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August 2020 Archive

    1. ‘It was a mess’: The disappearance and return of legendary ’80s board game Dark Tower
    2. 10 best Games Workshop games that aren’t Warhammer
    1. We go digital with Root, dig up hidden board game gems and dive into D&D’s Cauldron of Everything on this week’s Dicebreaker Podcast
    2. Cyberpunk Red co-designer Cody Pondsmith on bringing the RPG’s future to the present, keeping its ‘80s style and building up to 2077
    3. Love Letter designer’s latest game The Last Brave is getting an English release this November
    4. Great Western Trail creator’s strategy game Maracaibo is coming to mobile later this year
    1. How to make a great dungeon for Dungeons & Dragons 5E
    2. Magic: The Gathering creator’s ‘unique deck game’ Keyforge passes 2 million decks sold
    3. Roll for the Galaxy arrives on PC and mobile
    1. Votes for Women board game marks 100 years since women’s suffrage in the US
    2. Race for the Galaxy publisher’s next space board game goes Beyond the Sun
    1. Monster Hunter World board game teased as Dark Souls: TBG studio’s next video game adaptation
    2. Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything is a positive sign that Dungeons & Dragons is working on its problems - preview
    3. Warhammer 40,000 board game Blackstone Fortress’ final expansion is out next week
    4. As You ‘Wich is a party game about making the best sandwich
    5. D&D Celebration is a new community-led event for the RPG taking place next month
    1. D&D 5E’s next sourcebook Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything finally allows players to make characters without racial traits
    2. 10 best dexterity games that are better than Jenga
    3. Magic: The Gathering’s popular Commander format is getting a new reprint collection and its first full set
    1. What are the team's most embarrassing board games? Find out in this week's Dicebreaker Podcast!
    2. Scythe, Pandemic, Mysterium and other Asmodee Digital games included in Humble store sale
    3. Prepare to soak up knowledge in Trivial Pursuit: Spongebob Squarepants edition
    4. Root fans can now play the digital version of the game on PC
    1. Capture souls to become the next god of death in Baron Voodoo, releasing in English this autumn
    2. Fate Condensed is a streamlined version of the classic tabletop RPG
    3. Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective - The Baker Street Irregulars board game review: the classic mystery series has never been better
    4. Jurassic Park-inspired board game Dinosaur Island evolves with a sequel called Dinosaur World
    1. Classic Stefan Feld games Bruges and Macao are being re-released, with more to come
    2. How to play Magic: The Gathering Arena: A beginner's guide
    3. Lead a rebellion on two fronts in tough fantasy board game Uprising: Curse of the Last Emperor
    4. Over Arms is a tabletop RPG inspired by JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and the Persona video games
