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October 2021 Archive

    1. Innistrad: Crimson Vow prepares Magic players for a bloody wedding with new mechanics and Dracula variants
    2. Fight bears and steal ancient culture alongside Lara Croft in official Tomb Raider RPG
    3. Secret Hitler - Communist expansion created for social deduction game by fans
    4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtle Power card game invokes the spirit of the ‘80s cartoon
    1. Games Omnivorous’ adventure books show evocative art thrives under weird constraints
    2. A trio of witches save the world one person at a time in tender healing RPG The Mending Circle
    3. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Moana inspired this tabletop RPG
    4. King of Tokyo designer behind game about being movie agents for Frankenstein’s Monster
    1. Skyraiders of Abarax lets GMs share secrets and show a changing world via app-assisted Living Tome
    2. Pathfinder Nexus, the rival RPG’s equivalent to D&D Beyond, is coming next year
    3. Exquisite Crime is equal parts paranormal whodunnit RPG and goofy group doodling
    4. Horror board games could be amazing if they took more risks
    5. Experimental lyric RPGs are pushing the poetic power of roleplaying forward
    6. Latest D&D sourcebook Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons is discounted on Roll20
    7. Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder designers team-up on RPG book for D&D 5E
    1. Yu-Gi-Oh! returns to in-person Championship Series, says pandemic safety guidelines coming “at a later date”
    2. A Fullmetal Alchemist board game based on Brotherhood anime hits Japan in March 2022
    3. Chronicles of Crime publisher’s next board game is a horror title for older players only
    4. Heavy metal RPG Mörk Borg gets industrial cyberpunk spin-off Cy_Borg
    5. When, why and what you roll in tabletop RPGs are just as important to storytelling and theme as a game’s world
    1. DIE RPG designers delay Kickstarter until 2022 to avoid shipping and material shortages
    2. The post-Essen Spiel 2021 episode of the Dicebreaker podcast, we give a summary of our favourite games of the show
    3. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - The Board Game is launching on Gamefound November 2nd
    4. New Risk Legacy game announced 10 years after the original release
    1. Pathfinder company executives have voluntarily recognised United Paizo Union after only eight days
    2. Get started with Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay by grabbing the RPG’s latest starter set for under £1
