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June 2022 Archive

    1. Dungeons & Dragons player creations will soon be sold on Roll20 thanks to a new partnership
    2. Wingspan game expansion introduces new birds from Asia
    3. 7 detective board games better than Cluedo
    4. Critical Role producer’s texting TRPG set to be turned into a film
    1. D&D actual play studio adds founder Jamison Stone back to website, weeks after abuse and manipulation allegations
    2. Keyforge card game has been bought by an ex-Fantasy Flight CEO
    3. 5 classic Yu-Gi-Oh! formats that changed the TCG
    4. Clank! Catacombs spin-off game sees players creating the dungeon they’re robbing
    1. Sakura Wars-inspired board game Maid Knight Saga gets an English release
    2. Vampire: The Masquerade’s answer to D&D Beyond launches into early access
    3. Wizards of the Coast employees disappointed by Hasbro’s “out of touch” response to overturning of Roe v. Wade
    4. Could Arcs be the first misfire from Cole Wehrle? Our impressions of Root creators’ latest board game
    5. Get Talisman: Digital Edition and its expansions for less than £10 in a Humble Bundle
    6. Pokémon TCG player enters US tournament with super-sized deck of jumbo cards
    7. Tame Pokémon-like creatures in the Monster Wrangler tabletop RPG
    1. Ted Lasso and Parks & Recreation party games transform the sitcoms into sit down and play.
    2. Can you guess which board games these are from weird AI generated art?
    3. 10 things you didn't know about the early history of D&D
    4. Elden Ring bosses and Critical Role soundtracks take centre stage in the Dicebreaker Podcast
    5. Root game expansion adds four new AI factions for co-op and solo play
    1. New board game coming from designer behind Spiel des Jahres nominated Cascadia
    2. The Game of Thrones board game is free on PC until next week
    3. More indie support, less blockchain: Kickstarter’s new games advisors on tackling the crowdfunding giant’s problems
    4. Pokémon TCG expansion introduces new Pokémon Legends: Arceus cards
    1. Alien and Symbaroum among discounted TRPGs during Free League’s summer sale
    2. Shadow of the Colossus and Ghibli films inspired this tabletop RPG
    3. 10 best cards in Pokémon’s Astral Radiance set
    1. Critical Role launches a record label to produce a fantasy ambiance soundtrack
    2. Play the upcoming Dr. Grordbort RPG in D&D 5E with this exclusive quickstart adventure
    3. Exploding Kittens resurrects ‘dead’ players in Zombie Kittens spin-off game
    4. Romp through Dungeons & Dragons adventures as a band of rugrats in TRPG supplement Dungeon Babies
    5. Classic Pathfinder adventure released for Savage Worlds tabletop RPG
    6. How button football, Brazil’s favourite tabletop sport, scored a goal during the pandemic
    1. Elden Ring D&D stat blocks let you fight Malenia, Radahn and more in 5E
    2. Dungeons & Dragons & Drinks are the focus of this tabletop RPG supplement
    3. Kinderspiel des Jahres 2022 winner announced as Magic Mountain
    4. 10 best Yu-Gi-Oh! trap cards
    5. Crazy Taxi meets wild west railways in dexterity board game Railroad Madness
    1. We get excited about the Magic: The Gathering 30th anniversary event and chat Arcs on the Dicebreaker Podcast
    2. Call of Cthulhu's new 40th anniversary starter set is out next week
    3. What D&D dungeon masters should learn from Elden Ring
    4. More board games supporting single players were released in 2021 than those that didn’t
    1. Roleplay the apocalypse or an extremely good karaoke night with tabletop RPG book World Ending Game
    2. Owner of board game behemoth Asmodee says not to worry about $1bn investment from Saudi Arabia
    3. Sailor Moon-esque tabletop RPG sees players become magical girls
    4. Save your fellow witches from suspicion in spellcasting board game Septima
    1. 12 of the best board game cafes in the UK you should visit
    2. Workers at Seattle Mox Board House location follow Card Kingdom in forming union
    3. Yu-Gi-Oh!’s new Dimension Force set and latest bans are turning the TCG’s competitive scene upside-down
    1. Stormlight Archive’s heartfelt worldbuilding makes the Brandon Sanderson books perfect for a tabletop RPG
