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May 2021 Archive

    1. Roleplaying games were around hundreds of years before Dungeons & Dragons
    1. 10 best worker-placement games
    1. Thanos throws down the Infinity Gauntlet in the latest campaign expansion for Marvel Champions
    2. Warhammer+ streaming app will offer original animation and “subscriber benefits” to fans
    3. Summoner Wars: Second Edition board game review - one of the best two-player card games gets even better
    4. Greek and Norse gods clash in the campaign board game Divinus
    5. Ghosts of Saltmarsh comes to D&D adventure board game series
    1. Robot Quest Arena mixes incredibly cute robot violence and deckbuilding in a competitive arena
    2. Disney Sidekicks is the next board game from the co-creator of Marvel United
    3. The inevitable Dungeons & Dragons edition of Monopoly has been released
    4. Rare Pokémon card, one of seven in the world, sells for $90,000 at auction
    5. Vampire: The Masquerade 5E welcomes followers of the Dark Father in an upcoming supplement
    6. Magic: The Gathering is more ban-happy than ever, and it’s holding MTG Arena back
    1. Mörk Borg supplement Fisk Borg introduces fishing mechanics to the doom metal RPG
    2. Xia: Legends of a Drift System creator’s long-awaited fantasy RPG board game Arydia finally gets a Kickstarter
    3. New Agon supplement Realms of Khaos is less The Odyssey and more Thor: Ragnarok
    4. Kitchen Rush is basically Overcooked: The Board Game, serving up its Revised Edition in the US “soon”
    5. The Witcher: Old World board game raises over £1.5 million on Kickstarter in less than a day
    6. Dungeons & Disabilities: Can tabletop RPGs redeem their problematic portrayal of disability?
    1. Catan’s sold-out 3D Edition is making a return this summer - and it costs $300
    2. What the What?! is an old-timey version of classic party game Snake Oil
    3. Start playing RPGs Tales from the Loop and Symbaroum for under £1
    4. Not That Funny turns Cards Against Humanity on its head to challenge microaggressions
    5. Pandemic, Catan and Pathfinder RPG publishers pull out of physical Gen Con return
    6. Heroes of Barcadia is a drinking dungeon-crawler that wants to be fun without getting drunk
    1. Shawn Tomkin has reached the stars with Ironsworn: Starforged, but he couldn't do it alone
    2. Escape from the Two Base Stations gives you and a friend a home escape room to play over video call
    3. Game of the Year turns the tabletop into a video game studio hungry for awards
    4. Can you guess popular board games from their worst one-star reviews? It's the Dicebreaker Podcast!
    5. Zombicide to release an adaptation of Snyder-directed zombie heist film Army of the Dead
    6. 5 great Magic: The Gathering formats you’ve never played
    7. Catan is under £18 on Amazon UK, the classic board game’s best price yet
    1. Wizards of the Coast delivers a double dose of Drizzt Do’Urden in latest reveals
    2. From Kingdom Death to Mörk Borg, modern tabletop gaming owes a huge debt to Kentaro Miura and Berserk
    3. Classic ‘80s adventure film The Goonies gets an asymmetric board game treatment
    4. Pick up Pathfinder 2E for under $5, plus adventures, sourcebooks and accessories for the fantasy RPG
    1. The greatest board game stories are told around the tabletop, not on it
    2. Tabletop RPG Into the Mother Lands is crowdfunding stories about “a brighter, blacker future”
    3. Help those affected by the Israel-Gaza conflict
    4. Dungeons & Dragons reported a record year of sales and viewership in 2020
    5. You Are the Dungeon is a journaling game that flips the RPG formula on its head
    6. An Elder Scrolls title has been teased by the studio behind Too Many Bones
    7. “Digital fatigue” is fuelling board game sales among adults - report
    1. Magic: The Gathering Arena’s next Historic Anthology digitises the Phyrexian Praetors
    2. Marvel Heroic Roleplaying is the greatest comic book RPG you haven’t played
    3. Deckbuilding game Paperback Adventures is like Slay the Spire, but with spelling
    4. Dominion’s new mobile and PC app has an AI that can learn cards that don’t exist yet
    5. CollegeHumor is releasing a party game based on its Um, Actually! YouTube series
    1. BattleTech: A Time of War bundle includes everything you need to play the MechWarrior RPG for $13
    2. Frosthaven designer to address “harmful” tropes, decolonise its design and talks cultural consultancy
    3. “We want to amplify that games are truly for everyone”: Keystone studio founders on championing diversity and community in tabletop