    3. Dragon Age and Baldur’s Gate writer behind Norse-inspired D&D 5E RPG book
    4. New Colt Express expansion allows players to team up for a train heist
    5. Rock Paper Scissors: Deluxe Edition costs £20, includes actual rock, paper and scissors, single-player mode, and lore
    6. Next Lost Ruins of Arnak expansion is a solo campaign
    7. Galaxy Trucker reprint is getting a ‘best of’ board game expansion
    1. Exit: The Game released a graphic novel at Spiel ‘21, but only in German for now
    2. Wonder Book looks the part of an imaginative kids game, but doesn’t play like one
    3. Wrestle over steamed buns in the charming and competitive Steam Up: A Feast of Dim Sum
    1. Pokémon: TCG Championships set to resume next March, dependent on “health mandates”
    2. Iron Forest is a grown-up spin-off from Ice Cool that features plenty of finger-flicking theatrics
    3. Lost Cities designer’s Art Robbery is one of the hidden gems of Essen Spiel 2021 you shouldn’t miss
    4. Worms inspired board game Rocket Cats has players shooting, shoving and slicing
    5. King of Tokyo creator’s next game is a roll & write title called Dungeons, Dice & Danger
    1. Kingdomino Origins isn’t quite a full evolutionary step for the excellent board game series
    2. Relive the holiday hijinks and harm of Home Alone in competitive board game Keep the Change
    3. Far Cry Beyond board game bears little resemblance to the video game series
    4. Sherlock Holmes’ dog Toby gets his own board game in next year’s The Animals of Baker Street
    5. 1930s horror Detective RPG Deadlands Noir featured in Bundle of Holding
    6. Dominion publisher’s next game has players fighting the Black Death
    1. Cowboy Bebop RPG lead designer on the anime adaptation’s ‘jazzy’ gameplay and satisfying cynical fans
    2. Essen Spiel 2022 announces early October dates but no safety restrictions, yet
    3. 10 best tribes in Magic: The Gathering
    4. The King’s Dilemma sequel The Queen’s Dilemma won’t release in 2022, will continue stories from first legacy game
    1. Ice Cool spin-off Iron Forest will let you flick and fire tiny robots into the air
    2. Cockroach Poker series continues with bidding board game about grasshoppers
    3. What's new at the world’s biggest board game convention? The Dicebreaker Podcast is at Essen Spiel 2021!
    1. Magnate: The First City is a metro-building board game striving for realism and interactivity
    2. Cowboy Bebop RPG will let you play as the anime’s characters, won’t touch the movie or Netflix series
    3. King of Tokyo and King of New York are getting a new sequel next year
    4. Azul: Queen’s Garden sprouts fresh ideas whilst sticking to its roots
    1. Workers at Pathfinder publisher Paizo have announced the formation of the United Paizo Workers union
    2. Heroes of Might and Magic III gets the board game treatment from Wolfenstein studio
    3. Resident Evil’s new co-op card game is designed to feel like passing the controller as kids
    4. The history and culture of Historica Arcanum, the D&D 5E book reclaiming the Near East in roleplaying
    1. Slayers expands its monster-infested city with a new setting book for the asymmetric RPG
    2. Brian Goldner, CEO of Monopoly, Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons maker Hasbro, has passed away
    3. How to run a Dungeons & Dragons 5E horror campaign for Halloween
    4. UBOOT creators’ Purple Haze is a co-op board game set during the Vietnam War with a branching story campaign
    1. Critical Role announces its first Dungeons & Dragons campaign book with Call of the Netherdeep
    2. Cowboy Bebop RPG studio’s Knights of the Round: Academy blends My Hero Academia, Gundam and King Arthur
    3. New to Warhammer? Now’s the best time to get into Age of Sigmar's fantasy universe
    1. What are the board games we’re most excited to play at Essen Spiel 2021? It’s the Dicebreaker Podcast!
    2. Indie RPGs are telling some of the greatest mystery stories on - and off - the tabletop
    3. Official Cowboy Bebop tabletop RPG drops out of hyperspace and onto Kickstarter in 2022
    4. Digital board game charity bundle offers Game of Thrones, Scythe, Terraforming Mars, Arkham Horror and more on PC for under £10
    5. New D&D 5E sourcebook starring Baldur’s Gate characters Minsc and Boo gets a surprise release, only to vanish
    1. Apawthecaria mixes two tabletop RPGs in its Scottish critter cauldron to produce a new solo game
    2. DriveThru’s Small Press Spotlight offers discount on Masks, Brancalonia and more tabletop RPGs
    3. Pokémon TCG Celebrations is out today, featuring remakes of 25 classic cards - including Base Set Charizard
    4. ‘Controversial party game’ Awkward is the first tabletop release from Buzz! and Family Feud developers
    5. Indie horror RPG bundle gathers haunted cabins, vampires next door and trans necromancers for a Halloween game night
    6. Hook up with ghosts and ghouls in horror romance RPG Motel Spooky-Nine
    7. Greek legend RPG Follow Me Down looks ideal for Hades fans
    8. ‘It was important that the characters feel like real people’: Nikki Valens on representation and storytelling in Artisans of Splendent Vale
    1. Cybernoir RPG Ecopunk 2044 wants to inspire action through its stories of environmental resistance
    2. Tranquillity, a card game like The Mind but with sailing, is coming to retail this month
    3. Princess Mononoke and The Hobbit inspired this queer fantasy RPG
    4. Vampire: The Masquerade V5 - War of Ages is the game's first official LARP book
    1. Watch a community blossom into a fully fledged town in competitive board game Hamlet
    2. Gastronomic detective comic Chew plates up a Forged in the Dark-style RPG adaptation
    3. Call of Cthulhu: Terror Paths adapts the horror RPG into a co-op board game
    4. PAX Unplugged makes full vaccination and masks mandatory for December return of board game convention
    5. Old stories, new forms: Rewriting folklore as RPGs brings fresh perspectives and cultures to the table
    6. Pet puppers in the pub with the Hair of the Dog board game
    1. Join team Dicebreaker at EGX 2021 with live stage shows and online streams
    2. Jamaica announces a new edition of the family board game, but the art remains disappointingly whitewashed
    3. Tales from the Red Dragon Inn opens the tavern door to a co-op dungeon-crawl game
    4. Playing board games like music has brought joy back to the hobby
    5. Marvel Dice Throne board game is coming from Brass: Birmingham studio
    6. Root and Oath creator announces story-driven sci-fi board game Arcs: Collapse and Conflict in the Void
    7. TRPG Bundle for Afghan Support offers dozens of indie RPGs for $20 to aid those targeted by the Taliban
    1. What board game would you stake your life on? We imagine our tabletop Squid Game on the Dicebreaker Podcast!
    2. “Why do we play games?”: DIE’s creators and Grant Howitt discuss adapting the comic into a tabletop RPG
    3. Pokémon TCG had a Game Boy sequel that never released outside Japan - and we’ve played it
    1. Deep Rock Galactic: The Board Game brings the hit co-op video game to the tabletop next year
    2. Steam’s Digital Tabletop Fest returns to celebrate RPGs later this month
    3. Which edition of Dungeons & Dragons is best? D&D edition differences from OG to 5E