    2. Ticket to Ride-esque game has players drawing holiday routes on globes
    3. Bioshock Infinite’s Columbia bears a striking resemblance to this board game
    4. MTG anniversary event Magic 30 kicks off a year-long birthday bash for the card game this October
    5. Where’s Wally? co-op game MicroMacro goes All In with its newest entry
    1. Backerkit launches its own crowdfunding platform with nearly 40 planned projects
    2. Whimsical fantasy RPG Land of Eem is like Lord of the Rings with Muppets, and it looks as great as that sounds
    3. Extra Fabulous webcomic artist has co-created a party game called Boo-ty Call
    4. Munchkin publisher CEO among members of Kickstarter's community advisory council
    5. Atlas of the Latter Earth is an RPG supplement with serious Elden Ring vibes
    6. Pot of Greed: The game-breaking card that changed Yu-Gi-Oh! history
    7. Zombicide spin-off game features Tetris-style puzzle solving
    1. Funko purchases collectibles company and Unmatched publisher Mondo from Alamo Drafthouse
    2. MCM Comic Con and UKGE reviewed in the latest episode of the Dicebreaker Podcast
    3. Tabletop RPG characters get the zany café AU of their dreams with Coffee & Chaos
    4. Warhammer 40K spin-off Horus Heresy is back - here’s why that’s a big deal, and why you should be interested
    5. Monopoly summer camp will teach kids financial lessons
    6. Clank! board games will be published solely by Dire Wolf
    1. Walking Dead: All Out War studio will be making board games
    2. Industrial Cyberpunk TRPG Gangs of Titan City is Peaky Blinders meets Spire and Blades in the Dark
    3. Dungeons & Dragons queer characters found in this new supplement
    4. Sushi Go!-style game Yum Cha will help teach players Mandarin
    1. D&D 5E goes for a pint with Local Legends in next Epic Encounters miniatures set
    2. How Dungeons & Dragons became a part of the 1980s Satanic Panic
    3. These Gloomhaven fans made their own enormous expansion for the epic dungeon-crawler
    4. Arc designer’s newest TRPG needs two players, several days and a lot of emotional honesty to complete
    5. D&D supplement invites players to adventure with pride on a Queero’s Journey
    6. Cut YouTube channel is releasing a party game version of Lineup
    1. Magic: The Gathering reveals Unfinity’s updated release date in Wingdings, of course
    2. Claw Atlas expands map-based RPG Beak, Feather & Bone with two new roles and a heap of weird locations
    3. Magic: The Gathering boots two format-dominating cards out of Pioneer
    4. Numenera and Invisible Sun publisher will release a Cypher System open licence this summer
    5. Cats and dogs go to space in adorable Fluffy Frontier board game
    6. Magic: The Gathering’s second D&D set Battle for Baldur’s Gate offers plenty for fans of both games
    1. Grab Wingspan’s digital port and accompanying DLC for a song on GOG
    2. Ruins of Symbaroum is one of the best D&D 5E adaptations yet, but it comes at a cost
    3. The Great British Bake-Off board game is not coming to the UK
    4. Cyberpunk 2077 board game coming from Zombicide publisher
    1. Queer Games Bundle strives to earn a living wage for marginalized artists in the tabletop RPG space
    2. Critical Role’s Marisha Ray collaborates with Heart creator on a game about familiars for Free RPG Day
    3. 10 best Yu-Gi-Oh! spell cards
    1. The best D&D references in Magic: The Gathering - Battle for Baldur’s Gate
    1. 10 best pirate board games
    2. Watch Dicebreaker fail at Total Wipeout in real life!
    1. Tidal Blades: Banner Festival expands the aquatic world with a standalone trick-taking board game
    2. Beloved board game Terra Mystica is getting a faster, simpler spin-off this autumn
    3. Bundle for Buffalo combines nearly 200 RPGs for community support in wake of deadly shooting
    4. Snuggle up with this cozy bundle of non-violent, wholesome tabletop RPGs
    5. Nightmare Alley and tragic tabletop RPGs prove that knowing the end of a story doesn’t ruin it
    6. Lord of the Rings tabletop RPG launches solo ‘Strider’ mode
    7. Batman: The Arkham Asylum Files is an escape room game with AR aspects
    8. Return to Dark Tower tabletop RPG has players fighting against their own GM