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April 2020 Archive

    1. NHS Heroes playing cards launched to fundraise for key workers during COVID-19
    2. The Dicebreaker merchandise store is open now, featuring two new T-shirt designs!
    3. Jodie Whittaker’s 13th Doctor joins new edition of Doctor Who board game Time of the Daleks
    4. The Hobbit board game on the way from Lord of the Rings movie effects studio
    5. Play Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle as a lone wizard with free solo rules
    1. How to play Dungeons & Dragons online
    2. Limited-edition Warhammer 40,000 miniature headed exclusively to local game stores in COVID-19 support effort
    3. Scientist-racing board game Steampunk Rally gets a standalone sequel set on Mars
    4. Seastead, the spiritual sequel to post-apocalyptic board game Flotilla, forces its opponents to play fair
    5. Sci-fi deckbuilder Star Realms’ upcoming set Rise of Empire is a standalone prequel with a legacy-style campaign
    1. Magic: The Gathering - Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths draft guide: How to draft the latest MTG set
    2. Infinity CodeOne is a slicker, quicker edition of the sci-fi miniatures game aimed at newcomers, out now
    3. A Feast for Odin, Terra Mystica and more will be published in English by original studio Feuerland Spiele
    4. Tapeworm is a delightfully gross card game mash-up of Uno and Snake from Binding of Isaac creator
    5. UK Games Expo 2020 has been cancelled
    1. Beginner-friendly RPG Quest’s first official setting, The Reach, is a free ‘story sandbox’ in a doomed world
    2. Play mystery board game TIME Stories Revolution at home with free demo scenario Damien
    3. Sea of Legends is an ambitious pirate adventure board game with a treasure trove of tales to tell - Kickstarter preview
    4. The next Batman board game, based on the Dark Nights: Metal comics, twists the Caped Crusader into a terrifying villain
    5. Anime deckbuilder Tanto Cuore is coming back to digital
    1. This week’s Dicebreaker Podcast has the next Pandemic game, Kids on Brooms, D&D advice and more Mr. Blobby than anyone can handle
    1. Oriflamme board game review - a rapid and ruthless card game that’s Game of Thrones by way of Love Letter
    2. Upcoming board game Canvas lets you paint your own masterpiece using transparent cards
    3. You can now play dungeon-crawling board game Arcadia Quest single-player with free solo mode rules
    4. Study ancient spell books in Atheneum: Mystic Library, the next board game from the creators of Obscurio
    5. Party game Insider is 20 Questions meets Werewolf, and it’s getting a trickier new edition
    1. Risk: Warhammer 40,000 is marching onto shelves this autumn
    2. 10 best train board games to play after Ticket to Ride
    3. "They’re gods you could go have a beer with": Eric Lang talks Ankh: Gods of Egypt
    4. 2019 was the biggest year for Dungeons & Dragons in the RPG's almost 50-year history, says Wizards of the Coast
    5. Get stuck into the worlds of Dungeons & Dragons and Warhammer 40,000 by picking up these book bundles from just £1
    6. Weird West tabletop RPG Deadlands is being revamped with its biggest new edition in 15 years
    7. Essen Spiel 2020 organisers say world’s biggest board game convention will go ahead - for now - despite coronavirus
    1. Playing Diplomacy online transformed the infamously brutal board game from unbearable to brilliant
    2. Sushi Go! creator Phil Walker-Harding reveals his next board game, 3D Tetris-a-like Monolyth - exclusive
    3. Games Workshop is already preparing to re-open Warhammer stores after COVID-19 lockdown
    1. Survive a slasher movie in Final Girl, a single-player horror board game from the maker of Detective: City of Angels
    2. Bargain Quest, the card game of fantasy flogging, sets sail in next expansion Sunk Costs
    3. Download and play a free adventure for Overlight, the fantasy tabletop RPG from Kids on Bikes studio
    4. Kids on Brooms is a Harry Potter tabletop RPG in all but name, out this summer
    5. Pandemic: Hot Zone is a portable 30-minute version of the hit co-op board game
    1. Tabletop Simulator rival Tabletop Playground is currently free to download on PC during its open beta
    2. Burgle Bros. 2 board game preview - a tighter co-op caper that sneaks in new surprises
    3. Four starter decks for Keyforge’s upcoming Mass Mutation set released as free print-and-play after COVID-19 delay
    4. Play Carcassonne by yourself or in co-op thanks to free official solo rules for the board game
    1. The Dicebreaker Podcast is back to backstab Diplomacy, defend Monopoly and ask the ultimate question: to sleeve or not to sleeve?
