in Target sale
    6. Historic 2003 Pokémon booster box featuring last Kadabra appearance before 20-year Uri Geller ban appears at auction
    7. Pokémon's most stunning cards are pricing people out of the TCG
    8. MTG’s Unfinity contains attractions, stickers, hats and more - here’s how to navigate the circus
    1. Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight Archive novels will get an official tabletop RPG in 2024
    2. Arborea is a gorgeous Ghibli-esque board game about woodland spirits
    3. Cyberpunk Red’s ‘Easy Mode’ lets beginners jump into the RPG’s Dark Future for free
    4. Fallout 4 is getting a new skirmish miniatures game from former Warhammer designer
    5. SPONSORED: Which character should you play in Marvel Dice Throne?
    6. Actual play network Dragon wants to be a Netflix for tabletop RPGs
    7. Queen’s Dilemma Kickstarter campaign will launch later next month
    1. Cheating allegations, grudges and anal beads: Why the chess world can’t stop talking about Carlsen v. Niemann
    2. 10 best Lost Origin cards in Pokémon TCG’s latest set
    3. Pandemic designer’s next co-op game launched on Backerkit today
    4. Not Chess remixes classic chess into a party game with zombies, teleportation and a sniper rifle queen
    5. New D&D 5E book lets you go on Lord of the Rings-style journeys with expanded travel and exploration rules
    6. Legend of Zelda inspired RPG embraces classic video game tropes
    7. Alien RPG studio set to publish Mörk Borg spin-off pirate game
    8. Watch Dicebreaker play Call of Cthulhu, party games and Pokémonikers at EGX this weekend!
    1. Star Wars: Clone Wars – A Pandemic System Game features Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker
    1. An Elden Ring board game is coming
    2. Is Catan one of the greatest playthings of all time? This year’s National Toy Hall of Fame nominations think it might be
    3. Gloomhaven Digital will be free on Epic later next week
    1. Chapbook Co-Op’s first collaborative production is a two-player RPG chock full of textile artwork
    2. Idyllic village-building video game Dorfromantik gets a cooperative tabletop adaptation
    3. Money off in your local store, cheaper PAX Unplugged tickets, free games and promos: Dicebreaker memberships are here!
    4. These Stormlight Archive miniatures look pretty damn cool
    5. Get the new card game from the creator of Magic: The Gathering for free! Announcing our first yearly Dicebreaker memberships game
    6. Maddie conjures a frog wizard out of clay
    7. Go behind the scenes at Gen Con 2022 with our vlog from the US board game convention
    8. Liv plays Hooked On You, the Dead by Daylight dating sim
    9. Meet Liv's puppy, Biscuit!
    10. Marvel films aren’t the death of cinema, but they’re getting stale
    11. Maddie recommends her favourite fantasy novels
    12. Better Call Saul is the perfect encapsulation of tragedy and comedy
    13. Off The Table: I can’t believe how good the Resident Evil 2 Remake is
    14. How an anime catgirl helped me finally understand mahjong
    15. An adult activity camp was the closest I’ve felt to being a real-life D&D character - and I loved it
    1. New Keyforge set part of Gamefound crowdfunding campaign that will measure player interest
    2. RPGs as therapy: How fictional worlds help vulnerable people explore real-life emotions
    1. Age of Sigmar and Blood Bowl will also appear in Warhammer 40,000’s MTG crossover
    2. ‘I see interesting things in the world and the game that goes with them’: Wingspan creator Elizabeth Hargrave and designer Jeff Fraser on The Fox Experiment
    3. Make any tabletop RPG a solo game with this adventure system
    4. Elder Scrolls board game will take place in Skyrim, Cyrodiil, Morrowind and beyond
    5. Video game puzzler Wilmot’s Warehouse is being made into a board game
    1. D&D publisher files legal action to halt TSR’s Star Frontiers RPG and its “reprehensible content”
    2. A Monty Python tabletop RPG?! We imagine our dream comedy TRPGs on the Dicebreaker Podcast
    3. The return of Pokémon-ex cards will save the Pokémon TCG
    4. ‘People will feel our love for Disney in this game’: Lorcana co-designer on the House of Mouse's TCG rival to Magic: The Gathering and Pokémon
    5. Lorcana’s first card reveals definitely look like a Disneyfied Magic: The Gathering
    6. 7 Wonders and Just One studio reveals newest co-op party board game
    1. The best Yu-Gi-Oh! GX decks you can play for real
    2. Designer for Bioshock and Brothers in Arms’ first board game is like Small World
    3. Decrypto studio reveals its newest board game will feature case-solving for kids
    1. Elric of Melniboné board game adapts the Michael Moorcock fantasy character
    2. Dominaria United is a hugely satisfying return to Magic: The Gathering’s founding plane
    3. Next King of Tokyo entry is a co-op board game called Monster Island
    4. Play out your dead D&D characters’ afterlives in existential RPG Ink
    1. Monty Python RPG creators on taking the piss out of D&D, letting players get silly - and why it’s not just Holy Grail
    2. Official Monty Python RPG catapults onto Kickstarter next month - exclusive
    3. Stormlight Archive miniatures RPG collection to include Dalinar Kholin in Shardplate
    4. Call of Cthulhu comes to Bridgerton in a new Regency RPG sourcebook
    1. DriveThruRPG sale features Blades in the Dark-inspired games at a steal
    2. Dungeons & Dragons 5E removes racist Hadozee depiction from Spelljammer, apologises for “offensive material”
    3. The Rorschach Test inspired this dark cyber-dystopian tabletop RPG
    4. Pokémon’s new TCG world champions talk practice, travel and the realities of being the very best
    5. Fuse Countdown is a real-time co-op game about defusing bombs under pressure
    1. Wingspan designer’s next game explores the wonders of Mother Trees
    2. Rivet Wars: Reloaded is like an Advance Wars board game - here's how it plays
    3. Is Disney taking on Magic: The Gathering with its new card game? - lets discuss on the Dicebreaker Podcast
    4. Munchkin video game coming from studio behind Root Digital
    5. Final Fantasy 14 meets D&D and Lancer in tabletop RPG Beacon
    1. Magic: The Gathering’s legendary Power Nine cards, including Black Lotus, are having a record-breaking year
    2. Warhammer 40,000 is closing out the Horus Heresy story after 17 years, kind of
    3. 7 Game of Thrones board games to play while you wait for more House of the Dragon
    4. 10 best Dominaria United cards in Magic: The Gathering’s newest set
    5. Sagrada: Artisans is a legacy board game about crafting windows over generations
    1. Cross Duel looks like Yu-Gi-Oh!’s four-player, digital answer to MTG’s Commander
    2. Kingdomino designer’s Atlantis-themed board game is getting an English localisation
    3. Pandemic studio’s next title is a deckbuilding battle game featuring dinosaurs and Hollywood stars
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