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February 2024 Archive

    1. Pokémon TCG’s new Pocket app fixes a glaring 25-year-old mistake in the card game
    2. Shadowverse: Evolve’s new Gloryfinder format is like an anime MTG Commander, arriving this summer
    3. 7 best Into the Inklands amber cards in Disney Lorcana
    4. Diablo artist's gorgeously grimdark miniatures game is World War I by way of Warhammer 40,000
    5. Arkham Horror LCG co-creator and Lord of the Rings designer leaves Fantasy Flight after 11 years
    6. Terry Pratchett’s Discworld gets its first new tabletop RPG in over 25 years, with board games also on the way
    7. You'll be able to play Critical Role's D&D rival Daggerheart soon, as the fantasy RPG gets a public playtest
    1. Dying Light’s parkour-loving zombie killers will roam an entire modular city block in the official board game
    2. SPONSORED: Our Brilliant Ruin RPG brings the social drama and romance of Downton Abbey to a doomed world with no happy endings
    3. Pathfinder's fantasy RPG becomes a co-op card game in BattleTech creators' new deckbuilder Runefire
    4. Naked mole rats, living room murder parties and robot chefs are up for best unpublished board game award
    5. The best Dune games to play on the tabletop after you watch Part Two
    1. Van Gogh Pikachu, Shining Mew and a whole load of Charizard Pokemon cards go under the hammer for Pokémon Day
    2. 7 best Into the Inklands amethyst cards in Disney Lorcana
    3. Pokémon Trading Card Game Pocket looks like a serious mobile option for casual collectors
    4. Magic: The Gathering’s Assassin’s Creed crossover slaps Leonardo da Vinci on a card
    5. How to summon in Yu-Gi-Oh!: Every summoning type explained
    6. Commit crimes and reunite with your deadbeat dad in Magic: The Gathering’s Outlaws of Thunder Junction set
    1. Blood Rage creator's next board game Life in Reterra bridges the gap between complex and casual - and we've played it
    2. Magic: The Gathering TCG rival Flesh and Blood’s next set is Japan-inspired Part the Mistveil, out this May
    3. Star Trek Adventures’ Second Edition adds playable Klingons, Romulans and Strange New Worlds this summer
    4. Magic: The Gathering's Bloomburrow set will turn planeswalkers into furries
    5. Rising Sun and Blood Rage designer’s next board game is like a meatier Carcassonne
    6. Villainous, Jurassic World and Jaws board game designers form new studio after Funko Games layoffs
    7. “All the benefits of reading also apply to board games”: Why more libraries are adding tabletop classics to their bookshelves
    1. The 1950s wargame that still ruins friendships
    2. 10 best card-draw cards in Magic: The Gathering
    1. 7 best Into the Inklands ruby cards in Disney Lorcana
    2. Satirical fireteam RPG Planet Fist is essentially Helldivers 2 on the tabletop
    3. Official Lara Croft tabletop RPG Shadows of Truth pits your team against would-be tomb raiders
    4. From TCGs to TRPGs, Aotearoa New Zealand’s tabletop creators are finding their spotlight on the global stage
    5. Inject some Elden Ring into your D&D 5E campaigns with Kobold Press’ Soulslike Roleplaying
    1. La Desbandá 1937 offers a uniquely human look at war through the lens of a real-life atrocity turned RPG
    2. Blister Critters is a Gamma World-meets-Ren & Stimpy RPG where mutated animals rule the world
    3. 7 best Into the Inklands sapphire cards in Disney Lorcana
    4. Critical Role celebrates Candela Obscura’s first anniversary with a fourth chapter and three new cast members.
    5. HOME is a Pacific Rim and Godzilla-inspired RPG where kaiju battles are fought from a bird’s-eye view
    6. Are we entering a new golden age of trading card games?
    1. MTG’s Fallout Commander decks revive the post-apocalyptic video game series’ greatest villains
    2. Dune board game becomes the Kwisatz Haderach with a comprehensive new edition of the rebooted classic in 2025
    3. Star Trek Ascendancy enters its Final Frontier with a definitive collector’s edition of the sci-fi board game
    4. The Adventures of Conan gives the barbarian hero a new board game later this year
    5. 7 best Into the Inklands emerald cards in Disney Lorcana
    6. Lorcana: here's where to buy the Disney TCG
    7. The Walking Dead RPG studio’s dark reimagining of Coriolis is “The Terror meets Deadwood in space”
    8. 10 best feats in Dungeons & Dragons 5E
    9. Could AI and virtual reality be the future of Yu-Gi-Oh? We tried it for ourselves to find out
    1. Disney Lorcana finally has a playable infinite combo
    2. Guide a massive sci-fi caravan with a bag of dominoes in artbook-meets-RPG The Details of Our Escape
    3. Pathfinder RPG partners with fantasy music studio to publish official adventure path soundtracks
    4. Worlds Beyond Number is the slow-burn D&D actual play I didn't know I needed
    5. After making $100m on Kickstarter, Zombicide studio CMON takes future board games exclusively to Gamefound
    1. ARC designer’s hit solo RPG The Magus gets an English print release about power, ambition and sacrifice
    2. Revolt against the corrupt Crown - and then be the baddies - in revolutionary RPG Guillotine
    3. Egyptian board game Kemet returns this year with six-player support, solo play and new modes
    4. Build the first-ever computer in crunchy board game Ada's Dream from Arborea studio
    5. Befriend talking rats to take on monstrous gods using Scrabble tiles in RPG The Far Roofs
    6. $15, 15-minute card game Now! could be your next obsession after 6 nimmt and The Mind
    7. Sheldon's Spellbook Secret Lair raises money for cancer charity with MTG cards in honour of Commander creator