    2. “For now, I’m done”: Ankh: Gods of Egypt is final board game in Blood Rage and Rising Sun ‘mythic trilogy’, Eric Lang confirms
    3. Sci-fi board game epic Twilight Imperium is being adapted into a book series
    1. How to introduce board games to friends and family
    2. Shadows Over Camelot co-creator teases possible spiritual sequel to co-op board game, Shadows Over Brooklyn
    3. BattleCON is Street Fighter as a card game, and it’s back with a new fourth edition this summer
    4. Fantasy Flight suspends all X-Wing, Keyforge and Legend of the Five Rings organised play in wake of COVID-19
    5. Trivial Pursuit: Horror Ultimate Edition stalks onto shelves this autumn
    6. Bullet?? is bringing the intense ‘puzzle action’ of shoot ‘em up video games to the tabletop
    1. Wonderland is a card game from Clank! and Fox in the Forest makers you can print-and-play for free
    2. Catan, Carcassonne and more digital board games are up to 50% off on Nintendo Switch
    1. Railroad Ink Challenge ramps up the competition in the colourful roll-and-write train game with two new sets
    2. Unofficial Dungeons & Dragons miniatures are allowing Patreon creators to turn their hobby into a career
    3. Last Aurora board game is Mad Max on ice, getting an English edition from War of the Ring creator
    4. Dead of Winter creator’s next board game Forgotten Waters has retail release date postponed indefinitely
    5. US tabletop event Origins delayed to autumn, ‘virtual convention’ to be held this summer
    1. Sheep armies, dumb board game moments and RPG tips: it’s the second episode of the Dicebreaker Podcast!
    2. How family classic Yahtzee inspired board gaming's latest trend, the roll-and-write
    1. 10 best Easter board games to play over the bank holiday weekend
    2. Family board game Kingdomino gets a free print-and-play expansion, The Court
    3. Gloom of Kilforth creator reveals solo deckbuilding board game Veilwraith
    4. Anachrony and Kitchen Rush designer’s next board game Excavation Earth sees extraterrestrials selling human garbage as art
    5. Pirate board game Forgotten Waters' voice cast includes Dragon Ball Z, My Hero Academia and Red vs. Blue stars
    1. Spirit Island creator’s co-op board game For Science! launches on Kickstarter, publisher responds to COVID-19 sensitivity concerns
    2. Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG World Championship 2020 cancelled in response to coronavirus
    3. 30 years on, fantasy board game HeroQuest is still inspiring modern dungeon-crawlers
    4. Play Dungeons & Dragons 5E Starter Set adventure Lost Mines of Phandelver for free on D&D Beyond
    5. Tales from the Loop board game arrives on Kickstarter, free print-and-play demo out now
    1. Introducing the Dicebreaker Podcast, our new weekly natter about board games, tabletop RPGs and more!
    2. Captain Marvel, Red Skull and more Marvel superheroes are coming to chaotic card game Smash Up
    3. New Star Wars board games, more Outer Rim and Mandalorian releases in the works, Fantasy Flight confirms
    4. Dixit, Dobble, Unlock! and more family board games released as free print-and-plays to download at home
    5. D&D meets LSD in Dungeon Breakout, a party game set in the psychedelic fantasy world of Dungeon Degenerates
    1. Resident Evil 3: The Board Game is bursting onto Kickstarter later this month
    2. Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount is the most worthwhile D&D 5E book yet, whether you’re a Critical Role fan or not
    3. Grab Tabletop Simulator for 50% off on PC to keep your board game group going over the internet
    1. Magic: The Gathering’s latest set Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths shows off its massive monsters in reveal trailer
    2. Magic: The Gathering pulls ‘Death Corona’ card from upcoming set Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths due to COVID-19
    3. Marvel Champions’ first big expansion The Rise of the Red Skull adds new campaign mode
    4. Cards Against Humanity has a new family-friendly edition you can download for free
    1. Fly an airship as lovely animals with first My Little Scythe Expansion, Pie in the Sky
    2. Ankh: Gods of Egypt, next board game in Blood Rage and Rising Sun trilogy, gets a Kickstarter launch date
    3. Play party game Love Letter for free with print-and-play edition Sender
    1. Explore cursed dungeons in Spire creators’ dark fantasy tabletop RPG Heart: The City Beneath
    2. Warhammer maker Games Workshop shuts UK and US stores in response to COVID-19
    3. Brian J. Blume, TSR co-founder who bankrolled Dungeons & Dragons’ first edition, has passed away
    4. Gloomhaven sequel Frosthaven arrives on Kickstarter, makes almost $5m in under a day
    5. Arkham Horror, Android and Keyforge are getting board game art books