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February 2021 Archive

    1. Arkham Horror: Mother’s Embrace finally announces a release date
    2. Possible Worlds is a subscription service that gives you a new micro-RPG to play every month
    3. How can you defuse player conflict at the table? We discuss in this week’s Dicebreaker Podcast
    4. Stunning story game City of Winter charts a family migration on intricate cloth scroll maps
    5. Robinson Crusoe: Collector’s Edition adds a tutorial campaign, companion app and minis to the co-op adventure game
    6. Magic: The Gathering to explore Middle-earth, the 42nd millennium and more in Universes Beyond
    7. Snakesss! is a party game co-created by the designer of Sushi Go!
    1. Indigenous-owned FLGS Pe Metawe Games wants to build an inclusive hobby community, both near and far
    2. A Skyrim board game is on the way from makers of the Elder Scrolls miniatures game
    3. Aeon’s End: Legacy sequel brings the co-op series to an end
    4. Avatar: The Last Airbender RPG first details: five playable eras, keeping Balance and how bending will work
    5. Magic: The Gathering is reportedly getting a Warhammer 40,000 crossover and Lord of the Rings expansion
    6. Overboss board game review - map your own Zelda-like world in enjoyable, if unremarkable, Boss Monster spin-off
    7. Santorini creator’s next board game is Viking strategy title Ragnarocks
    8. Tame giant toads and bring balance to the forest in Dinosaur Island studio’s next board game Brew
    1. Rat Queens: The Board Game brings the comic’s dysfunctional adventurers to the tabletop
    2. Hidden-role RPG Kitchen Knightmares sends you searching for a smug wizard in a ‘90s diner
    3. 6 things the new Dungeons & Dragons movie needs to do to become a critical hit
    4. Tiny Turbo Cars unleashes remote-controlled mayhem in a puzzle-racer hybrid
    5. Disney animated series Gargoyles is transforming into a board game
    6. Stardew Valley has an official co-op board game, and it’s out right now
    1. Dungeons & Dragons returns to an iconic setting with Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft
    2. 10 best Cthulhu board games that aren't Arkham Horror
    3. Alien: Fate of the Nostromo board game adapts the final days of the doomed mining vessel
    4. Buckle up for a Fast & Furious board game with the upcoming Highway Heist
    5. Create a child’s imaginary friend in RPG Little Katy’s Tea Party
    6. Apocalypse World designer releases asymmetric RPG about foolishly unlocking powerful magic
    7. D&Tea pairs the perfect brew with your Dungeons & Dragons campaign
    1. Tiny Epic Dungeons delves deep for its next entry in the quick-play board game series
    2. Quest: Cosmic Fantasy Edition transports players to a sci-fi version of the RPG
    3. Tabletop roleplaying taught me that failure is okay - and often more interesting
    4. Ghibli-inspired Our Traveling Home is a tabletop RPG about finding family and love
    5. Mage Knight: Ultimate Edition is on sale for almost its best price ever on Amazon US
    6. 4X board game Fractal: Beyond the Void’s legacy campaign won’t make you trash components
    7. Warhammer Quest: Cursed City reveal trailer shows off the dungeon-crawler’s models and boards
    1. Blood Feud is an RPG about toxic masculinity’s effects on Viking-era men and communities
    2. Puzzle board game Block and Key uses perspective to unlock the mysteries of a forgotten temple
    3. EGX 2021 London dates proposed for early October
    4. Tears are shed for the cancelled Metal Gear Solid board game and Danny DeVito returns in the new episode of the Dicebreaker podcast
    5. Magic: The Gathering’s new Strixhaven set enrols in some higher learning and packs a satchel full of historic spells
    6. Latest Arkham Horror board game expansion, Secrets of the Order, is haunted by ghosts
    7. On Mars’ semi-cooperative board game expansion renamed to Alien Invasion
    1. Gloomier: A Night at Hemlock Hall returns to the setting of the original card game
    2. Nab several Fallout: Wasteland Warfare books and support the NAACP Legal Defense Fund in the latest Humble Bundle deal