    4. As d’Or winner and Spiel des Jahres nominee MicroMacro is getting a sequel
    5. Myth & Goal wants to be a very different kind of fantasy football game from Blood Bowl
    6. Transformers deckbuilding game officially announced, Decepticons coming in future expansions
    1. Spiel des Jahres 2021 nominees: Here are this year’s frontrunners for board gaming’s biggest award
    2. Destinies mixes a digital app with a competitive board game that prioritises player choice
    3. We invent the greatest board games that don’t exist in the first live Dicebreaker Podcast!
    4. Welcome Liv, Dicebreaker’s new video producer!
    5. Play D&D in VR with digital tabletop platform Dungeon Full Dive
    6. Mosaic is a new civilisation title from the creator of the Age of Empires III board game
    7. Life After Dungeon creators hope to let you play as your dead RPG characters
    1. Indie platform’s inaugural Creator Day eschews revenue cuts for 24 hours
    2. Magic: The Gathering dissolves its Pro League to “focus on bottom up growth”
    3. Last Message mixes Mysterium with a drawing game as you doodle to solve crime
    4. Vampire: The Masquerade’s Summer of Blood bundles bite up to $150 off the gothic RPG
    1. Roll bones like a real Viking with the physical Orlog game from Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla
    2. Target will no longer sell trading cards in stores following increasingly violent customer behavior
    3. Monopoly: Lifesized mixes escape room antics with the classic real estate board game
    4. Pandemic: Hot Zone - Europe gets a release date and free print-and-play you can try right now
    5. First board game from Critical Role publishing studio is coming later this month
    6. ClayFighter-inspired tabletop game lets you sculpt your own creatures - then squish them
    7. Dead of Winter co-creator is working on a new horror board game that’s “actually scary”
    1. Card-driven RPG Necrobiotic blends deckbuilding with roleplaying in a dark, dystopian future
    2. SPONSORED: 7 most unique board games that are truly original
    3. The designer of Dice Hospital is creating two board games for newly founded studio, Bright Eye Games
    4. Pixel Tactics, the 16-bit inspired tabletop title, is becoming an actual video game
    1. Unmatched is the Avengers Assemble of board games - it successfully unites a team of unlikely heroes
    2. Vengeance: Roll & Fight!, a spin-off in the brawling board game series, hits Kickstarter today
    1. Games Workshop plans a return to official public gatherings with events and a new tournament
    2. After just two years of releases, Story Machine Games closes its doors
    3. Warhammer Age of Sigmar’s announced third edition shakes up the table and the storyline
    4. “To an outsider we were success incarnate, but inside we were hollow”: How my dream job at a board game startup became a nightmare
    5. Art Decko is a deckbuilding game about collecting expensive pieces of art
    1. What should hobby newcomers play after gateway games? Professor Meg joins us on the Dicebreaker Podcast!
    1. US in-person Magic: The Gathering events to return in time for Modern Horizons 2 release
    2. Magic: The Gathering’s upcoming Dungeons & Dragons crossover set will include at least one (in)famous weapon
    3. Clank! studio invites the murder mystery game into the modern age with Crimes & Capers series
    4. One More Multiverse co-founder on helping give tabletop RPGs a ‘good nudge into the mainstream’
    1. Delve through frost-choked arctic ruins one layer at a time in competitive board game Ice
    2. Investigate a world of fallen heroes and dark fairy tales in the horror RPG, Broken Tales
    3. Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider and Uncharted-inspired RPG Broken Compass returns to Kickstarter next week
    4. Voidfall is an epic sci-fi board game co-created by the designer of Anachrony
    5. Dune: Adventures in the Imperium RPG review - as dense and complex as the sci-fi classic
    6. Designer of Minecraft: Builders & Biomes teams up with Munchkin artist to create drawing game, Doodle Dungeon
    1. Kiwi Chow Down completes a trilogy of flightless bird-themed board games
    2. SPONSORED: How to host a great board game night
    3. Nowhereville is a horror RPG inspired by Stephen King novels and Twin Peaks
    4. Experience espionage alone in a solo card game about spies called Harsh Shadows
    1. Galactic 2E is a Star Wars inspired tabletop game that puts the focus on relationships
    2. Treasures of the Troll King is an excellent example of the Mörk Borg indie design space
    3. Unlock! Star Wars is under £18 on Amazon UK for May the 4th
    4. Tabletop RPG Inspirisles will teach you sign language as you play
    5. Stationfall is like an Among Us board game where everyone has something to hide
    6. Author of The Stormlight Archive reaches out for ideas on another tabletop adaptation
    7. 4 best out-of-print board games that deserve to come back
    8. Fallout: Wasteland Warfare miniatures game takes a gamble on New Vegas with its latest expansion
    1. As thrilling as it is simple, Pack Wars is one of Magic: The Gathering’s best overlooked formats
    1. 10 best movie board games that are actually good