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November 2022 Archive

    1. Reggie Watts, Kate Welch and Sauron’s actor among players in upcoming Lord of the Rings RPG charity event
    2. Terraforming Mars board game optioned for film adaptation
    3. How to host an atmospheric board game night (Sponsored)
    1. Amazon listing hints at release date and price for Dungeons & Dragons’ next adventure book
    2. Artsy two-player board game Re;Act is part Splatoon, part Magic: The Gathering
    3. My Little Pony RPG creator’s next game features adventuring dinosaurs
    1. One-page tabletop RPG Cosmic Latte raises funds for Starbucks unions
    2. Board game retailer union secures election date following “several weeks of anti-union activity”
    3. This fast and furious co-op board game is like Gloomhaven played against the clock
    4. This candle smells like the inside of a freshly opened board game
    1. The Dungeons and Dragons Core Rulebook Gift Set is only £82/$86 at Amazon this Black Friday
    1. Dark Souls: The Board Game’s revised edition fixes many of the original’s flaws, but introduces a few of its own
    1. SPONSORED: How well do you know Dungeons & Dragons? Roll for WIS with our quiz!
    2. Meet the judges for the Tabletop Awards 2022
    3. We’ll be playing Cyberpunk, watching Clue and announcing the Tabletop Awards at PAX Unplugged 2022 - here’s when and where to join us!
    4. Gloomhaven, Wingspan and Tabletop Simulator discounted in Autumn Steam Sale
    5. The Elden Ring board game has already crowdfunded over £1.5 million on Kickstarter
    1. Take the Dicebreaker readership survey and let us know what you’re interested in
    2. Announcing the finalists for the Tabletop Awards 2022!
    1. Kickstarter is releasing its first card game, and you can get it for free at PAX Unplugged
    2. Until Dawn and The Quarry inspired this print-and-play horror adventure game
    3. 4 card games you should play if you’re hooked on Marvel Snap
    1. Warhammer Underworlds is a fast and furious entry point to Age of Sigmar and the world of miniatures
    2. 9 cheap miniatures games under £50
    1. These one-page tabletop RPGs lampshade Twitter’s demise and frustrations with Mastodon
    2. 5 episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender to watch before playing Avatar: Fire Nation Rising (Sponsored)
    1. Role’s co-founder isn’t worried about D&D’s plans for the online RPG space
    2. We’ve played the Elden Ring board game - here’s how it works, and what we thought
    3. The Walking Dead roleplaying game on the way from Alien RPG and Tales from the Loop studio
    4. Pokémon TCG Live’s beta is now available worldwide, but maybe wait on migrating
    5. Dinosaur Island and Machi Koro studio employees allege toxic workplace directly caused by “negligent” owners
    6. Magic: The Gathering’s The Brothers’ War is a set worthy of its history
    1. I had never played Catan - one year later, I was a national champion
    2. A Critical Role album based on the adventures of the Mighty Nein is available to stream
    3. How Tutankhamun launched a board game 100 years ago
    1. Science Fantasy RPG Troika’s new softback reprint is an excellent entry point for new players
    2. Elden Ring board game’s first box will cost you $179 - and is just one of “several” releases that will cover the whole video game
    3. Yu-Gi-Oh! brings big team battles to the digital field in Master Duel update
    1. Get Ticket to Ride, Mysterium and Splendor digital editions for £5 in Humble Bundle
    2. Elden Ring board game trailer reveals Limgrave map, tarnished and miniature for Godrick the Grafted
    1. Dungeons & Dragons implements new cultural review following Spelljammer’s racist inclusions
    1. Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar receive a holiday batch of Battleforce boxes
    2. A roleplaying game inspired by Portal 2 and The Stanley Parable involves unused stickers
    3. This solo tabletop RPG is all about living a week with ADHD
    1. Star Wars is getting a new miniatures game next year, inspired by Clone Wars and ‘80s cartoons
    2. Anime dating sims’ feelgood vibes come to tabletop roleplaying in solo RPG Chronicle Connection Plus
    3. 10 best Brothers’ War cards in Magic: The Gathering’s latest set
    4. Calico and Cascadia publisher’s next board game is about an animal-run newspaper
    5. The Last of Us board game has players escorting Joel and Ellie through hordes of Infected
    1. How to play Cluedo: board game’s rules, setup and how to win explained
    2. A half-elf falls from grace in the first episode of our brand new D&D show, Storybreakers
    3. Hot Ones interview show inspired this RPG adventure for D&D 5E
    4. The Boys set for VS. System card game will feature Butcher, Starlight, Homelander and more
    5. Yu-Gi-Oh!’s Christmas Charity Event will give you cards for donating food to good causes
    1. Cyberpunk Edgerunners RPG starter kit lets you roleplay in the animated series' Night City
    2. In Dungeons & Dragons’ Dragonlance book and board game, war is no joke - preview
    3. Heroscape may enter its own Age of Annihilation if crowdfunding fails
    4. Epic and elegant, fantasy miniatures game Conquest is a worthy modern successor to classic Warhammer
    5. Tiny Epic Galaxies board game series investigates detective noir in newest entry
    1. Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves delayed in film release date switch up
    2. Pokémon TCG’s Crown Zenith expansion will include shiny Charizard and alternate art Galarian Gallery
    3. Storybreakers characters: Winona Whisperbane, the ranger with a bow and nowhere to use it
    4. Wingspan, Mystic Vale and Smash Up digital versions discounted in Steam Tabletop Gathering 2022 event
    5. Blood Bowl 3, video game adaptation of the miniatures game, delayed once again
    1. Noble Knight Games workers head to a vote after tabletop retailer denies voluntary union recognition
    2. Storybreakers characters: Hunter Burrows, a veteran tortle reporter who got too close to the truth
    3. Scalpers and buggy websites plague Magic: The Gathering’s 30th anniversary advent calendar
    4. Star Wars: The Deckbuilding Game will release next March - here’s how it plays
    5. Mathsy card game 21X is blackjack plus algebra, and my head already hurts
    6. Dungeons & Dragons film release will be preceded by a prequel comic
    7. Supernatural and American Horror Story inspired this witchy roleplaying game
    8. 8 tips on how to master Catan from the board game’s World Champion
    1. Outcast Silver Raiders is a tabletop RPG from the Satanic Panic’s worst nightmares
    2. Storybreakers characters: Iris Walker, an inquisitive Rogue who saw too much
    3. Why you should be paying attention to the One Piece Card Game
    4. Slay the Spire board game looks like a one-to-one adaptation of the video game
    5. Storybreakers characters: Caryaries West, the spoilt bard and wannabe news anchor
    1. The Last of Us board game on the way from Escape the Dark Castle creators
    2. Exploding Kittens and Penn Jillette’s new party game is for all the rotten liars
    3. How to play Exploding Kittens: rules, setup and how to win explained
    4. Assassin's Creed meets Cthulhu in Venice? Why Carnevale should be your new favourite miniatures game
    5. Lead your own Ghost Files investigation with horror-comedy tabletop RPG Ghoulboys