    3. The Game: Face to Face drops cooperation for two-player variant
    4. Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game has been discontinued
    5. Public libraries are using D&D to forge friendships and build community
    6. Subastral, a new card game from the designers of Stellar, is landing this summer
    7. Bridgerton star Rege-Jean Page waltzes into the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons film
    1. Seek glory or misery from the mythic firebird in new competitive card game Blaze
    2. Roman Empire RPG Lex Arcana visits Dacia and Thrace in new sourcebooks
    3. Create and battle chimeras in the revamped version of dexterity game Beasts of Balance
    4. Runaway trains and zombie-spawning corpse piles stalk the plains of Zombicide: Undead or Alive
    5. Indie RPGs show roleplaying can - and should - be far more than Dungeons & Dragons
    6. Great Western Trail board game blazes a path toward a second edition and new trilogy
    7. Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition is a faster version of the original with an optional co-op mode
    1. Summoner Wars Second Edition fantasy card game coming “soon”
    2. Upcoming board game A Noble War orders you to save your kin at any cost
    3. Thousand Year Old Vampire creator announces companion book and an autobiographical game
    4. The Door Locks Behind You is a roleplaying game inspired by The Legend of Zelda
    5. Metal Gear Solid: The Board Game has been cancelled
    1. Trudvang RPG book Seed of Vanirs unlocks the history of the elves
    2. Tabletop Simulator, Wingspan, Root and Pandemic are all discounted in the Steam Sale
    3. Jane Austen RPG Good Society comes to Kickstarter with a new reprint
    4. Kaldheim is another excellent Magic: The Gathering set that’s caused more chaos for the card game as a whole
    5. Architects and Paladins of the West Kingdom are both getting new expansions
    1. Someone spent £3,500 painstakingly - and authentically - recreating the millennia-old Game of Ur at home
    2. We talk the new Root expansion, the return of The One Ring RPG and D&D film news in this week's Dicebreaker Podcast!
    3. X-Men: Mutant Insurrection board game review - tactical teamwork meets faithful superhero drama
    4. Precious Little Animal's RPG critters help you foster mindfulness through once-a-day reflection
    5. Cluedo, the classic board game, is plotting its own animated television series
    6. Super Fantasy Brawl expansions add nine new characters to the arena-battle board game
    1. Pokémon TCG publisher promises improvements in wake of retail shortages and McDonald’s scalpers
    2. Root’s show-don’t-tell storytelling makes its world feel alive
    3. Board Game Arena has been bought by Catan, Pandemic and Ticket to Ride maker Asmodee
    4. Murder your way to a mansion deed in this Cluedo-inspired tabletop RPG
    5. Parks publisher’s next release is a redesign of two-player heist game Caper: Europe
    6. Upcoming Pathfinder 2E supplement to add assistive items, including a battle wheelchair you can use as a weapon
    7. Codenames’ two-player, co-op spin-off Duet is now free to play online
    8. The Witcher is getting a new board game set before Geralt’s adventures
    1. Magic: The Gathering announces Valentine-themed Secret Lair drops and an upcoming ban
    2. Dungeons & Dragons publisher Wizards of the Coast and Gale Force Nine settle lawsuit, resume “ongoing partnership”
    3. Cyberpunk Red RPG review - timeless fashion, thrills and attitude make up for slightly dated gameplay
    4. Pokémon card scalpers sour McDonald’s Happy Meal promotion
    5. Classic board games White Bear & Red Moon and Nomad Gods are getting their first new editions in decades
    6. Pokémon TCG World Championships delayed until 2022 in response to COVID-19
    7. Zombicide: Undead or Alive rides the co-op series into the Wild West
    1. The One Ring 2E journeys closer to release with a Kickstarter campaign later this week
    2. Magic: The Gathering and Monopoly had their “biggest year ever” in 2020, Hasbro says
    3. D&D's answer to American Idol changed the RPG - and its winner's life - forever
    4. Clank! studio announces second edition of its sci-fi action board game Gravwell