    8. Community megadungeon honouring late D&D designer Jennell Jaquays seeks an expanded physical book
    9. Alien RPG's answer to D&D Beyond gets a full release later this month
    10. Magic: The Gathering release schedule 2024: Every upcoming MTG set and release date
    1. How to play Wingspan: board game’s rules, setup and how to win explained
    2. Dungeons & Dragons’ first stage show mixes improv, adventuring and Jackbox-style audience participation
    3. Board games shouldn't always be about escapism
    4. Warpath’s epic miniature wargame want to woo you away from Warhammer 40,000
    1. FÄNGELSEHÅLA transforms an IKEA instruction manual into a minimalist tabletop RPG
    2. Solo RPG From Midgard to Eternity borrows from God of War and Banner Saga in showing the end of a Viking life
    3. Get a first look at a classic Disney villain’s new Enchanted card in next Lorcana set Into the Inklands
    4. Dungeons & Dragons 2024: Everything you need to know about the next Dungeons & Dragons edition
    5. D&D and MTG owner’s $1.06 billion loss dwarfs strong performance from Wizards of the Coast
    1. Magic: The Gathering plans to release two Tale of Middle-earth sized crossover sets per year starting in 2025
    2. Here’s an exclusive first look at four new cards from Disney Lorcana’s Into the Inklands set
    3. D&D models its digital future on MTG’s Universes Beyond pop culture crossovers
    4. Forgotten Waters studio reveals next Crossroads board game from Mice and Mystics creator, Wandering Galaxy
    5. Dungeons & Dragons teases an official LEGO set, Converse shoes and Pop-Tarts
    6. Dungeons & Dragons’ next official adventure Thanos-ifiies Vecna in a multiverse-spanning campaign
    7. On Japan’s biggest stage, Yu-Gi-Oh!’s 25th anniversary event celebrated its past by looking to the future
    1. Dungeons & Dragons’ 2024 core rulebooks get official release dates
    2. Studio developing Dungeons & Dragons RPG video game lays off 44 workers, shelves project
    3. Dungeons & Dragons maker kills Dragonlance live-action series, according to Joe Manganiello and series author
    4. Tabletop professional looking to make your game a success? Sign up to attend the one-day Tabletop Creators Summit for free!
    5. 10 best two-player board games
    6. 6 best Phantom Nightmare cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!’s latest set
    7. Murders at Karlov Manor is a detective’s dream, and a delight for Magic: The Gathering players
    1. Community Radio RPG basically lets you make your own Welcome to Night Vale episodes, and it’s back with a 2E
    2. Pen actual songs about a post-apocalyptic UK in lyric-writing RPG Punk is Dead
    3. Become a matchmaking villain plotting for love in the time it takes to watch a movie in RPG Rom Com Drama Bomb
    4. This Gravity Falls inspired solo RPG is about lab research and cryptids
    5. Kickstarter rival Gamefound had its biggest year yet in 2023, with $12m Nemesis sequel taking the lion’s share
    6. Sentai & Sensibility is an RPG mash-up of Jane Austen and Power Rangers
    7. Charisma in D&D isn't just about confidence - and that goes for real life, too
    1. A Gentle Rain, Arkham Horror co-designer's short, 15-minute board game, returns with a remastered edition
    2. Women are Werewolves and Cloud Empress creators honoured at 2024 Nonbinary Tabletop Awards
    3. How to build a Yu-Gi-Oh! deck for beginners
    4. Make real-life masks to explore an enchanted forest as werewolves in folklore RPG Little Wolves
    1. Disney Lorcana: Into the Inklands - Everything we know about Lorcana's third set
    2. Game of Thrones' next tabletop game is Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team in Westeros
    3. Pokémon card types explained: Every type of Energy, Trainer and Pokémon card
    4. New Fallout 4 miniatures game, from Necromunda designer, releases free quickstart rules for narrative bouts
    5. Next Pathfinder RPG core rulebook joins Starfinder 2E playtest at Gen Con 2024
    6. No Warhammer Fest in 2024, Games Workshop confirms, as Warhammer World Championships return for a second year
    1. Roguelike RPG Children of Morta gets a cooperative board game where strength is thick as blood
    2. MTG Murders at Karlov Manor: 10 best cards in the new Magic: The Gathering set
    3. Dune RPG's next campaign book will let you play through new movie Dune: Part Two
    4. New Yu-Gi-Oh! anime short marks the TCG’s 25th anniversary as Konami opens its own animation studio
    5. Yu-Gi-Oh! will bring back classic video games - some in English for the first time - in Early Days Collection
    6. Yu-Gi-Oh! has shown off the TCG’s first virtual reality game
    7. Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel is experimenting with AI players that ‘learn’ the TCG
    1. How to draft Magic: The Gathering’s Murders at Karlov Manor
    2. Deckbuilding board game Dominion is now free to play on PC and mobile
    3. Pokémon TCG expansions: Every Pokémon card game set in order
    4. Downton Abbey meets Game of Thrones in a new tabletop RPG from D&D and Vampire: The Masquerade writers
    5. The One Piece Card Game’s biggest US tournament was a complete disaster
    1. February’s month-long celebration of tabletop RPG zines returns - here’s how you can join in
    2. D&D head designer says 2024 books won’t release before summer: “we will still be working on the books in May”
    3. 5 best Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel decks 2024
    4. Dungeons & Dragons maker reportedly looks at Tencent to sell future video games like Baldur’s Gate 3