    5. Infinity sports game spin-off Aristeia is getting a four-player expansion, Prime Time
    1. The Pokémon Trading Card Game is a perfect evolution of the video games
    2. Tiny Epic Galaxies Blast Off! is a faster and simpler version of the dinky sci-fi game
    3. Budget wargame Skirmish gives you Warhammer-like battles for a tenner
    4. Great Western Trail creator’s next release is a post-apocalyptic airship game called CloudAge
    5. Magic: The Gathering’s latest Secret Lair drops five limited-edition psychedelic slime cards
    1. 10 best RPG board games
    2. Free Arkham Horror LCG pack features a sinister casino and an alternative version of Skids O’ Toole
    3. Iberian Gauge is the third train game in Irish Gauge and Ride the Rails series
    4. Flick treasure and flee the kraken in Tokyo Highway studio’s next dexterity game Crazy Octopus
    5. Dungeons & Dragons 5E’s combat wheelchair now has some fantastic miniatures
    1. Join Dicebreaker in the Metaverse this Sunday as we play RPG Blades in the Dark!
    1. The Dicebreaker Podcast heats up with beach-ready board games, chaotic camel racing and tabletop football
    2. Warhammer 40,000, Age of Sigmar and Blood Bowl are all getting new board games
    3. Epic Encounters include everything you need to run a D&D 5E adventure in one box
    4. Classic ‘80s Dungeons & Dragons adventure Castle Amber is being revised for 5E
    5. Magic: The Gathering Arena gets its first exclusive set, Amonkhet Remastered
    1. Magic: The Gathering’s Double Masters set has an unrivalled card selection - at an eye-watering cost
    2. Scythe creator’s civilisation board game Tapestry gets its first expansion next month
    3. Altered Carbon’s brutal Fightdrome is becoming a card game series
    4. Castles of Burgundy sequel Castles of Tuscany is a shorter and simpler version of the beloved board game
    1. Wild West board game Western Legends’ final expansion announced as Blood Money
    2. Sniper Elite: The Board Game, based on the video game series, stakes out a place on Kickstarter
    3. Flash Gordon is being turned into a card game for its 40th anniversary
    4. Guess Who meets Mysterium card game Similo is coming to mobile and PC
    1. The Princess Bride is getting a co-op 'adventure book' board game
    2. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe RPG on the way from D&D Beyond creator
    3. Fantasy football miniatures game Guild Ball is coming to an end next month
    1. Manga-styled sci-fi miniatures game Infinity’s fourth edition, N4, has a release date
    2. "We had big dreams!": Dice Throne Adventures creators on going co-op and making 'Gloomhaven Lite'
    3. Crime caper RPG Fiasco’s new boxed second edition is out this week
    4. The Quacks of Quedlinburg’s second expansion has players curing nightmares and hysteria
    5. Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth has a new DLC campaign and figure pack expansion on the way
    1. We solve crimes with Sherlock Holmes, beef with D&D gods and go uncover in Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 in this week’s Dicebreaker Podcast
    2. Clever Hoch Drei is the next roll-and-write game in the Ganz Schön Clever series
    3. Co-op Disney board game Shadowed Kingdom pits Mickey, Goofy, Donald and more against Doubt
    4. Dune: Imperium is a new deckbuilding game from Clank! co-creator, based on the sci-fi movie remake
    5. Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn is being reborn as a subscription-based game
    1. In Case of an Emergency is a tabletop RPG inspired by reality-bending video game Control, and it’s out now
    2. Ultimate Werewolf Extreme adds new roles and QR codes to the social deduction game
    3. How to play Draft in Magic: The Gathering
    4. Scythe’s Complete Rulebook collects everything players need to know in one place
    5. Blood Bowl’s Second Season Edition introduces a new team to the Warhammer fantasy football game
    6. Starfinder RPG’s episodic Amazon Alexa game is out now, stars Critical Role’s Laura Bailey
    1. Build a city for tourists, families and hipsters in Streets, the next game from the creator of Villagers
    2. Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 board game review (spoiler-free) - fantastic finale to an outstanding tabletop trilogy
    3. Magic: The Gathering and Keyforge creator Richard Garfield on 35 years of making the games he wants to play
    4. Wanderhome is a relaxing animal RPG inspired by Redwall, Studio Ghibli and the Moomins
    5. The Resistance: Avalon is getting a spiritual successor called Quest
    6. BlazBlue Exceed brings the anime video game fighter to the tabletop
    1. Pathfinder RPG’s Complete Character Chronicles are character sheet, rules and diary in a single book
    2. 17 best Tabletop Simulator mods for popular board games
    3. How to play board games online with friends
    4. Dungeons & Dragons 5E modder creates combat wheelchair for disabled RPG characters
    5. Illustrious tabletop prize Diana Jones Award celebrates “Black excellence in gaming”
    6. Hellboy is being turned into an RPG, Kickstarter this summer
    7. Magic: The Gathering creator’s classic card game The Great Dalmuti gets a Dungeons & Dragons do-over
    8. The Tea Dragon Society reunites for Autumn Harvest, the next board game based on the graphic novel series
    9. 10 best Dungeons & Dragons 5E subclasses you should play in your next campaign
    1. Play a spoiler-free demo of Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 on Tabletop Simulator now
    2. Dice-flinging dexterity hit Dungeon Fighter’s latest edition is not one, but two new games
    3. The real-life tragedy and sensationalised fantasy behind D&D-inspired movie Mazes and Monsters
    4. Marvel Champions LCG’s next big expansion stars Groot and Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy
    5. Swedish doom metal RPG Mörk Borg triumphs at 2020 ENnie Awards as Alien RPG named Best Game