    5. Pokémon-themed mod for Wingspan replaces birds with Gengar, Slowpoke and Moltres
    6. Blood Bowl 3, the video game based on the miniatures sports series, is scrumming this summer
    7. Horror RPG Call of Cthulhu is bigger than D&D in Japan
    8. Explore the endless expanse of a mysterious castle in solo RPG Colostle
    9. Dungeons & Dragons film summons Fast & Furious star Michelle Rodriguez and Detective Pikachu’s Justice Smith
    1. Gaston flexes his way into Disney Villainous' standalone expansion Despicable Plots
    2. Apothecaria mixes Theme Hospital and Stardew Valley for a potent solo journalling RPG
    3. Aggretsuko, the anime about a death-metal loving red panda, is being adapted into a card game
    4. 6 best Warhammer: Age of Sigmar armies in Second Edition
    5. Let’s Role is a free online platform for playing RPGs that’s launching this autumn
    6. The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls reincarnates on Kickstarter with Requiem expansion
    7. The Grizzled spin-off We Care sees players treating patients on the frontlines of a medical crisis
    1. Netflix’s The Dragon Prince adapted as tabletop RPG Tales of Xadia
    2. How do you play D&D over Zoom? We give our tips on this week's Dicebreaker Podcast
    3. Catan VR invites Oculus Quest and Quest 2 owners to trade digital wood
    4. Get Pandemic, Love Letter and Small World on PC for under £1
    5. Keyforge and Star Wars Miniatures World Championships delayed until 2022
    6. Magic: The Gathering’s next Secret Lair features alternate art by Black artists
    7. Pandemic studio announces Cryo, a board game that puts its players on thin ice
    1. Trace a magical diagram using ice skates and a dry erase marker in tabletop RPG Summon Skate
    2. Indie video game Extreme Meatpunks Forever builds a tabletop RPG out of guts and gumption
    3. Quest publisher plans to support new RPG writers with The Adventure Award
    4. YouTuber Logan Paul will auction first-edition Pokémon card boosters live on stream
    5. Grab over a dozen Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar books for £13 in Black Library bundle
    6. Scythe creator’s latest board game is an adaptation of the Red Rising book series
    7. Here’s our first look at the gameplay of Arkham Horror video game Mother’s Embrace
    1. Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra are being adapted into a tabletop RPG
    2. Hibernation Games bundle delivers five journalling RPGs to help weather the cold
    3. CoraQuest is a dungeon-crawling board game that began life as a homework project
    4. Sink your teeth into What We Do in the Shadows-inspired RPG Low Stakes
    5. Root’s Warlord expansion launches Kickstarter this month, adds two-player rules and minor factions
    6. How logging your board game plays can curate your collection - and save you money
    7. Upwind is a roleplaying game inspired by Studio Ghibli and Treasure Planet
    1. Zinequest 3 delivers a month of indie RPG projects to support on Kickstarter throughout February
    2. Dragon Age tabletop RPG features in fantasy-themed Bundle of Holding deal
    3. Deep Sea Adventure studio Oink Games debuts on Kickstarter with two new titles and a revisited classic
    4. Long Shot: The Dice Game takes roll-and-write games to the races
    5. Draw tarot cards to decide your fate in the Silver Anniversary Edition of RPG Everway
    6. New edition of World’s Fair 1893 makes space for BIPOC exhibitors and attendees
    7. Dune: Imperium board game review - a hearty stew of deckbuilding and worker-placement that’s light on spice
    8. Defend a city in Champions of Midgard creator’s next game, Meeples & Monsters
    1. Cyberpunk Red releases free Cyberchair DLC in collaboration with D&D combat wheelchair designer
    2. Tabletop Simulator’s language support update frustrates players by using machine translation
    3. Monster Hunter World: The Board Game’s designers on tracking down the perfect tabletop adaptation
    4. Merchants of Magick is a roll-and-write game based in the Set a Watch universe
    5. Exploding Kittens makers’ next game is Tacocat Spelled Backwards, out this month